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Product DescriptionProduct DetailsWith a rich history stretching back over 2,500 years, Buddhism has been described both as a system of psychology and a philosophy for living.
On The Beginner’s Guide to Buddhism, author and teacher Jack Kornfield immerses you in this time-honored approach to living fully and compassionately in the present moment. Read on for the story of our Buddhist temple stay, and how these guest rooms are a hidden travel gem. In 1959, Shunryu Suzuki Roshi arrived from Japan to be the head of the Soto Zen temple in San Francisco.
Plus, we felt great about supporting the Zen Center, and taking part in the Buddhist practice. One of the foundations of Zen Buddhism is to live in the moment — something that people often forget, leading to stress and unhappiness. If you would like to learn more about Buddhist meditation and its benefits please visit the following web sites.
Tharpa Publications is an online store specialising in authentic Kadampa Buddhist texts and artwork. The New Kadampa Tradition – International Buddhist Union organise Buddhist Festivals on a national and international level through out the world. We will now hold our meeting during the week on Wednesday nights instead of Tuesday nights.
Our next meeting will be Wednesday night, April 6th, at 6 PM for Book Study and 7 PM for practice.
March 10th marks the 57th anniversary of the Tibetan resistance against the Chinese invasion and occupation of their country. Observance of this day is to stand together with the Tibetan people in recognition of their ongoing struggle for self determination. The struggle of the Tibetan people is a struggle for our inalienable right to determine our own destiny in freedom.
There will be a special practice held at our normal meeting time on this Tuesday night, March 8th. It was good to see everyone who could make it to the Center for our Losar celebration and thanks for all the delicious food!
If you were unable to attend, join us for a pot-luck meal this Sunday, February 14th at 12:30PM. We are pleased to announce that Losel Maitri will be holding a Vajrasattva meditation retreat! We hope you will join us for our study of the book Reflections on Silver River by Ken McLeod. Please, join us to complete our study of the book Introduction to Emptiness by Guy Newland.
We are pleased to announce that Losel Maitri will be holding a Medicine Buddha meditation retreat!
Many thanks to everyone for making our celebration of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's birthday such a great time! There will be no book study or practice this coming Sunday, July 5th, in observance of Independence Day. We hope you will join us for our study of the book Introduction to Emptiness by Guy Newland.
Losel Maitri was recently awarded the Best of Birmingham Award for Buddhism Faiths and Practices. Please join us this Sunday, September 29, at 2pm for tea and cookies instead of our regular Sadhana practice. The Introduction to Buddhism Class and Sadhana Practice for this Sunday, September 1 is cancelled. Come join us on Saturday, July 6 at 12:30pm for a vegetarian pot luck to celebrate His Holiness's birthday.
Zasep Tulku Rinpoche discusses decades of teaching, advice for beginner students and funny stories of his teachers.
What the Teachers Say About Doggie Dharma: Did Buddha Teach That Dogs and Cats Have Buddha Nature? Science: Research Proves Vajrayana Meditation Techniques Involving Deity Visualization Improve Cognitive Performance and May Be Promising For Degenerative Brain DisordersScience, and in particular the medical profession, has long accepted the positive benefits of all forms or meditation.
Drumming for mindfulness and healing: a simple way to calm the mind, remove stress and heal.
Zasep Tulku Rinpoche discusses decades of teaching, advice for beginner students and funny stories of his teachers.PART 1 OF A 3-PART FEATURE INTERVIEW WITH VENERABLE ZASEP TULKU RINPOCHE.

Zasep Tulku Rinpoche is always quick to smile and laugh, regardless of a hectic teaching schedule that has him spending many hours flying around the world.
Despite a very tight three week schedule of teachings at Gaden Choling in Toronto, the Venerable teacher found time for an in-depth interview with Buddha Weekly just before he was to perform a marriage ceremony at 2pm. Venerable Zasep Rinpoche just returned from a visit to Mongolia, where he was welcomed at the Ulaan Baatar School for the Disabled just this month.
Rinpoche is popularly known for his approachable teaching style, strong humor and teachings based on a long lineage of great lamas. Rinpoche is spiritual director of many temples, meditation centers and retreat centers in Australia, the United States and Canada.
When I entered Gaden Choling Toronto, Rinpoche himself came down to meet me, casually dressed, and warmly shook my hand.
Even though there was no need to warm up Rinpoche to the interview I decided the best place to start was the very beginning.
Zasep Rinpoche: In spring of 1981, I met a group of people, Canadians who are Tibetan Buddhists who wanted to start a dharma centre in Nelson, called it Tashi Choling. Buddha Weekly: Who are some of the well known teachers who have taught at Gaden Choling in the past?
Zasep Tulku Rinpoche is the author of Tara in the Palm of Your Hand, a commentary and practice of the 21 Taras. I assumed, and his attendant assumed, that when he goes back to India he’ll give it to the children, right? Rinpoche meditating at a river near the Tashi Choling Retreat Centre, demonstrating that anyone can find ten minutes to sit — anywhere — in mindful contemplation. Just last week I was on the street car and I saw this man, in his car, sending text messages, and smoking a cigarette, and also sipping on coffee.
Zasep Rinpoche: I would say ten minutes mindfulness meditation in the morning, ten minutes in the evening. Zasep Tulku Rinpoche with a student at a Mahamudra event in Owen Sound, hosted by Mindfulness of Grey Bruce. Buddha Weekly: For newcomers to Buddhism, what would you advise as a good starting practice? I’ve been teaching Dharma in the west for 35 years, so I have some experience in teaching for westerners at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.
Join him as he illuminates Buddhism’s most essential teachings, and how they make it possible to overcome the mental states that challenge us every day, such as fear, selfishness, confusion, and anger. The front hall is decorated with sparse but graceful elements, like this meditating Buddha.
The door leads to the meditation hall, where all are welcome to take off their shoes and enter. The Zen Center offers lovely guest rooms for $105-$162 a night, which includes a healthy breakfast with the residents, and lunch and dinner by donation. You will find out about the latest courses and events as well as learning about the origins Buddhism.
Whether you are a beginner looking for an introduction to Buddhism, or a more experienced practicioner looking for in-depth teachings, there is something here for you. There is information on these on-line at along with provision for bookings.
Help us to show support for and solidarity with all who have been affected by these tragic events.
We read and discussed this book at length on our Tuesday Book Study, so this is a fantastic opportunity to ask the author any questions you may have. Inevitably, arthritis pains subsides in my case, and I’ve avoided most of the colds and flus that go around my business meetings— knock on wood. Many studies across decades of research have proven meditation is simply good for the body—and your health. But, if that annual doctor’s visit brings dreaded news, a diagnosis of a serious disease or condition, your doctor will probably refer to a specialist.
Studies show drum meditation supports treatments of cancer, Parkinsons and depression.Psychology and science have identified both drumming and mindfulness meditation as helpful therapy for everything from stress to memory loss to supportive cancer care.
The spiritual head of many temples and meditation centres in Canada, United States, and Australia, the eminent guru will make his semi-annual teaching round in Toronto, Canada in April 2016.
The Gata, Returns for an Encore Performance in TorontoIn many Buddhist traditions, Vesak, the celebration of Buddha Day, is celebrated on the full moon in lunar calendar month of April (Vaisakha).
Two hours later, we were still talking, even though he was about to officiate at a marriage of two women.

He is spiritual director of Gaden Relief, who donated new kitchen equipment for the school.
His own gurus included the most celebrated of Gelug teachers: His Holiness Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche, His Holiness Kyabje Ling Rinpoche, Venerable Geshe Thupten Wanggyel, His Holiness Kyabje Zong Rinpoche, Venerable Lati Rinpoche, Venerable Tara Tulku Rinpoche and Venerable Khalkha Jetsun Dampa Rinpoche. Rinpoche was recognized as 13th Tulku (incarnation) of Lama Konchog Tenzin of Zuru Monastery at the age of five, in 1952.
The main reason why I came to Canada was I wanted to come to the west to do some translation of some Tibetan Buddhist texts into English and also do some teaching. I do a lot of initiations, individual counseling, and healing for individuals and families.
Kyabje Zong Rinpoche, teacher of Zasep Rinpoche; on the right the current incarnation of Zong Rinpoche. For someone who’s really new to Buddhism, they should start with a book on basic Buddhist meditation, covering the four noble truths.
As a result, the Zen Center became a gathering spot for creatives in the Beat and hippie movements.
The SFZC also has locations in Tassajara and Green Gulch, for more isolated retreats and intensive practice. These accommodations aren’t listed in any hotel sites, and are an incredible value considering the location and experiences offered.
I hope you’ll also get the chance to visit, take a class, or rent a guestroom in this Buddhist monastery. Further temples are being built in Brazil, Australia and the UK with many more due to be built. A new study from the National University of Singapore, attempts to differentiate the relative benefits of different types of meditation….
And, putting aside Buddhists, why is the meat industry growing when the science says it’s hurting our planet? Together with Medicine Buddha practice, they are important and treasured practices in Buddhism that have been relied on for healing for centuries.
Traditionally, Buddhists celebrate the event with festivals, art, meditation and reverence.
He asked about Buddha Weekly and some personal questions, then invited me to go ahead and ask him anything.
I had met a person when I was teaching in Australia — she’s a Tibetan Buddhist from Nelson — and she invited me to Nelson to teach at a local college. A group of my Australia Dharma students who practice the martial art Tangsotao came every year for the last five years.
For instance, in Australia, Pedro Sousa who is wonderful Dharma student of mine, organizes teachings and my tour for the centers. Also, prayers and ceremonies, consecrations of stupas and prosperity vases, and blessing for children. Since the time of Shakyamuni Buddha, we have known about the stress-reducing benefits of both mindfulness and drumming.
They helped so much, and their devotion and dedication helped us complete construction of our beautiful temple in Nelson B.C.
When I arrived here, there was an auspicious event, something that had not happened before.
If you don’t have initiation, you can visualize Tara in front of you, as an object of prayer and reverence. Just schedule ten minutes in the morning, ten minutes in the evening, or fit in some mindfulness meditation during the day. My kind teacher, Zasep Tulku Rinpoche, smiled as they lifted the pup for a blessing after the teachings.
Zong Rinpoche were both teachers of the Dalai Lama and also of Venerable Zasep Tulku Rinpoche. All these things happened in the fall of 1981 in Toronto. When I arrived here, we were so energized by these great lamas, that a group of dharma students of the Gelug tradition told me they were thinking of setting up a meditation centre here.

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