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Learn Easy Astral Projection Techniques For BeginnersLet me first say that astral projection techniques for beginners are many and you can spend years in trying all techniques from all the books and courses available for learning how to have an obe.I should know. The Best OBE Course I Can Recommendby a great master of astral projectionThis is the one astral projection course that helped me truly have my first AP. The Rope Technique For Astral ProjectionAs taught by Robert BruceThe rope technique is one that most people try when learning to astral project. The Roll Out TechniqueThis is another great technique that pulls you out of your body in the real time zone.There are two versions to this technique. The Phasing TechniqueThis is a very interesting technique, one that was coined by Robert Monroe, maybe the most popular astral projecting teacher all around.Basically while with the previous techniques when you leave your body you land somewhere in the room, when you phase out of your body, you go to another realm altogether. Astral Projecting Using Binaural BeatsOne of the favorite astral projection techniques for beginners is using Binaural Beats.There is a lot of talk about binaural beats and there are many that you can find online (paid and free). Gateway Experience Waves For Astral ProjectionHemi-Sync - By The Monroe InstituteIf you really want to get good at astral projection beyond beginner level, and you are interested in the actual astral voyage - i.e. Gateway Experience For Astral Projection - Learn how to astral project with this full kit of 6 CDs.Here the entire knowledge is condensed in these Hemi-Sync CDs that help you with your out of body exploration. Astral Projection BooksReading from astral projection books is one of the best ways to learn to astral project out of your body.
Astral Projection Mastery ReviewAstral projection and out of body experiences are some of my favorite topics ever. Insidious Astral ProjectionSo what is all the rave around Insidious Astral Projection - the movie and does it really have anything to do with astral travels? How To Astral Project For BeginnersOne of the most popular topics these days when it comes to paranormal experiences is how to learn how to astral project for beginners. Best Lucid Dreaming BooksLucid dreaming has been practiced by Zen masters, monks, shamans and other spiritually inclined people for centuries.
Bluemoongoddess1 3 years ago from Kansa, USA I haven't had one yet, but I'm working on it. Besides being a rather complete how-to manual on astral projection, there are some real facts. With more than 300,000 copies sold to date, this is the definitive work on the extraordinary phenomenon of out-of-body experiences, by the founder of the internationally known Monroe Institute.
The sequel to Monroe's Journey Out Of The Body is an amazing parapsychological odyssey that reflects a decade of research into the psychic realm beyond the known dimensions of physical reality. I have no psychic powers and have been practicing the principles detailed in this book for a little over six months.
Monroe is the preeminent explorer and chronicler of out-of-body experiences as well as founder of the Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia, a nonprofit research organization devoted to studying expanded forms of consciousness.
People seem to be aware of the importance of exercising their bodies, but too often they look in all the wrong places for mental stimulation. The Projection of the Astral Body is the most comprehensive and detailed study ever written on the subject of astral projection. This book reveals the wonders of the out-of-body experience to beginners, while simultaneously exploring the empowering effects astral projection can have on a person. I would like to invite you on the journey of this book based upon my soul travel experiences of the past 15 years.
This is a practical book that provides you with all the theory necessary to understand the art of Astral Projection.
There are four methods thoroughly explained in this book, and while the other three are found in the literature, the first, called the little method, developed by the author himself, is worth mentioning for the simplicity of operation. The book then continues with the report of actual out-of-body experiences as lived and remembered by the author, from the first spontaneous event, to the most controlled later. Out-of-Body Experiences or OOBE's are something we all hear more and more about these days.
This fascinating volume recounts the story of the author's first voyages past the edge of life, using techniques first developed at the Monroe Institute. Far more than just a scholarly dissertation on out-of-body experiences, Astral Projections examines the scientific and non-scientific evidence of this amazing occurrence.
I wanted to write a book about Out-of-Body Experiences and Remote Viewing that everybody could read. If you crossed the writings of Ken Wilber and the prophecies of Nostradamus, you would probably end up with something close to The Ultimate Time Machine, a unique philosophical perspective on the nature of the past, present, and future. This book is remarkable, especially the declassified evidence on the CIA's remote viewing successes. The set of 6 CDs have been put together by none other than William Buhlman, one of the major teachers in astral projection. Some you might already know, and others you might find curious, while there are some that you might not even agree with.
I've stayed away from trying to AP in the evening exactly because early on I've learned that I should not do it.How wrong I was! As a matter of fact, we all astral project during the night, it's just that we don't recall it in the morning.
I became interested in this and Lucid Dreaming a few years ago but never really pursued it.
I've never heard of astral projection and am off to find even more information on the subject. Petersburg, Florida I wonder if you have to "leave your body" to see into other dimensions.
This is a reason why this book tells us more about the mind and soul than a collection of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. They provide a powerful verification of our spiritual identity and a proven method to explore ourselves and the universe.
Rogo started with studying parapsychology for his teenage interest in OoBE, and is an example of a normal person not endowed by special gifts, and who had not a spontaneous first experience, to reach the controlled astral projection by the study of the subject. Keith Harary's and Pamela Weintraub's new book on out-of-body experiences and am eagerly awaiting my very next free period of time when I can try the methods they suggest. First published in 1929, it has come to be recocognized , through its many printings, as the definitive work in its field.
Hereward Carrington, one of the world's foremost psychic researchers, brought his vast knowledge and experience of scientific investigation to bear in editing the remarkable account of Sylvan Muldoon's out-of-the-body experiences. Muldoon also provides the clearest instructions to students in the techniques of projecting the astral body as well as various "do's" and "don'ts" of the astral world. Morrissey, a certified hypnotherapist, has taught more than 25,000 people to have a guided out-of-body experience, again and again, during the dream state.
Feel free to also have a look at the other parts of the series that is based on the astral world and the journeys within it; the links can be found at the bottom of this article. In the lifting technique, you visualize yourself lifting out from your body, while in the roll out technique, you imagine yourself rolling to the left or right when the vibrations come. You'll be in another dimension directly.It is said that the real time projection is actually an interruption before phasing.
It all depends on what frequencies are the beats at and what wave lengths they induce in the listener.For example there are binaural beats that simply help you get into an Alpha state of meditation and relaxation. It's a subject on its own, that's why I didn't want to cram it all in here, because this is mostly about the techniques for those who are already interested in learning. Awesome book as well, highly recommended.Btw, there is an even better course on astral projection, however that might be out of the budget of many people.
Once you get your body asleep (completely relaxed, as in not feeling it anymore), start visualizing a rope that you grab and start climbing it.

Two main reasons why this might not work for everybody are because 1 - you are not relaxed enough, and 2 - because you might be afraid that you physically roll out of the bed.One way to easily achieve the roll-out of the physical body is by gently rocking yourself from side to side.
But learning how to astral project consciously, now THAT's something worth looking into and hope this lens gives you a few ideas to get you started if you're curious about it :)Thanks for visiting! Eventually you break free from your phisical body and end up in the ether - but still in the physical real time (you actually see your body lying in the bed or couch near you).I'm not quite sure who thought of this technique first, but it is included in most astral projection techniques for beginners books out there.
Granted, it costs more than pretty much everything else out there, but what you get out of it is really worth it. Just thinking that I could have had an astral projection earlier if I actually tried and didn't listen to the all-knower gurus out there makes me cringe. His books are not only recommended, but necessary on the bookshelf of any serious astral projection learner.To really learn phasing, you need to get his books. It is the entire Astral Projection course (and if you go to their Gateway real courses, you spend a couple of thousand dollars at least).Highly recommended! Monroe was a pioneer in the research and investigation of altered human consciousness, whose experimenting with a group of researchers led to the foundation of the Monroe Institute that studied and tested his theses with volunteers in its research institution.Robert Allan Monroe (October 30, 1915-March 17,1995) was a New York radio broadcasting executive who became known for his research into altered consciousness. Oh well, better late than never.Do not try to have an AP in bed - go to a couch, outside of your bedroom.
There are many websites talking about phasing, but none teach it as well as the person discovering this technique in the first place. Wikipedia – Robert Monroe Monroe is credited for having brought to light the term “out-of-body-experience” (short: OBE) with his very popular book “Journeys Out of the Body” that was published in 1971. It's a mountain of a book teaching you how to project from beginning to advanced techniques, some which might just be the right for you! The technique described in the following has been tested on many individuals and was found to work extraordinarily, as it allowed participants to induce a very powerful out-of-body-experience. This one ties in together with the previous myth, but while the first one is about trying to AP in the night, this is about the location. Monroe’s technique consists of four different parts, namely “Relaxation”, “State of Vibration”, “Control of Vibrations” and finally “The Separation Process” itself.The first step of his technique – “Relaxation” – focuses on the physical and mental relaxation, which can be regarded as the foundation of every successful attempt to have an OOBE (out-of-body-experience) or inducing an astral journey. Like I said before, my first successful AP happened in my own bed, just before falling asleep.It is very difficult to have an astral projection, and it might take you years of trying - Well, this is not exactly a myth, but it doesn't have to be this way.
Monroe recommends preferably applying his astral projection technique “when you are tired and sleepy” (Robert A. Monroe [1977] “Journeys Out of the Body”, Broadway Books), as it will be easier for you to relax both physically and mentally.
This also implies that you shouldn’t implement his technique when you are emotionally upset (e.g. Then it won't take you years until you have your first conscious astral projection.You can't learn OBE, it happens spontaneously, so don't even try. Once you can hold the borderland state indefinitely without falling asleep, you have passed the first stage.Robert A. AP is a very normal part of our being and we practically astral project every single night.
208 in “Journeys Out of the Body”, Broadway BooksI think it’s normal for everyone new to the matter to fall asleep the very first time you implement Monroe’s relaxation technique , but the more you strengthen your mental willpower to stay awake, the easier it will become for you to reach a point of very deep physical and mental relaxation, while being fully awake.
All the thoughts and mental images will start to fade away and are being detached (at least in my personal experience) by awkward light-patterns that I recognize here and there in-between the blackness of my closed eyes. Don't forget that we are astral beings, we are souls in a temporary body, so being out in the astral is a very natural state for us. For me, the point where I know that I’m mental fully relaxed is where these “awkward light-patterns” start to cease, when there is nothing more than blackness in front of my closed eyes.Methods to achieve an astral projectionSecondly, Monroe focuses on the accomplishment of the “State of Vibration” in which he tries to pull a certain type of vibrations back into his head.
In order to accomplish this, Monroe selects through his closed eyes a spot in the darkness that is roughly 10 inches away from his forehead and moves this point of mental reference until it is five or six feet at distant. After a while, he turns this point 90° upward into the direction of the top of the head on a line parallel to the axis of the body. Unfortunately, Monroe is very vague with his explanation, but after hours of studying what he wrote and drawing it down on a piece of paper, I think the target destination should be located at some six feet distance of the top of your head, hence it would make sense why he recommends lying down with your head pointing towards the magnetic north. You are connected to your body by a so-called silver cord, so you are never truly detached from it. The point of intersection can be signified by a rhythmic pulsation or a tinkling and once he has identified this spot, Monroe focuses on the mental pulling back of the vibrations located at that spot.Thirdly, the stage named “Control of Vibrations” has the main objective to utilize the vibrations under conscious control by systematically applying the procedures shown in the following. In order to obtain control over the vibrations, Monroe mentally conducts all the vibrations into his head, pushes them along his body to his arms, legs and toes and then back again to his head.
He thereby creates a rhythmical wave that sweeps within (approximately) ten seconds to his toes and takes another five seconds to complete the circuit back to his head.
Monroe practices this until the wave of vibration floats through his body on mental command.Finally, after having achieved a form of control over the vibrations “The Separation Process” of physical and mental dissociation can begin. And we all die only once in this life, and it won't happen any time during a regular astral projection.
In order to initiate the separation process, Monroe suggests attempting to reach with one hand (either the right or left arm – depending on your personal preferences) for any object (wall, door, wardrobe, etc.) that lies “beyond the reach of your physical arm” (Robert A.
It is important that this object is positioned in the direction the arm of your choice is pointing, meaning that you will not attempt to reach for instance for the ceiling bulb, your shoes or the walls besides you, but for something that is at the same height and direction of your resting arm. Reach out with your (imagined non-physical) stretched arm and push further and further, until you finally encounter something. Your sensory senses will indicate in case of success that you are touching and examining the object with your “real” physical hand.The second method described for the separation process is what Monroe calls the “lift-out” procedure that basically consist of imagining oneself getting lighter and lighter until one starts to float upward. Monroe emphasizes the importance to think “how nice it would be to float upward” (Robert A. Monroe [1977] “Journeys Out of the Body”, Broadway Books), in order to stir anticipation.2. The Rope TechniqueRobert Bruce – Public DomainThe second technique presented in this article is just as much a classic as Robert Monroe’s previously presented method. In order to attain a very relaxed state of mind you can feel free to apply the techniques I presented in my personal astral travelling procedure (see paragraph III. My personal astral projection routine); namely the progressive muscle relaxation and deep breathing exercises. Also, it is important to note that the rope technique is not being applied in order to “drag yourself out of your body”, but instead as an aid to reduce your brain activity and thereby inducing a deep trance state – please have this in mind when you practice. Actually, the first times I applied this technique, my focus lay on the “dragging myself out of the body” aspect, which rather prevented me from entering a deeply relaxed state of mind. Once you have entered a deep relaxation you can continue with the following rope technique.As the name of the method implies, the main element of it consists of an invisible, thick rope of twisted fibres that you imagine to be hanging above you, coming down from the ceiling. Once you are ready, close your eyes and imagine what it feels like to reach out with your (imaginary!) hands, to grab the rope and then to begin pulling yourself upwards.You do NOT have to actually visualize, or see, the ROPE at any time, just know where it’s supposed to be. Robert Bruce on Astral Dynamics Reach out, hand over hand, just as if you were to climb a never ending rope in the darkness.
It is very likely that you will feel your body getting heavier and heavier, also you will most likely feel a slight tingling sensation up to distinctive vibrations, pulsating like energy throughout your body as your chakras (= the energy centers of your body) open up.
If you continue, you will experience a paralyzed state, in many cases unable to move your physical body, but do not stop climbing on the rope, even as it gets more and more complicated to remain concentrated.At some point you will come free of your physical body. You will definitely notice the process unfolding, as your whole perception begins to change, even if you have entered a semi dream-like state and are climbing up on a fictional ladder on the Amazonas. Getting out of the body will feel like an automated process, performed on auto-pilot, akin just like a regular routine that you have performed for years.
The Astral Vehicle MethodThe Astral VehicleAgain, this technique requires you to be in a very relaxed, trance-like state of mind.

You can use the progressive muscle relaxation and deep breathing exercises as described in my second article (Part II – paragraph III) of this astral journeying series, or any other technique you find suitable for this purpose. As soon as you have reached this deep state of physical and mental relaxation, you can begin to pick a point on your body – preferably in your solar plexus or heart area – and start to visualize astral substance or lightening energy leaving your body out of your chest. Visualize the substance forming itself to an empty shell in the volume and size of your body. Continue doing so until you can perfectly see the empty duplicate of your physical shell in your mind’s eye floating above you, connected with your chest area. If you have difficulties visualizing the astral vehicle you can also think of a body duplicate floating above you, which slowly vanishes – leaving an energy shell behind. In order to accomplish this, it is advisable to collect your whole being, the characteristics that define you, your thoughts and selfhood, from your personality to your bodily characteristics in one spot – termed as the center of consciousness. This spot can be in your forehead, where your third eye is located, but also in your chest, depending on what you prefer.
Continue to recollect everything about you at this specific point; your head, arms, fingers, legs and the awareness of self until this point becomes the center of your beingness. Just think about this change of perspectives as if you were standing in front of a mirror, on one side the physical body that is facing the astral body at the other side.
Continue to pull more and more of yourself from your physical body into the vehicle and begin to make use of the senses of your new vessels.
Focus your attention on smelling, hearing and tasting, if possible even on your tactile senses.
An excellent reality check at this moment would be to reach out with your astral hand and trying to touch the wall near you. The Induction through Lucid DreamingLucid dreamingThe fourth astral travelling technique described in the following is excellent for those who are experienced in lucid dreaming, but is even more difficult to apply for those that aren’t – as you would have to learn how to induce lucid dreams before you could even think of implying this technique. But if you take the time, implement a dream journal and some reality checks into your daily routines, you might find it easier to induce an astral projection through a lucid dream, instead of having to practice for years in order to project at will.
Lucid dreaming is, in my opinion, definitely worth a try, as it is by far easier to master than the separation of body and mind (astral projection). Also, the conversion of a lucid dream into an astral experience simplifies things for people who have a difficulty to fully relax, while awake.Interestingly enough, many consider that (lucid) dreaming and astral travelling are interconnected experiences.
While dreams proceed in the dream plane of the lower astral, controlled and influenced by the subconscious mind of the dreamer, astral projection takes place in the higher planes, on a higher vibratory level than out-of-body-experiences and in a fully conscious state of mind.
One characteristic of an astral journey is that you are fully conscious of yourself leaving your body, you are conscious during the experience and conscious when you re-enter your body, meaning that there is no suspension in consciousness throughout a “real” projection. As opposed to this are lucid dreams, as there is most likely such a suspension in consciousness, whether it be before you become lucid (aware that you are dreaming) or during your experience when you fall back asleep again.So, how to convert a lucid dream into an astral projection? First of all, you need to become aware that you are dreaming, for instance by the use of a reality check. The first option that can lead you to a projection would be to “quit the dream”, which is – in contrast to the efforts of keeping a dream alive – not difficult at all. I for instance, only need to become fully aware of the feeling of lying in bed, which ends the lucid dream. The objective of ending the dream is not to fully awake, but only to return to your body with your consciousness.
It’s important that you remain motionless once you have left the dream; just recognize that you have returned to your physical body. After you matched your dream self with your body you can begin to rise up into the air, as an attempt to encourage the astral body to leave the physical body.The third option to convert a lucid dream into an OBE is to – once again – match positions with your physical body and your dream self. But then, instead of rising up into the air, you begin to perform your regular astral projection routine, but this time within the dream environment.
Perform your routine briefly but keep an eye on not falling back asleep again.As a side note, a sure-fire way to distinct between an astral projection and a lucid dream is to look at anything that contains numbers or letters, for example the title of a book, a street sign or a clock. If you notice that the numbers or characters change or get distorted, each time you look at them, you can clearly tell that you are experiencing a lucid dream.
On the other hand, while having an astral journey, the numbers and letters will remain the same when looking back at them.5. Muldoon’s Thirst TechniqueSylvan MuldoonSylvan Muldoon, born in 1903, was just as much a pioneer in the research of astral traveling and altered states of consciousness as Robert Monroe was.
His books – one of their earliest on the subject matter – have helped to add quantifiable knowledge to the study of the astral projection phenomena.
An interesting astral projection method that stems from Muldoon is called the “thirst technique”.
According to Muldoon, “thirst is the strongest and most quickly produced ‘stress’ ”, which stimulates the subconscious will to action (taken from p. Muldoon and Hereward Carrington, Weiser Books [1970]).The thirst technique will require you to refrain from drinking before going to bed, preferably for some hours, in order to activate the desire for water. You can also increase the ‘stress’ by placing a glass of water somewhere near your bed, so that you can gaze at it. You can begin to imagine what it would feel like if you could get up from bed, reaching out for the glass, putting it on your thirsty mouth and then to drink the refreshing water.
Muldoon goes in his technique even so far to swallow salt (an eight of a teaspoonful) to aggravate the desire to satisfy his thirst, which I do NOT recommend for obvious health reasons.
Eating some anchovies – small salt water forage fish that are being gutted and salted – for dinner and the cessation of drinking after dinner will be sufficient enough; there’s no need to eat pure salt. Also, you shouldn’t implement this technique when you are having any problems with your health or a condition. Understandably, you should drink a lot of water (!) before and after this experiment, which you shouldn’t implement every day, but just once a month or even lesser.So, when you are falling asleep, remind yourself of the desire to slake the thirst and focus your thoughts around that glass of water you placed somewhere in your bedroom. Imagine what it would feel like if your astral body could leave your physical, reaching out for the fresh water. During the night, you might have awkward dreams about your thirst, like being in the desert, and – with some luck – your thirst will make your astral body reach out for the beverage.This article about the most effective astral projection techniques is the third part of my astral projection series. Reply Lucy Anderson on Sunday, September 27 12:37 am Reading that, I feel quite exhausted, no offence.
But, on the other hand I do want to provide information for those who are interested in the subject matter.
One time I got to the vibrational state where it felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest. At this point I got so excited knowing this happens just before the separation of my subtle body from my physical body that I apparently came out of my meditative state.I agree that this is a spiritual process and a person must be ready mentally to achieve this phenomenon.
I have absolutely no fears about astral travel and had used the rope technique to achieve the vibrational state.
Reply Steve Mueller on Friday, February 26 8:39 am Thanks a lot Amy!I also tried for a long time many different methods and techniques.
But at that point you will notice that it’s just a body does falling asleep, not your mind. Reply Leave A Reply Cancel Reply ConnectPlanet of SuccessRecent Posts Monday, May 2 1 The Power of Silence Saturday, April 30 0 7 Surprising Brain Hacks to Boost Confidence Saturday, April 23 0 How to Be Yourself Friday, April 22 4 100 Ways to Make a Girl Feel Special Saturday, April 16 4 How to Give Constructive Criticism – 11 Important Tricks Friday, April 8 0 What is Success?

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