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The secret life of the domestic cat is revealed in a remarkable experiment by BBC Horizon and the UK’s leading cat scientists. There are over 10 million pet cats in the UK, but what they really get up to when they leave the home has been something of a mystery.
So 50 cats in the Surrey village of Shamley Green were put under 24-hour surveillance using GPS collars and specially designed cat-cams providing a moggie-eyes view of the world. Using miniaturised lion GPS collars scientists from the Royal Veterinary College were able to track the cats’ secret journeys day and night, to find out exactly where they go and what they get up to. As well as the satellite view, the specially adapted cat-cams, strapped beneath their chins, gave a fascinating view from the animal’s perspective.

The findings revealed that some of the cats in the village had complex time-sharing systems which helped them avoid confrontation; they spent more time in each other’s houses than any of the owners were aware of and for some their roaming territories were much wider.
Cat behaviour expert Dr John Bradshaw believes that cat behaviour may be changing or evolving. CatAware's Facebook page has had such a lot of traffic lately, we now have over 19,000 likes.
Another surprise was that during the week of the experiment the cats seemed to be hunting less than expected, preferring to spend more time in each other’s houses eating other cats’ food. The cats are no longer kept to hunt rodents and so choose to find easier pickings elsewhere.

They are becoming much more pet-like animals and will lose some of the wild instincts because many of those things don’t actually serve them very well in the 21st century,' he explains.
Petlog will now recommend CatAware to its members to complement their microchipping database service. Thank you to everyone who shares our missing and found cat posts to facebook friends in other areas.

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