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COLD OPEN Jeremy Miller and Yoav are packing up for a trip to the beach, checking if the have their #3 and #10 suntan oil. SCENE 2 Back in the caves, Kippi hears Sheba from the direction, but Jeremy tells him that they just went that way. SCENE 2 cont'd Jeremy and Yoav emerge from a cave and find themselves in Jerusalem, but go back to the caves when Kippi calls them.
Cartoon The story of two hardworking brothers, one with a family and one who lives alone, divide the wheat they cut. Film Kids show two cities in Ako – the light one (above ground) and dark one (underground). Muppets Ernie and Bert go fishing where Ernie shows of his special fish call.Bert's lines are dubbed in Hebrew.

SCENE 5 Kippi hears the sound of rushing water, which Jeremy believes is the sound of his shoes sloshing. Celebrity Tracey Gold talks about the “Malon Mem”, a hotel where everything starts with the Hebrew letter Mem. Kippi then settles with him saying he’ll go back the way they came while they go off in the other direction. At night, the brother who lives alone decides his brother has a family to support, so he gives some wheat to his pile. With the help of Joshua Rifkind, she explains how - in Hebrew - "hotel," "juice" and "water" all begin with the same letter. After he leaves, the other brother takes a stack from his pile and adds it to his brother's.

They plan to spend the rest of the day relaxing there, until the lifeguard points out a sign to them – “No Goats”, forcing them to leave.
When they see each other doing it they decide how generous they both are and legend says that where they hugged that night, the Temple of Solomon was built.

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