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That’s why it’s so important to have a long term goal – but to break it up into small manageable parts. Work it out – sitting at your office, or standing at your job is often very sedentary and mundane. I would like to agree on most of it but how could one accept a social engagement when one feel so paranoia? One of the things that I do when I’m feeling low on the self confidence is to do scaffolding exercises.
Do sth your fear and love sby you hate, then you’ll be surprised of how generous and brave you are. Personal development can help you clarify personal goals and create pathways to move towards these goals with a spirit of enthusiasm and determination. I’ve been there, and it becomes even more difficult to break out of that mindset when you have this pressure, and this comment at the back of your mind.
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So here are 10 tips to help you increase your confidence when it comes to selling and sales.
If you do not value what you (and your products) are worth, then how can you expect others to? Try making a list of every bit of expertise that goes into your products, every feature that your product includes, every benefit that your product offers to others, every point of difference for your business, every bit of value that you offer to your customers… all of it. Get clear about who exactly you are selling to (your target market) and what it is exactly that you are selling them (the benefits of your product). For example if you design websites for little businesses, show them how much money + time + frustration you save them from doing it themselves. It is a lot easier to sell something if we ourselves believe in it 100%, and if we feel like we are sharing our passion vs. If you have a goal of giving a percentage of your profits to a charity or to support something you believe in, it can be a great motivator to making those sales, and it can also feel a lot easier to sell your thing, knowing the good it will do. Crunch your numbers (your monthly costs, income, and profit) and figure how much you need to sell each day to reach your targets.
For example if you have a goal of making $1200 in sales each week and you reserve Sundays for family then you would need to make $200 in sales each day from Monday to Saturday. Feel free to check out the following pages in your quest in understanding self confidence and the part it has to play in your life. The key is not necessarily the size of your benchmarks, but the frequency with which you hit them.

Have lunch this week with someone in your office that you don’t normally hang out with.  Breaking your routine allows you to jump out of your comfort zone which is a fantastic catalyst for self confidence breakthroughs. So make a point to get some exercise during the day – whether it be a brisk walk for part of your lunch, or a quick work out in before you get there. I’m very excited to announce the waiting list for Simple Self Confidence, my 4 week confidence program with Barrie Davenport is now open!  Click here to be added to the list! Just feel confident in yourself, and what you have to offer other people that, are probably in the same boat as you, and looking for a new friend. Making the first leap is the challenge and am always wondering how people look at me and how they think of me. When you make sure to look directly in someones eyes (not constantly, but a good bit) while you talk to them or listen, you feel more confident. I think that another good one is setting your alarm (or an egg timer) to alert you to check in with your mind.
She asked me on how she can help me improve my confidence and I know that only I can come out do that.
Take a deep breath when you feel pressured, focus on doing your job really well, and be easier on yourself. I’ve written for The Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, Elite Daily, The Charlotte Observer, The Frisky, and others.
It can be one aspect of having our own little biz that puts us right out of our comfort zone. If you do not go into sales situations with the confidence that what you offer has value then why would anyone want to buy it? This is not the case, get really specific about which moms are actually likely to buy, and why.
Try thinking outside of the box to come up with a sales tactic that is a bit unusual for your type of biz and have some fun with it. Perhaps you could come up with a $50 item to focus on promoting for each of those days, and a new tactic to use for each day – write a blog post, share testimonials, get reviewers, etc.
It’s the cumulative effect of these small but achievable victories that will have you well on your way in no time. Exercise fills the body with endorphins that create positive energy that you will be projecting throughout the day. Whether you like it or not, the world is a social being – slowly building your confidence so you can find your place it in, is one of the most gratifying things you can do.
Whenever I have something I need to do that makes me feel uncomfortable I try and get it out of the way ASAP.

You can notice what you were thinking in that moment and gently shift any negative thoughts to something that uplifts you. Maybe it is nostalgia for their old toys, maybe the fact that the toys are safer, maybe they believe in imaginative play, maybe they believe in supporting local. Offer value added packages and show them how much they get for their money when they buy a package on a payment plan rather than piece services together bit by bit. This can help generate buzz about your sale, and also give you something that feels easier to promote. You would have a plan for your week and you would only need to sell 4 of each item of the day each day to reach your target.
So whether it’s a new language, a new skill, or a new hobby – sign up for something this week that will broaden your horizons, skill level and happiness. That way I find I have a lot more energy and confidece throughout the rest of the day knowing I’ve slayed my dragon early. I love writing about friendships, relationships, dating, and living your most Beyonce-esque life. Remind yourself that you are confident about your business, that selling is indeed part of your business, and that people want to hear about what you offer.
You can become more confident and achieve more in life while feeling better about yourself at the same time. We will be looking at how a positive mental attitude can help in life, and how it can be developed.
Good health is not just an integral part of living well – it also happens to be an instant confidence booster. Learning something you can be proud of and provides you a weekly dose of happiness is an immediate confidence booster and the recipe for success. I was worried that I’d be awkward or say something dumb in front of women I respected. We will see that our self esteem is enhanced by greater self-confidence backed up by a positive mental attitude - a life changing combination. But instead of judging my every move, they were welcoming and seemed impressed that I was there. For younger people, particularly in business situations, you’ll get a lot of credit just for showing up and trying your best.

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