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It’s so easy to forget this simple fact and to get frustrated or impatient when an obstacle arises in our meditation.
Despite the growing popularity of meditation, prevailing misconceptions about the practice are a barrier that prevents many people from trying meditation and receiving its profound benefits for the body, mind, and spirit.
Truth:  This myth is rooted in the image of meditation as an esoteric practice reserved only for saints, holy men, and spiritual adepts. A teacher will help you understand what you’re experiencing, move past common roadblocks, and create a nourishing daily practice.
Truth:  This may be the number one myth about meditation and is the cause of many people giving up in frustration. Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes are meant for everyone who desires to find his or her true self, which is full of peace, joy of life and love for others. Founded and developed by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in 1970, Sahaja Yoga Meditation involves the awakening of a subtle spiritual energy known as the Kundalini which lies dormant in the sacrum bone at the base of the spine.
Joining the South Atlanta Yoga & Meditation movement you can connect with others and express, encourage and empower yourself and others. Your own self-discovery to unfold beautifully as you participate and share with others in group classes. Yourself to be open and receptive to all and ONLY that which is for your highest and greatest GOOD with having to compromise you, your beliefs or your character.
If we can help children to be meditative we can change the whole world a€” its energy, its consciousness.
Children are invited to participate in an afternoon of exploration into the world of creativity: dance, art, music, play and silence. After the pictures were brought to her, she saw that some of the youngsters had drawn the conventional pictures -- the Holy Family in the manger, the Holy Family riding on the mule, and the like. But she called up one little boy to ask him to explain his drawing, which showed an airplane with four heads sticking out of the plane windows. She said, 'I can understand why you drew three of the heads to show Joseph, Mary, and Jesus.

In the same way that scientists can find no end to time and space, the same can be said of the mind. Share this empowering narrative on your social network of choice and ask others to do the same.
In reality, when you receive instruction from an experienced, knowledgeable teacher, meditation is easy and fun to learn. The techniques can be as simple as focusing on the breath or silently repeating a mantra. It is not just a book or a set of exercises but a living science that will open up to you gradually as your meditation becomes deeper and your experience stronger and more fulfilling !
Meditators feel a cool breeze on their hands and head leading to a state of bliss and peace. 1-888-858-4259 for any other information Follow us on Facebook Try the free online classes ! Activities will be specifically designed for children to encourage observation skills, connecting with nature and exploration of creative potential.
Thinking will help them to be successful in the world, and meditation will help them towards success in the divine. If the society can help and support them to remain without fear, can help them to climb the trees and the mountains, and swim the oceans and the rivers, if the society can help them in every possible way to become adventurers, adventurers of the unknown, and if the society can create a great inquiry instead of giving them dead beliefs, then the children will turn into great lovers, lovers of life -- and that is true religion.
But we don't allow their creativity, we crush and kill their creativity, we jump upon them.
If you always follow the right way to do a thing you will never be creative -- because the right way means the way discovered by others. A producer knows the right way of doing a thing, the most economical way of doing a thing; with the least effort he can create more results. We can’t stop or control our thoughts, but we can decide how much attention to give them.
An inner transformation takes place through the regular practice of Sahaja Yoga Meditation.
Give them thought to sharpen their intellects, give them meditation to nurture the sacred in their hearts.

And the right way means that of course you will be able to make something, you will become a producer, a manufacturer, you will be a technician, but you will not be a creator. Immediately we start teaching them the right way to do a thing -- and once they have learned the right way to do a thing they become robopaths. Below, the meditation experts at Headspace share five steps for recognizing your innate, boundless creativity and resourcefulness of your practice. No where is this experienced more intimately than in the spotlight of awareness cultivated in meditation.
Although we can’t impose quiet on our mind, through meditation we can find the quiet that already exists in the space between our thoughts. The most important phenomenon in the world happens where sacredness of the heart meets the activeness of the intellect. Then they go on doing the right thing again and again and again, and the more they do it, the more efficient they become.
There will be times when we are acutely aware of this connection and, somewhat inevitably, times when we close ourselves down.
He does not know what is the right way to do a thing so he goes on seeking and searching again and again in different directions. It is only the stories we tell ourselves that prevent us from realizing our potential, and it is only our fear in letting go of these stories that prevents us from experiencing the true nature of mind.
That's why you always see that poets, painters, dancers, musicians, are not very respectable people. And when they become respectable, when a Nobel Prize is given to them, they are no longer creative.

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