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Les donnees personnelles recueillies resultent de la communication volontaire d'informations. Our brainwaves and brainwave states are something that most of us probably dona€™t think much about. In the living brain, millions of nerve cells communicate with each other by emitting tiny electrical impulses.
In the 1940s researcher Gray Walter discovered that brainwave activity tends to mirror flickering light, particularly in the alpha and theta frequencies.
More recently, sound has been shown to produce similar results, particularly pulsed sound and binaural beats. Meditation Machines make use of this research by combining light and sound frequencies to automatically lead brainwave activity into alpha and theta states making them particularly effective tools for relaxation and meditation. Until not long ago, it was believed that the brain performance peaked during early adulthood and the..
As a result of this, many people are suffering from high levels of stress that impedes their performance.So how do you fight back against life’s anxieties and worries?Meditation. Les sons isochrones avec une frequence de 10 htz vous plongent dans un etat de reve eveille. But in fact, changing our brainwave state enables us to effectively change our consciousness and our experience. This activity can be registered as brainwaves by placing electrodes on the scalp, amplifying the signals and displaying them on a computer monitor.
This last effect, binaural, results when one ear hears a pure tone of a slightly differing pitch than the other ear.

This is the brain rhythm in the normal wakeful state associated with thinking, conscious problem solving and active attention directed towards the outer world. When you are truly relaxed, your brain activity slows from the rapid patterns of beta into the more gentle waves of alpha. It is also known as the twilight state which we normally only experience fleetingly as we rise up out of the depths of delta upon waking, or drifting off to sleep.
By playing a specifically engineered Theta and Alpha variation tones, you can induce your brain right into Zen meditation. Also, due to the repeating tones, it shouldn't be used by epileptics or people wearing a pacemaker. We use the most advanced technology to deliver highly precise tones for highly efficient brainwave synchronization.
Of particular interest to us, though, are the alpha and theta waves which are associated with deep relaxation and meditation.
The brain then actually synthesizes the difference between the two and then falls into step with this pleasant, gently pulsing rhythm. Fresh creative energy begins to flow, fears vanish and you experience a liberating sense of peace and well-being. Theta brings forward heightened receptivity, flashes of dreamlike imagery, inspiration, and,sometimes, your long-forgotten memories.
In theta, we are in a waking dream, and we are receptive to information beyond our normal conscious awareness.
As it turns out, certain patterns of brainwave activity are also associated with specific mental states.

Some people believe that theta meditation awakens intuition and other extrasensory perception skills. This meditation is a powerful set of tones that will synchronize your brainwaves to those of experienced Zen meditators. These binaural beats do combine wonderfully with my passion for meditation and spiritual growth.
The Lotus Clarity – Alpha Brainwave MeditationA silent and relaxing period of meditation would help you restore your energy and vitality in no time. Through relaxation and meditation, one forgets the worries and difficulties that he’s going through as his mind wanders to wherever it’s directed to.The unfortunate news is that the environment we’re in doesn’t leave us with much time for a peaceful and relaxing session of meditation. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to put up with life’s stress (which eventually causes depression and sickness). Let’s have a closer look at the solution:Relaxation And Meditation Through Brain Training (brainwave meditation)As scientists and experts in neuroscience conduct more and deeper research about meditation, a new type of phenomenon has been found – binaural entrainment!
When used the right way, binaural entrainment allow you and your brain to enter the state of meditation in a snap. This is the perfect method for businessmen, housewives, and other individuals who don’t have a lot of time to sit back and relax.A few months back, some clients and customers started asking me if there was any „trick“ I used to be so calm and easy.
They knew that I was working a lot and they couldn`t really figure out, how to stay so peaceful amidst „the storm“.Because this meditation style is very private for me, I was a bit reluctant to share this at first.

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