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The Llewellyn Practical Guide to Astral Projection by Denning and Phillips is simply the best step-by-step set of lessons for learning this skill ever published. You can even experience sex on the astral plane for one of the most dynamic experiences you will ever have. The book begins by showing you what astral projection is and what it is not, what can happen and what fantasy is. Then you will learn methods of being able to let your consciousness leave your body and safely explore the astral plane.
After a catastrophic car crash in which all her fellow passengers are killed, Becky Reynalds, a typical albeit privileged high school senior, begins perceiving the voice of a young girl whom nobody but she can hear. The Mastering Astral Projection Companion is a set of six CDs for learning to have an out-of-body experience. Imagine again: Imagine yourself getting up and moving around your room while your still lying down. The techniques of possession is very difficult and you’d have to be willing to let a demon in with open arms. Astral Beings: When your out exploring the world, you might see some creatures of different kinds. They will try to feed off your energy leaving you feeling depressed for the next couple of days. Everything you need to personalize and control your astral projection experience is broken down into 4 powerful modules, including a variety of advanced astral travel techniques, an astral navigation guide and more.
The program begins with this collection of groundbreaking advanced techniques for astral projecting in new and exciting ways.
The Post-Hypnotic Exact Time Technique–Program yourself in advance to astral project any time of night.
The Airplane Technique–Utilize your memories of flying in airplanes to advance your astral travel journeys.
The Inside the Picture Technique–Astral project to any place you desire by simply using a picture of it. The Bounce Technique–Use the moon, planets and other large objects in space to bounce off of and land anywhere on Earth. The Familiar Smell Technique–Use familiar smells to stimulate your olfactory senses to take you back to a place in the astral planes.
The Familiar Sight Technique–How to revisit any place in the astral world through the use of any familiar sights. The Familiar Sound Technique–How to use any sound that reminds you of a place to take you back to that place within the astral world. The Familiar Taste Technique–Use any taste that reminds you of a place to take you back to that place astrally. The Familiar Feeling (Physical and Emotional) Technique–Revisit any place you desire in the astral world by simply utilizing any physical feeling or emotion that reminds you of that place.
If you’ve ever wished for more control in the astral realm so you can engineer your ideal astral experience, this module is for you.
Landing Techniques–How to land slowly and easily in the astral world so you can begin your journey.
How to plan and practice Group Astral Travel with others, and magnify your experience with exhilarating astral trips and vacations (no more expensive flight tickets!). How to transfer Kundalini energy to your friends and family and help them begin their astral journeys.
How to transfer your astral experiences to others (or _download_ other people’s experiences) through Third Eye Chakra connections. There are no physical limitations in the astral world–because unlike the physical world, you can float, fly and penetrate through any form of three-dimensional matter.
And even learn the art of Astral Shape-Shifting, where you can transform your astral body to move through astral structures. Hypnosis is one of the most effective ways to alter your belief system because it works on a subconscious level. One can read about Astral projection but learning about Astral projection through the power of hypnosis is the easiest and most effective way to master it.
And as a veteran hypnotist, I know exactly what it takes to take you straight to the frame of mind where you can immediately astral project.
Unlike a good amount other hypnosis products which consist of a “rookie hypnotist” sitting in a room with a microphone and a recorder telling you to relax, these recordings have been mastered by ProTools Certified Sound Engineers (whose resumes include feature films and professional bands) using state of the art equipment.
Specific equalization for my voice has also been applied so that it is more conducive to hypnosis. Specially handpicked words and phrases are inserted in the audio tracks to produce visualizations so vivid, your mind believes it has already happened. An induction is the part of the hypnotherapy session in which the client is relaxed into a hypnotic state.
Binaural tones or binaural beats are tempo-specific sounds mixed into the Platinum Edition recordings that allow for deeper relaxation. Reason Number 3: This Is The Most Comprehensive And Extensive Hypnosis Program Ever Created On Astral Projection.
If you do a search for astral projection you’ll find tons of e Books and programs out there for dirt cheap.
Those who follow these courses almost never achieve a lasting and powerful experience and in some cases may be risking their safety. These activities will also benefit your 3-dimensional reality and make sure each of your astral travels are done joyfully and with ease. As you read over each of the 5 skills below, smile knowing that you’ll soon enjoy these wonderful rewards.
Once you experience astral projection, you will understand that your physical body is nothing more than a vessel that you use in this 3-dimensional world.
In the astral realms, you will be able to communicate with entities and humans who have died, you will meet spirits, and know that there is so much more than what we see on Earth. Once you get over this fear, you will be filled with a courage and confidence so strong that you’ll be able to pursue all your dreams, goals, and desires.
Your ability as a psychic will increase, your intuition will become stronger, and you can tap into information unknown to most people.
Even if you’ve never considered yourself psychic or intuitive, this will all change for you.

Your faith and knowledge of the spiritual realms will heighten and as you come to know the astral realms, you will also become more self-aware.
Often when people astral project or attempt to do so they are filled with a tingling feeling.
As you astral project, your vibrations increase and when this happens, you will enjoy a deeper calm, long lasting tranquility, protection against negative emotions.
And because you are calmer, happier and filled with positive energy, your desires will turn into reality faster in the physical world. Often people who try Law of Attraction tools or other manifesting techniques fail to turn their desires into reality.
You can’t simply ask for things and expect them to appear without attaining first self-awareness, spiritual connection, good energy, and a positive belief system. But because the process of learning to astral project involves all of those things, you will learn to manifest quicker, materializing your intentions with strong positive energy. While I have not yet conquered astral travel, I believe with practice and the use of this series I absolutely will.
In accordance with the latest FTC guidelines, we want to make it explicitly clear that the customer letters we have received are based on the unique experiences and circumstances of a few people only. Read an ExcerptPART 1 Preparing for Liftoff What follows are the results of my first night of energy work. The astral body is often reported as being joined to the physical body by a silver cord a€“ an etheric umbilical cord. The dangers can involve attacks by other travellers or negative energies trying to get into your physical body.
Under professional guidance the individual is safe and able to return to the body at any time.
When you astro-travel, you will develop your knowledge of the past, present and future a€“ You could visit different countries, planets, times a€“ visit the past or the future. The dangers can involve attacks by other travellers or negative energies trying to get into your physical body.A  Also if the cord is broken while travelling you will not be able to return into your physical body. Some people have experienced astro-travelling through near death experience.A  They have experienced leaving the physical body, and watching their operation or recalling conversations among hospital staff. The spirit can travel to any dimension of space or time.A  You could visit different countries, planets, times a€“ visit the past or the future. Under professional guidance the individual is safe and able to return to the body at any time.A  When travelling the individual can, choose where to go and when to return.
You are able to fly through the air, have a birda€™s eye view of whata€™s below.A  You can travel across the surface of the planet or dive deep down into the waters and breathe beneath it.
If you want to learn how to project your consciousness onto the astral plane, you should use it, too! You do it all the time (in dreams, for example.) In a sense, it is more natural than walking. And you can learn how to do all of this in The Llewellyn Practical Guide to Astral Projection.
As a result, you will discover that astral projection can be safe, comforting, exhilarating, and fun. The accident and resulting near-death experience also gifts her with the uncanny ability to sketch and paint like a master artist.
Mastering Astral Projection is a practical guide to achieving conscious out-of-body experiences based upon Robert Bruce's extensive knowledge of astral projection, Brian Mercer's methods for personal success, and valuable feedback from volunteers who have tested this program. It includes binaural beat technology for inducing states of consciousness ideal for learning relaxation, meditation and projection out-of-body. If someone were to come in and stab you, you will die, and the silver cord will be severed. Possession is something that can happen when you are still in your body too, remember that. I like horror, particulary horror stories, strange mythologies, creepypastas, urban legends, horror mangas (Junji Ito 8D), scary video games, horror movies, strange phenomenon, scary comics and pics, etc. Jones Advanced Astral Projection Techniques’ is a handpicked selection of my most potent advanced astral projection tools and techniques. Here I’ll show you a specific set of turning techniques to ensure your turning is always flawless.
In this module you’ll learn how to rope in your friends and family for the shared astral adventure of a lifetime.
And when it comes to astral projection, it’s critical to work within the subconscious since you are attempting to learn something highly foreign to your conscious mind. And since the mind cannot tell between a scenario which is real and one which has been clearly visualized in the mind, your desired goals will be achieved with ease as if you’ve already done it. The world has yet to see a system designed to create the astral experience using the power of hypnosis that intricately covers so many different areas. What I will teach you is so powerful that at the end of your first projection, you will be a changed person. A better career, more loving relationships, the feeling of accomplishment and achievement that will leave you fulfilled and happy.
When you face difficult decisions, are uncertain about the future, or are trying to judge a person’s character, your psychic compass will kick in to guide you towards the right choice. Your connection becomes stronger and because of that you will be filled with unwavering joy, a sense of bliss, and a love for all that is around you.
You’ll be able to attract the right people, opportunities, and synchronicity into your life. And unlike those who just win the lottery or have wealth thrown at them, you will also enjoy fulfillment and a life on purpose.
Jones has just produced the most comprehensive training package in Astral Projection on the market. I believe that these experiences can help to empower one’s life and feelings of control over it. Not only do I believe that this program represents the best information available about astral travel, but that Steve’s sincerity and gentle guidance are exactly what anyone needs to be able to achieve the experience promised. If you're new to this fascinating phenomenon I'm sure you have a ton of questions, which I hope this website can help you with. It's the best thing that's ever happened to me, and once you learn how to do it, I know you'll feel the same.

You should always consult a qualified healthcare professional with questions about any medical condition. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Mastering Astral Projection offers everyone the opportunity to explore nonphysical dimensions and learn more about their spirituality. The tragedy seems to have opened a mediumistic doorway in Becky, a doorway that she cannot close, even if she wants to. Presented in an easy-to-follow workbook format, the thirteen-week program introduces astral projection methods and provides daily exercises that progressively prepare and train readers for this incredible, life-changing experience. Each Platinum recording has a different induction making each recording special and distinctive in its own right. While these programs and e Books may cover the basics of astral projection they fail to prepare you mentally and spiritually for astral projection.
His demeanor, voice, attitude and approach to astral travel are both matter of fact and enthusiastic.
I've been astral projecting since I was a 17-year-old kid in military school, and since then I've gained a variety of qualifications and trained thousands of people across the world with my unique brand of astral projection through hypnosis and meditation.
So thanks for dropping by, and remember to sign up for your complimentary Beginner's Guide to Astral Projection. The generally expected performance of the The Art of Astral Projection program in regards to any specific disease has not been scientifically validated and we cannot and will not make any promises in regards to any miracle cures. Includes a CD-ROM with 25 custom-designed sound meditation programs, MP3 affirmations, dream journal template, and more.
I’ve dedicated whole CDs on breaking your negative beliefs, clearing your energy, raising your positive vibes, and other activities to ensure that you will astral project in the safest manner possible. I look forward to the time I spend each day and evening listening to the instructional cds and deep hypnosis experience. The album is a stand-alone, step-by-step guide for would-be projectors who want to start with the basics and gradually expand their skills. Presented in an easy-to-follow workbook format, the thirteen-week program introduces astral projection methods and provides daily exercises that progressively prepares and trains readers for this incredible, life-changing experience.
It has also been designed to work in conjunction with the book Mastering Astral Projection: 90-day Guide to Out-of-body Experience. This was the first time I'd ever read anything that spelled out the mechanics behind this type of energy work, why it's needed, and what it does at a core level. Over and over I was running across postings from people who were getting very measurable results.
Every time I woke up it was like another memory was being restored, and each time I was still on autopilot, doing the energy exercise. By now I can't remember what I was remembering specifically, but I do remember that every memory that surfaced served to connect me to something else I had long forgotten. Finally, for those using the optional BrainWave Generator to supplement your OBE program, we'll offer instructions for the current week's preset.
Now that you have read all the instructions in the introduction, let's waste no time getting started. There will be exercises requiring full lighting and those requiring low lighting or darkness. Headphones or earplugs are ways to eliminate sound, but you also don't want to be unexpectedly disturbed by others.
One aspiring projector partitioned a large walk-in closet and turned half into a small private area. The purpose of the exercises in this program is to learn how to achieve a deep level of relaxation without falling asleep.
If you must use your bedroom, find a comfortable place on the floor where you can do your exercises using a folding bed, small mattress, or a combination of pillows and blankets. Another handy item is an illuminated clock, preferably analog with a second hand.Many of the coming exercises need to be timed, so a clock that's easily visible from your practice position will help.
You can set and forget this, so you won't have to keep looking at the time to see when an exercise is over. These mainly consist of reciting affirmations, doing short concentration and mind-clearing exercises, energy work, and so on. Deep physical relaxation is the one OBE preparation skill that is most commonly overlooked or poorly done. Being relaxed enough to fall asleep does not mean that you have a sufficient level of relaxation to induce an OBE. Even though you may feel deeply relaxed, your body can still possess significant levels of physical tension. Physical tension can prevent you from projecting, even if all the other skills required for having an OBE have been mastered. Your goal for the end of this first week is to complete the routine without having to refer to the instructions. It is easy to miss steps at first, so this week be sure to review the instructions after each session to make sure you are not forgetting anything. The deep physical relaxation routine is progressive, and in time will become almost automatic.
Even if you are a little cold, your body may not actually shiver but your muscles may tense. If you are doing this program in a cold climate, keep your body temperature at a comfortable level during the exercises.
Novices often start by paying good attention to relaxation exercises, but then pay only cursory attention to them later in the program. Avoid this mistake or one day you will find yourself having to backtrack to relearn what has been poorly done. By the time you reach Part 2 of the program, you will have all the breathing skills required for OBE exit practice.

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