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So we all know that Tom Cruise is real heavy into Scientology, just like we all know that Scientology is a no good, very bad "religion," and we also know that Tom is said to be super close with David Miscavige, the head of the Church. When you enter your name and email address, you'll be sent a link to confirm your comment, and a password. As for the picture of Christie Alley, for someone who is suppose to be such a devote Scientologist, she seems like a very miserable person who is ready to yell and scream and anyone for any reason.
Ron writes, "but I have been told that they developed a sort of brotherly competitive spirit, each trying to outdo each other. Daily AddictionsEmma Stone And A Ton Of Celebrity Babes In Full Drool-Inducing Mode At The 2016 MET Costume Institute Gala!Bella Thorne Flashes Her Sexy Tummy And Bootylicious Booty Curves!
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That's why Tom can't keep a wife and David, the Shrimp Boy, has a wife who's been missing for years. And when we say the details are creepy, we mean creepy.According to Ron, Tom started doing some auditing, a kind of wacky therapy that Scientology is all about, and taking some courses back in 1990. You have to have a MAJOR disorder to join this CULT -- and a very-low self-esteem problem to be it's LEADER!!!!
David took an interest in Tom -- probably he was a big "Top Gun" fan -- and tried to develop a friendship with him. Not for any innocent reason, but because "the time they spent together obviously left David deeply impressed with the PR potential that Cruise could lend to Scientology. As Ron writes, "David desperately wanted to get matters under tighter control - that is his control, and one of his top lieutenants had arranged to bring Tom to the base for a stay and some auditing." David went all out for the get-together, but Tom was several hours late and when he got there, he told David that he'd rather just go to bed.

And that's when David "hit the roof."Temperamental David finally pulled himself together though, and the next day he and Tom started to become bros. It all feels kind of predatory, the way Tom was courted, and if we ever had any warm and fuzzy feelings about Scientology -- LOL we would never -- they'd certainly be gone now.

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