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Synopsis: Alexa is a very shy princess from a contemporary, modern kingdom who discovers a secret door that opens to a magical land.
The expedition is first to scientifically date the beginning of the construction of the pyramid. The Archaeology Channel International Film and Video Festival was organized by the Institute of Architectural Heritage that aims to aggregate data on the history of humankind and to promote the information on latest archaeological discoveries and achievements.
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We hope you will share our Website link through Facebook , Twitter , Email or any other method and Help us to promote Our Site. Latvian construction company RE&RE that also participated in the expedition in Egypt has financially supported the documentary. Whereas the discovered tunnels and galleries brings us closer to unravel the ancient mystery of Imhotep, the architect of Djoser pyramid, interpreter of the dreams of the pharaoh, savior of Egyptians from famine. For the first time in history the research team of archaeological object is made up of specialists in archaeology, photogrammetry, geodesy, radiolocation, architecture, geology, history and paleoastronomy, global positioning and IT.

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