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Andrew Osmond looks for hidden messages in the One Piece movies Monday sees the release of the second set of One Piece movies which brought Luffy and his Straw Hats to Japanese cinemas.
Yes, that Hosoda, director of The Girl who Leapt through Time, Summer Wars and The Wolf Children. Baron Omatsuri starts with Luffya€™s crew being enticed to an island (also called Omatsuri). But, minimising spoilers, we can say that after the funny, goofy stuff a€“ and therea€™s plenty of that - the film grows strangely dark, and then really dark in the last act.
Hosoda set to work on Howla€™s Moving Castlea€¦ and what exactly happened then is a mystery.
Ita€™s tempting to say that a young professional like Hosoda, brought to one of Japana€™s top studios and then let go, should just suck it up and move on a€“ as Hosoda did, joining Madhouse and making some of the best anime of recent years.
Ita€™s also been suggested that the Barona€™s island, with its seductive advertising and impossible trials, is really a bitter parody of Ghibli.
And these rumours add loads of juicy extra meaning to Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island. Of the anime titles turned into T-shirts by Uniqlo, One Piece is the biggest a€“ the reigning king of all the anime and manga franchises, pretty much unchallenged in the 16 years since Eiichiro Oda began the manga, and 14 since Toei Animation started animating it.
Written by One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda himself, Strong World leads the Straw Hats into the deadly path of Golden Lion Shiki. Jordan and Fray pick their favourite new shows from the autumn anime season, what are yours? While the Soul Reapers form an uneasy alliance with the Visoreds in Bleach series 13 part 2, the band providing the episodea€™s ending theme have an uneasy alliance of their own. The biggest influence on this anime is not tabletop RPGs or even the long-standing fantasy fiction genre itself.
Elizabeth Coombes cosplays as Madame Sharley, the sharky mermaid to be found far off in the 500s of the One Piece anime. Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island is the sixth animated feature for the anime, One Piece. Chance meetings with a pirate family and a former pirate captain unravel a few of the mysteries on Omatsuri Island, particularly one that interested Robin about Omatsuri Island's special flower ? the Lily Carnation. On a calm day, the Straw Hats receive a message in a bottle advertising Omatsuri Island as a resort, promising spas and salons, good food, and many beautiful women, with Grand Line Pirates being especially welcome, the stronger the better.
At first, the island appears to be an uninhabited jungle but as the crew follow strange sounds coming from the forest, they arrive at the resort, and are awed by its dazzling rides and attractions. The owner of the island, Baron Omatsuri, comes out on an elephant to greet the new arrivals. The crew is unsure, but Luffy is filled with excitement by this challenge, saying that it might be fun, and that his friends are capable of handling any trial.
Nami, Sanji, Zoro and Luffy all try to catch the giant fish using their normal attacks, but only succeed in breaking the tiny net.
The Baron is furious at the Straw Hats for beating him, as well as insulting him and Muchigoro. Nami, furious, tries to lead the crew back to the ship, but the forest seems to move around them and they become lost.
The Baron's team consists this time of four tiny, frog-like people, the Kaoru family: Kerojii, Keroshot, Kerodeek and Keroko. They decide to leave the three Devil Fruit users behind, and make up one team of Sanji and Zoro and one of Nami and Usopp.
Back with the quoits competition, the Kerojii and Keroko duo continues ahead of Nami and Usopp, preparing an assault.
The chase between Luffy and the mystery man continues, through hallways, through dining rooms, up the stairs, and then finally stopping at a room with a shallow pond in the middle.
Chopper ventures out to the city streets, but they were completely deserted, just as he thought.
Finding out that Chopper is not one of the Baron's men, the man reveals his family's background as the Tearoom Pirates.
Nami frantically holds her ring high, preventing it from being burned by the flames which now engulf their boat. Zoro and Sanji are ready to duke it out on the boat, until Keroshot and Kerodeek tries to get their attention. Back at the resort, Robin questions Usopp if he saw anything that resembled a flower while he was gliding in the air.
Sanji and Kotetsu go to extreme measures, bringing out more giant amounts of food to grill. Kotetsu applies the oyster sauce and ao nori, and tries to finish off Omatsuri Island's best yakisoba with red ginger. Sanji hoped that Robin witnessed his dish of love, but finds that only an excited Luffy watched him. It seems that Nami was trying to get Muchigoro to drink, but he refused since he drank earlier in the day. Baron uses this time to call forth the final Trial of Hell, after discovering that Muchigoro had collapsed into a non-responsive state. With a stubborn look on his face, Luffy discovers a picture of Brief's crew, who all looked like him down to the height and mustache. Brief tells Luffy about the kind of man Baron was, a disturbed man who only wants to bring the same suffering and hatred he felt unto everyone else, who hates happy and closely bonded crewmates with a vengeance. As Luffy calmly asks for the whereabouts of his crewmates, Baron continually hints that one is dying with each passing minute. Blinded by rage, Luffy attempts to use his left leg to attack, but Baron sends the third arrow towards him.
Daisy has the mysterious ability to hear things that cannot normally be heard by normal people. Luffy, suda yuzen cam bir sise bulur ve sisenin icinden ise 100,000,000 korsan aras?ndan secilerek Omatsuri adas?na davet edildigini soyleyen bir yaz? ile harita c?kar. Therea€™s Dead End Adventure, in which the rogues enter a pirate ship race, and The Cursed Holy Sword, where Zoro gets involved in a plan to revive the title weapon. Omatsuri, though, was made way earlier, back when Hosoda was mostly known by fans of Digimon pics like Our War Game (the prototype for Summer Wars). By a€?myth,a€™ wea€™re not saying ita€™s wrong, but ita€™s almost impossible to separate fact from fiction. One story goes that Hosoda had a clash with a famous Ghibli artist (and no, we dona€™t mean Miyazaki). Back in the 1980s, Ghiblia€™s film of Kikia€™s Delivery Service had been developed by a young animation screenwriter.
If that sounds far-fetched, remember that Spirited Awaya€™s crazy bathhouse, with its scary people and confusing rules, was partly a metaphor for Ghibli, according to Miyazaki himself. The credited writer on Omatsuri is Masahiro Itou, whoa€™s about twice Hosodaa€™s age, and who may deserve some or all of the blame for the scene. However, the idea that Omatsuri is a prodigya€™s rant against a heartless studio is too good to die. For example, one of the filma€™s most arresting images is of a giant carnivorous plant, which absorbs people like jelly babies.
But perhaps Uniqlo would have turned One Piece into a line of shirts even if the saga hadna€™t been a world hit.
Luffy: The founder and captain of the Straw Hats, Luffy is a carefree soul who wants to become king of the pirates. Based on the novel that has sold over one million copies by Eric Nylund, Halo: The Fall of Reach is available now on Blu-ray and DVD.
In the case of Naruto, and now the second series, Naruto Shippuden, it is the a€?mysteriousa€? art of ninjutsu that comes in for exploration and explosion. Also known variously as Shyarly and Shirley -- even the subtitles sometimes change their mind. In its first week, Movie 6 was third in the Japanese Box Office, competing against Lorelei and Shark Tale, both which claimed first and second respectfully.
The crew are delighted at their luck, and Luffy decides that this is an opportunity they could not ignore.
He is a large man with a small talking flower sprouting from his shoulder, and is accompanied by a massive welcoming party of dancers and performers, all of whom have a small plant sprouting out of their heads. He accepts the proposal, and suddenly the plaza they are in mechanically converts into an enormous round pool with a platform in the middle. Usopp volunteers to be the netter for the Straw Hat team, but abdicates his post almost immediately as he realizes that there is only one goldfish in the pool, and it's a gigantic, armour-plated monster. He announces that they have arrived at the second trial - a game of quoits (ring toss), taking between two teams of four people, each in two gondola-like waver boats. They all seem to be very old, but are very lively, and vigorously insult the Straw Hats, angering them into participating in the competition. The participants have to throw rings at their opponents while speeding through what appears to be a city. Revealing an outdoor roast, Keroko cooks a pair of fish above a barbecue and waves her fan towards it, leaving behind a trail a smoke and steam. Baron continues to watch over them, acting how a resort owner would, and confirming that they are doing okay.
As they stare each other down, anticipating each other's moves, Luffy gets fed up and asks for the reason of the man's actions. The sun was beginning to set, but still, no one inhabited the buildings that filled the streets.
He has a son and 2 daughters named Rick, Roza, and Daisy, all which were cute and obedient to their father. He reveals to him an old bounty posted on a brick wall, which was discovered when he was lost on the island. Before performing Oni Giri, Kerojii kicks a sandal to his head and gets ready to catch Zoro. The Straw Hats might have been impressed, but Sanji is not, obviously finding the wasteful and frivolous manner of cooking offensive to his idealistic chef ways. Before the ginger lands though the noodles are quickly taken by Sanji using two giant chopsticks. He gets up but Sanji does not give him permission to eat, since usually his wanting nobody to go hungry overrides his rivalry with Zoro, coupled with the fact that he slept through his performance.

Luffy, feeling the guilt that was just pounded into him by Sanji, does not respond to Nami's plea. Roza desperately tries to go back but Papa keeps pulling his family further away from Chopper.
The maze does not work on Luffy a second time - he shoves the bookcase over, revealing the door to the surface. He does make good use of his dug up holes and tunnels, but after dodging three consecutive arrows, he wasn't quick enough for the fourth. Butun Strawhat tayfas? buradaki supheli durumu fark etse de, Luffy her zamanki gibi macera f?rsat?n? kac?rmak istemez.
But ita€™s the last of the three films, called Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island, which gets most fan attention. Anime franchise features, spun off from massively popular, long-running properties like One Piece, have long been a nursery for future auteurs. The crew quickly reaches a city-cum-theme park, which rivals the metropolis in Blue Exorcist for scale, and are greeted by the Baron himself. Herea€™s what we knowa€¦ A couple of years before Baron Omatsuri, Hosoda was invited to the world-famous Studio Ghibli (this was at Ghiblia€™s peak, just after its all-time hit Spirited Away). Therea€™s also what seems to be a transcript of a French-language interview with Hosoda here, parts of which are unofficially translated here.
Miyazaki took the vacated directora€™s chair to make his own Howla€™s Moving Castle, which was released in 2004. However, according to Kikia€™s Art of book, a€?Miyazaki wasna€™t happy with the (Kiki) drafta€¦ The approach was interesting but it departed too much from Miyazakia€™s approach. In the period just after Hosoda left Howl, it must have been devastatingly disappointing, to a man in an industry where artistic achievement counts for more than pay cheques. In it, Hosoda suggests his time at Ghibli taught him to move away from adolescent, dark, tormented works.
Itou also scripted the next One Piece feature, Giant Mecha Soldier of Kamakuri Castle, which wea€™ll see in the next collection from Manga Entertainment. It puts the film in the tradition of Evangelion (the original series is seen as a metaphor for Hideaki Annoa€™s breakdown), and even the first Shrek (which supposedly contains a caricature of Disney honcho Michael Eisner). Now consider this interview from Miyazaki, in which he talks about young staff members at Studio Ghibli. After eating the Gum-Gum Devil Fruit, he gained an elastic body, making him near-invulnerable and able to stretch but paradoxically making him unable to swim. In its second week, Movie 6 fell to fourth with the premier of Rockman.EXE and Duel Masters, which took Lorelei's position at number one and pushed Shark Tale to number three. But once they get there, they are conned into participating in ridiculous challenges by the Baron of the island. The Baron welcomes the crew to his island and says they are welcome to enjoy all the delights he is offering, but first suggests that they can prove their worth by taking part in a competition called 'The Trials Of Hell', similar to the Davy Back Fight. He reveals that he was hiding a net big enough to catch Rosario all along, much to the crew's fury. Sanji rescues both of them, but fails to notice that there are dozens of sunken pirate ships lying under the water. Nami had been hoping for a chance to relax at this island, and refuses on behalf of the rest. Sanji is still bitter about not being in Nami's team and begins to insult Zoro behind his back, but is soon distracted by machine gun fire from Keroshot and Kerodeek's tooled-up boat. Luffy, annoyed, eventually looks up and sees a small man throwing them and decides to chase him.
After some description of himself, the man introduces himself as Brief, captain of the Mustache Pirates.
He tells his story of coming out to Omatsuri Island and camping because they heard about its great resort. Before Zoro makes his move with the ring, though, the two wise men use their boat's mechanically operated arms to try and catch him with a ring. He tries to think of a great idea which enlightens Nami, but then discovers that he cannot.
Muchigoro said he did not know much about it, but starts to recall something as Robin prevents him from going to sleep. With his small size, he quickly dodges everything sent towards him, and because of the small space on the boat, each attack barely misses the other person.
As Chopper was about to unravel the mystery about him, a man in the shadows readies an arrow from afar. Food is tossed on and Kotetsu skates around, sliding the food around in an overtly flashy and pointless, albeit entertaining, manner. She wanted to know more about the flower man and talks about his riches for hosting a resort island.
Sanji spends no more time with Zoro and runs through the tables searching for Robin but she's no where to be found. Muchigoro is astounded at the fact that she did not know who Roger is, being a pirate herself. Baron readies an arrow and the flower on his shoulder madly laughs and smiles, its eyes blinking into targeting reticules.
Sanji and Zoro however, ignore him and demand to know where their three missing crewmates are.
She uses the bushes to her advantage, but finds out she is caught when many of DJ's discs surround her.
It was clear that the technique connected, but DJ stood there with a frightful, smiling face.
Strengthened by his anger, Luffy readies an attack with his right fist, but an arrow quickly flies towards Luffy, piercing his hand into the giant rock behind him. Before the final blow is done, the ground below Luffy crumbles, and Luffy disappears below the earth's surface. Luffy has seriously lost the will to live, after losing all of his crewmates in front of his eyes. Before she could explain more, she covers her ears as more of Baron's arrows explode from above.
Baron laughs and shoots at Luffy, but without effort he sways and dodges left and right, avoiding all the arrows. Adaya vard?klar?nda ozel hicbir sey goremedikleri icin hayal k?r?kl?g?na ugramaya baslad?klar? s?rada onlerine bir eglence park? c?kar ve onlar? kars?layan bir gecit toreni baslar. He rides in an elephant-borne pagoda and looks like the archetypal evil Vizier from an Arabian Nights yarn.
But in this film he ends up being tortured, both physically and mentally, driven towards madness and despair. Hosoda was hired to direct Howla€™s Moving Castle, adapted from the fantasy novel by Britaina€™s Diana Wynne Jones, which had been picked by Miyazaki as a property for the studio. And so the story has risen: that Omatsuri is Hosodaa€™s venting of his demons, that Luffya€™s howls of despair are Hosodaa€™s own. If true, then it would have been rather ironic if Hosodaa€™s first post-Howl film was darkened by his Ghibli experience! With the night of the red full moon upon them and a hundred year old prophecy about to be fulfilled, can Luffy and his crew rescue their friend and defeat the evil Saga in time?- One Piece The Movie: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret IslandDirected by acclaimed anime film-maker, Mamoru Hosoda (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Summer Wars, Wolf Children).
Therea€™s no whiff of a committee, no hint of a five-year product plan reliant on changing a heroinea€™s hair colour (or deepening her cleavage). Sure, ita€™s all fun, games and fancy dinners when that royalty cheque floats through the letter box.
Luffy is eager to prove that his crew are "pirates of pirates of pirates of pirates" and agree off the bat.
The rules are simple - the winning team is the one who catches the most goldfish in three minutes using only the net they are given, which is about three inches long and made of water-soluble tissue paper. Luffy, however, overrules as before, having enjoyed the first trial and is looking forward to more.
Nami and Usopp go faster to be side by side, but to Nami's surprise as she readies a ring, she notices that the two are having a meal on their boat. Chopper finally approaches rows and rows of tombstones and is awestruck at the great numbers. He found out it was all a lie, knowing that it was impossible to dip for a giant goldfish like Rosario.
He mentions the words "Lily Carnation", and before running away in sickness, also mentions about the it being at the island's summit. Kerodeek, within mere seconds patches up the boat, and presents a larger, more intimidating version of their shark-like boat. She is almost rendered speechless, not believing that that thing was the flower she was searching for. Luffy halts and dodges, only to realize that the arrow stopped and was changing directions to chase him. It was then revealed that Baron loved to watch people fight with each other, and demands more of it to come out of the family. As Muchigoro demonstrates his newfound energy, the flower on Baron's shoulder acts as if it's chewing on something.
Luffy begins to leap and dodge, and when it looked like he was shot, Brief reveals to Baron that it was just a clone made of straw.
Brief stands up for his beliefs and states that he's doing all of this, because Luffy is his dear friend! They land, but he's not hurt; he looks up to see Luffy shielding him with a giant rock in one hand, a single arrow in the other. It wouldna€™t seem so odd at the end of an epic TV story-arc, where you expect the stakes to rise and rise toward the final battle.
For Hosoda, it was an incredible honour, given that hea€™d never worked at Ghibli before.A  The only a€?outsidera€™ whoa€™d previously been allowed to direct a Ghibli film was Tomomi Mochizuki (Here is Greenwood), who helmed the feature Ocean Waves - and that was for TV.
Intriguingly, a few of Hosodaa€™s storyboards for his version of Howl went online years later, and can be seen here. This screenplay was subsequently shelved.a€? In fairness, you can find similar stories throughout filmmaking, especially with animated films. It just helps that the pictures are as commercial when they move as they are when theya€™re a cool static graphic in a manga, or on the front of a T-shirt.

Robin steps in, and creates a net of arms over the rim of the bucket that bounces the fish back out toward the platform where the crew are standing. One by one, Keroko flings a piece of coal into the air with her chopsticks and, with her fan, launches the pieces towards Nami and Usopp's boat. Before Zoro makes a second attempt, Keroshot pulls out another piece of artillery and starts to shoot at him. Kerojii leaps to the string which held Nami up and is quickly followed by both Sanji and Zoro at the same time. Even the amount posted on the bounty was ripped, but one thing was certain, they were called the Red Arrow Pirates. Usopp lets go of his glider and comes down with his 5 ton hammer, pounding Kerojii down into the water.
This time, Nami walks away from the grill and asks to sit with Muchigoro, who was sitting alone at one of the tables. She explains that Gold Roger was executed long ago, but Muchigoro insists that he was alive. Sanji begins to put all the blame on Zoro for not watching them properly, but Zoro counters back telling him that they weren't children. He takes one of his discs off, revealing more underneath, and flings it towards Sanji's direction.
Baron sends Muchigoro to meet up with the others, and with that, Muchigoro disappears into the darkness. Things quickly get manic, with kaiju-sized fish and frantic gondola races (theya€™re a visual highlight, set in what looks like a fantastically huge Venice). The appearance of a normal-looking car in the first frame suggests his Howl might have been set in a world like our own.
But it might also be that Luffya€™s sufferings in Omatsuri simply reflect Hosoda taking the story seriously; making the stakes of the adventure clear and weighty. The Straw Hats visit a recreational island, run by Baron Omatsuri, but all is not what it seems on this island paradise. They were able to dodge it, but they will not be able to any longer, as one of the pieces of coal starts the light the boat on fire. Robin asks Muchigoro if he could drink with her, but he quickly refuses since he cannot drink while on duty. Brief is infuriated and decides to tell him that his short mustache is a symbol of his pirate crew. One of his daughters believes that her Papa is a very strong person, so with this in mind, he requests Chopper's assistance in pretending to be the one getting beat up while he acts strong in front of his daughter.
Kerojii and Keroko encourage Nami to open it, because, it might just turn the tables for them.
Kerojii leaps away and Zoro's katana cuts Nami's string instead, sending her to the water below. Out from the shadows Baron emerges, and looks into the poster which held the image of him, many years ago. Usopp is stunned at the length of Nami's anger towards him for his spiteful words earlier, but they are interrupted by the introductory drumming of the Baron as he presents them with a dinner party for a gift.
Usopp wonders what was up with this boy's speech, adding the suffix "-pu" to the end of his sentences.
He applies his own sauce, plus mayonnaise, and to finish it off, bonito flakes to top, finishing his modan yaki.
It was outrageous to Sanji that none of them noticed the disappearance of three of their crewmates.
With nothing left, Luffy stretches his neck in an attempt to save his last remaining crewmate.
Soon the crew is captured and ita€™s up to Luffy to free the Straw Hats from the Barona€™s hold.
It must be somewhat unsatisfying as an artist to be known for one track, while everything else remains relatively overlooked, and expectations are high for that difficult follow up single.
He eats a Rumble Ball and transforms into a giant version of his Guard Point form, bouncing Rosario back toward their own bucket just as the time limit ends.
The man looked like a cosplayer dressing up as a pirate, not as fearful as a real pirate, but still with the appearance of one. For that, Sanji goes a bit faster and eventually makes Zoro an easy target for Keroshot again.
The Baron's objectives were to lure pirates to the island to find the strongest pirates among them, thus the need for the trials. The water pool near them changes and one of Baron's men Kotetsu emerges from below, equipped with two giant grilling spatulas strapped on his back. Feeling offended, the boy raises his head with startling eyes, which ominously turn from green to red. The arrow flies and causes an explosion, sending Luffy flying head down first towards the ground. Zoro attempts to get him a second time, thinking that DJ used some sort of technique to shield himself. Because his extended neck was an easy target for Baron, he unleashes numbers of arrows which cut parts of Luffy's throat.
Remember the a€?Stop stop stopa€¦a€™ hysterical breakdown in The Girl who Leapt Through Time?
They both scream in surprise, but the pirate man quickly tries to attack Chopper behind the tombstone, accusing him of being one of the Baron's men.
In the end, Roza sees through his plan and reveals it to her younger gullible sister, Daisy. Usopp smiles and laughs about his aid to their victory, until Nami stands up and slaps him and accuses him of betrayal. The flooring underneath him becomes a giant iron grill as the grill itself is surrounded by walls of flames. Luffy cheers them on but Zoro sits back to take a nap, characteristically unimpressed by Sanji's skills. Instead of putting too much thought into it, she wanted to hear Muchigoro's story, and calls him Muchi as a nickname. As Baron demands that they accept another Trial of Hell, Sanji backs away and decides to look for the three himself. It claims Daisy despite the family's futile attempt at protection, and she is slowly taken in.
Luffy manages to catch one of the arrows in his teeth and continues closer and closer to Zoro. He even goes as far as calling Chopper an otter - that is when Chopper overpowers him with his human form and scares the living daylights out of him.
He finally leaps high into the air, and after seconds in flight, falls back into his own boat. Zoro pushes Sanji to save himself, causing Sanji to be ensnared by the strange self-wrapping ring. She slaps him again when Usopp abruptly replies that Nami is the one who specializes in betraying people.
Luffy was stuck, half of his body into the ground, and is suddenly pulled out of sight into Brief's tunnel network. Chopper leaps and attacks the flower, causing the strings to let go of Daisy, sending her falling below.
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He could not help but think something was strange, since no one but themselves were in a large, beautiful resort on the island. Both Zoro and Sanji continue to fight, while Keroshot and Kerodeek smile at their success in getting them riled up.
Zoro and Sanji had enough of their interruptions, so they break the massive boat apart together, sending Keroshot and Kerodeek into the air. This gave Zoro the chance to take Kerojii out himself and thought that he'd insult Sanji before doing so.
The third Trial of Hell is Shooting, where island residents ruthlessly hunt down the opposing pirate crew, the most dangerous game so to speak. DJ steps towards Baron and asks him why he did not die, who lies, telling him it is due to DJ's immense strength. Zoro becomes determined to get them this time, but fails as their opponent's boat backs off. Wings extend out from his back and carries Usopp into the air, leaving behind the shells of the case.
As the victory fireworks appear in the sky, it seems as if the crew is starting to crumble apart.
Comforted by Baron's words, DJ begins to walk away, but staggers as he holds his face with his hand. Chopper leaps with Jumping Point, attacks the flower with Heavy Point, and lands with his Walk Point. Trying to maintain his balance, he then realizes that they are out of sight when the path splits up between them. Nami catches their attention and orders them to throw the rings since she's tied up herself, being hung up at the strings which held the city's lanterns. The three ensnared wise men in the water laugh as they are confident in Kerojii's strength. Without them noticing, Keroshot's boat appears ahead of them, ready to ensnare them with a ring.
Papa gets rattled by Rick and Roza's words praising their fathers strength, so he hurries towards them.

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