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This totally brilliant little pocket-sized anti-stress colouring book is just the perfect size to pop into your handbag and dip into throughout the day. Gorgeously illustrated, The Mindfulness Colouring Book for adults is filled with pages of intricate and sophisticated patterns, and delightful and familiar scenes. This is one that comes with me everywhere and even five minutes in the car while I’m waiting for one thing or another is enough to assure a much calmer car journey.
A fun and unique pocket-size coloring book designed to channel stress into relaxing, creative accomplishments In today’s busy world, finding a moment of peace and calm can be a challenge.
What are your thoughts on The Mindfulness Coloring Book: Anti-Stress Art Therapy for Busy People? I'm really excited to share with you my new book THE MINDFULNESS COLOURING BOOK: ANTI-STRESS ART THERAPY FOR BUSY PEOPLE. I couldn’t believe my ears when I was approached by Boxtree editor Cindy Chan to work together on this pattern led colouring book. I'm certain fellow illustrators will agree that illustrating can be relaxing and even therapeutic. One of the exercises I often practice is actually in the tube, when I feel I've had a long and busy day.

Crafted specifically to soothe anxious minds and reduce stress, this book offers a practical exercise in mindfulness that draws on your creativity and hones your focus.
Every page has characterful charm apparent from Emma Farraron’s unique drawing style that entices you to meditate on your artwork while you mindfully and creatively fill these pages with colour.
Emma’s illustrative style appeals to my own sense of imagination and reminds me of moments of childhood where fantasy was as real as life. Mindful coloring is a simple yet powerful practice that combines the proven, time-honored tradition of thoughtful meditation with the growing popularity of adult coloring books, and shows that any activity, done right, can be an exercise in mindfulness. Here's free pattern to download, get creative and colour it in with your very own unique style. In The Mindfulness Coloring Book, accomplished illustrator Emma Farrarons presents 70 intricate and beguiling patterns to help you color your way to tranquility. As an illustrator and graphic designer living in busy London, I'm always working on multiple projects (actual ones and brainstorming new ones).
Here are flowers, leaves, butterflies, and birds alongside rolling waves and kaleidoscopic designs.
I'm in the moment, feeling the blank sheet underneath the nib, hearing the sound of the lead scratching the surface of the paper.

Perfectly sized to fit into a pocket or handbag, and printed on high-quality paper that will ensure hours of bliss, The Mindfulness Coloring Book is ready to help you de-stress wherever you go. Our meeting was just a week before I was to leave for Sweden to complete a textile and printmaking course to learn about the art of pattern repeat. To download, simply click on the pattern below and you'll be directed to a printable A4 sized scene.
Take a few minutes out of your day, wherever you are, and colour your way to peace and calm.
So take a few minutes out of your hectic schedule to reset and refresh with mindful coloring—and relive the days when your biggest concern was staying within the lines!

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