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Site all the wallpaper, are collected from Internet, belongs to original author, please do not used for commercial purposes ! As you probably know by now, I dona€™t directly give solutions and why giving you solution directly will never work any time. Well, according to his book, How To Argue And Win Every Time the real magic behind his success has nothing to do with hypnosis, mind games or “tricks.
Superior preparation is what separates the men from the boys and women from girls in anything in life-law,politics, debates, sports, academics, copywriting and selling. Preparation in personal interview doesna€™t mean mugging answers and puking it on interviewer.
First, take time to know about yourself , explore yourself, dona€™t go on a spree to search for answers outside. Some people borrow answers just in order to look good, so that interviewer perceives them of higher status. Some MBA coaching classes teach such BS stuff and everybody from that class comes with same or similar answers. Talk to your friends, peers, colleagues and parents that what qualities they find useful and positive inside you as well as your bad qualities. Take time to deliberate on what you want to do accomplish in next 5 years, it doesna€™t have to be something gigantic, it doesna€™t have to be something spectacular, it doesna€™t have to be something to impress the interviewer. Leta€™s say a€?You told interviewer that a€? In my last years, I developed my interest in Finance, so I want to choose Finance as specialization.a€? Then justify why that inclination was developed.

I had inclination towards solving mathematical puzzles and conundrums and I also loved to play with nos. If you want to get selected , you will be selected even on the basis of your CAT score, your graduation marks, your work experience but you are not here to learn about how to get into good MBA colleges anyhow , you are probably here to crack interview effectively.So you want to get selected in good B-school for your outstanding performance in the interview not because of any fluke. We know, the people who get into B-school by fluke , they suffer afterwards, in the placements, in summer placements, in extra-curriculars or in co-curricular. Most people , I saw they are so clinging on the thought of getting into IIMs that when they crack IIM code and they get into IIMs, their actual worth is revealed. Sukrut is a passionate geek, internet visionary and a full time blogger, he has been teaching MBA students from the past two years, he is a chemical engineer by qualification,.
Today’s guest Dana Norris is the founder and host of Story Club, a monthly open mic for stories. Dana stopped by to chat about unsolicited advice from Internet commenters, selling out everybody you love, and how it is surprisingly easy to share deeply personal work with an audience. Plus, a recent editorial by Anakana Schofield calls out the media and consumers for being more interested in reading about writing than in reading actual literature.
It means preparing the information about yourself and about your passions, hobbies, goals, strengths and weakness. I am not saying don’t have big dreams but dona€™t try to copy dreams because they look good on paper and reality. While you write down answers try to poke holes in your answer by asking what interviewer might ask you.

I have been preparing for the 5-year integrated program at IIM-I but I studied just for cracking the written.. She once went on a lot of internet dates and she writes about those mistakes for the website Role Reboot. Why, she asks, do we spend so much time obsessing over the secrets to writing a novel when we could (and should) be spending our time reading one? Does it really have anything to do with finance or you are saying it to impress the interviewer.
And why do we spend so much time focusing on writers and their personal lives instead of concentrating on their work?
Many students go into this trap of rattofying answers and making fool of themselves and you know what happens when your attempt is proved to be an Epic fail.
Do you know what you are going to learn in Finance or you are just saying it to get approval.

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