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We thought that "Tour of Duty: Australia's Secret War" would just be viewed by those based in Australia or viewers who have Australian TV channels on their cable subscriptions. Which is a good thing as it was just aired last 28th of November and it's immediately available to worldwide viewers rather than make us wait for another week or even a month before we get to see this or rely on some poor qualit recordings by those who want to post them online. Content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License, unless specified otherwise by their respective authors. Much literature can be found about American, Russian and British special operations units, and to a lesser extent, about other European units. In a world exclusive, Chris Masters of Australia's Network 10 Television features the Australia's elite units as he got embedded with them whilst operating in Afghanistan for three years. The Australian Special Operations Command is comprised of the Special Logistics Squadron, the Special Air Service Regiment (Australian SAS), the 1st and 2nd Commando Regiments, and the Incident Response Regiment (specialised engineering, chemical, biological, radiological, and emergency response unit). But Australia's Network 10 gave us a big service by posting the show in its entirety at YouTube, albeit in 6 parts, perhaps they do not have yet a partnership with YouTube to post their TV programs in single uploads.

They have a longer, 90-minute edition which will be aired on the 5th of December which hopefully they get to post immediately after showing it to Australian viewers. Please do provide us a link if you have made a translation and included the corresponding credit to the original author. As for Australia's special operations forces, not much has been known about them, much more about the operations that they have conducted.
He gets to interview the men with their identities undisclosed as they discuss their experiences in operating in against the Taliban. Modelled after US and British militaries, the command has been active since 2002, though some of the units have been active way longer than that before being put under a unified special operations command. What is just generally known is that they're operating in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, and now with the ISAF. If you want to watch this and got a friend in Australia with a Slingbox, better have it set up and to watch it at the same time as the rest of Australia.

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