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Do you worry that if you say “No” you will damage a valuable relationship or cause an argument? Our assertiveness workshop is different from the usual lecture type workshops that you might have experienced in the past.
In this short workshop, you can expect to learn different forms and styles of communication and find out how you will be able to recognise them in yourself and other people.
It will help you assess your personal style and get a complete look at your rights in communication.
You will discover the best assertive communication strategies that can help you interact with others effectively and with confidence. You will improve your assertiveness each day with the use of strategies and tools introduced. This workshop is for you if you want to have open and respectful communication with others and learn the skills for assertiveness that are useful and practical for both workplace and personal relationships.
Do you feel sometimes that you could benefit from more structure and more control to deal with the uncertainties of life? Imagine having practical skills that can be used both in your professional and personal life.
This workshop can help in developing your self-management, your skills in managing others and also managing the environment around you. Now, more than ever before assertiveness is a set of skills worth having and it is your right to use them.
There will be test-type questions, more descriptive survey-type of questions, some reading and some practising.

During a group discussion we share passed experience and then animate them using forum theatre. This session can be delivered in most environments and can be adapted to suit the participants from the age of 16 upwards as part of an employability programme. The choice you make is critical to the outcome The attitudes that we adopt in any situation partly determine how the situation will unfold. Submissive words Sorry Its only me Would you mind I could come back later Well its a bit awkward, but er…..
Handling difficult situations (1) Putting your point of view or suggestion across Use basic assertion You make a straightforward statement which makes clear your needs, wants, beliefs opinions or feelings or stands up for your rights by. Your action plan Choose a situation you want to be more assertive in Be clear what your goal is What would you normally do? Introduction Thank-you for being a member of this program Please take with you the information that is valuable to you from this program Respect that. It is a unique form of communication that will create enough space for everyone’s needs, wants and personal points of view. After the end of the workshop, they will walk away with practical and real strategies that can apply in their daily lives.
Join us today if you like to have a more respectful and open communication with the people around you and learn the best skills for assertiveness that are practical and useful for both personal and workplace relationships! This workshop is energising and packed with exercises so you can use and practise the skills rather than just read about them. However, these skills are essential to live more effective lives and be more satisfied with your everyday interactions with people.

There is also an open discussion and an opportunity for role-play so the participants can identify where they could have been more assertive and where they have been going wrong.
Use consequence assertion A statement that informs the other person of the consequences if the situation is not resolved.
Learning Objectives At the end of this topic, you will be able to: Identify the Four Styles of Communication Identify techniques. Completing this workshop gives you more control over your daily life, more focus, energy and sense of achievement.
You will gain tools that can positively change the way you communicate, accomplish your daily tasks and enable you to have more effective and fulfilling life.
This workshop is not just an introduction to assertiveness, it is to make sure participants have the confidence when it comes to interacting with colleagues or peers to be honest, say no or simply communicate more effectively. Do you have the ability to be honest about the situation and explain that you cannot help or are you one of the many who show non-assertive traits? This workshops aims to examine what being a more assertive person means and improve confidence and communication skills. I cant do the amendments by 2 oclock but I could do it by 4 oclock…… As Ive already said I cant do the amendments by 2 oclock…..

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