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The guided meditations on this download package will introduce you to varied elements of meditation and spiritual growth. The Magical Color Shower allows you to experience simple breathing, relaxation and visualization techniques. The Beginner’s Chakra Balance ensures that energy is flowing freely through your body, which assists emotional and mental balance and physical good health. The Chakra Color meditation systematically cleans, purifies and charges your chakra system. The White Light Protection meditation connects you with the Energy of Purity, and you call it to continually protect yourself and your loved ones. If you are not satisfied with the Beginner Guided Meditation Package at any time during the first 60 Days just let me know and I’ll refund your money – that’s how confident I am that this is a resource that will help you to experience greater Relaxation and Spiritual Growth. As soon as your payment has been made, you will receive an email with the download instructions. What I want to do with this article is just give you a taste of a simple beginner chakra meditation. I have several recorded versions that I could upload and give to you for free, so let me know a little about what your interests are, and I’ll get one of them ready for download on this site.
We will have something good in the next couple of weeks … thanks for your interest, Shaheerah. I have found Chakra meditations to be very powerful… but I would love to learn more… please include me in your upload! So I suggest that you be less concerned about your color visualization ability, have faith in yourself, and sit in meditation more often on a regular basis, even if the the time you spend is short. I’m still relatively new to meditation and find that guided meditation works the best for me at this time.
I am new to this and would like to explore the Meditation techniques further in my daily life. After you are established in the meditation posture, begin by offering God a prayer from your heart, expressing your devotion and asking His blessings on your meditation. With the eyelids half closed (or completely closed, if this is more comfortable to you), look upward, focusing the gaze and the attention as though looking out through a point between the eyebrows.
When the purpose of meditation is fulfilled, the devotee finds his consciousness automatically concentrated at the spiritual eye, and he experiences, according to his inner spiritual capacity, a state of joyous divine union with Spirit. It takes deep concentration and calmness to behold the spiritual eye: a golden halo surrounding a circle of blue, in the center of which palpitates a five-pointed white star.
Whether you see the light of the spiritual eye or not, however, you should continue to concentrate at the Christ Consciousness center between the eyebrows, praying deeply to God and His great saints. A good practice is to take an affirmation or a prayer from the Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons, or from Paramahansa Yogananda's Whispers from Eternity or Metaphysical Meditations, and spiritualize it with your own devotional yearning. Silently chant and pray to God, keeping the attention at the point between the eyebrows, until you feel God's response as calm, deep peace and inner joy. The meditation period should last at least thirty minutes in the morning and thirty minutes at night. The word meditation can immediately conjure images of Buddhist monks in saffron robes or new-age beatniks in clouds of incense — which isn’t necessarily untrue. Buddhists have long known the benefits meditation has on the body, mind and soul, which may be even more relevant today in our constantly connected, busy world.
Meditation has been shown to increase gray matter in the brain — particularly in areas associated with muscle control, sensory perception, memory, emotions and speech. A study conducted by the Laboratory for the Neuroscientific Investigation of Meditation and Mind-Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital found that people who meditated at least 30 minutes a day for eight weeks increased gray matter density in their hippocampus — the part of the brain associated with learning and memory. MRI brain scans on the participants (10 female and six male with a mean age of 38) also showed reduced gray matter in the amygdala, a region connected to anxiety and stress. Regular mindfulness may even slow age-related thinning of the frontal cortex, which means less forgetfulness over the years. There are also many ways meditation improves quality of life that can’t be as objectively tested. Mindful meditation, also called vipassana, is the heart of Buddhist meditation and the most widely practiced form in Southeast Asia.

To begin the practice of mindful meditation, find a quiet room with few sensory distractions. Then close your eyes and connect with your breath by focusing on your breathing without trying to direct it; just pay attention to its natural movement. Sharon Salzberg, cofounder of the Insight Meditation Society, says you could actually choose any object of awareness (a sound, an image, a mantra) to rest your attention on, and gently return to it whenever your mind wanders. During your meditation, you may experience feelings of frustration, boredom, fear, anxiety, pain or anger — this is all normal. The key is not to bring “the burden of intense self-judgment into the practice with you,” says Salzberg.
As you continue your practice and develop an ability to settle more with the breath, Salzberg says you should apply the same calm, interested attention to a range of things you experience. Whatever level you’re at, but especially when you’re just beginning, it’s important to practice every day. Although it might sound easy, meditation is in fact hard work and it takes a lot of practice to get better. Meditation is a proven method to reduce stress, improve sleep, lengthen attention span and lower blood pressure.
If every individual would learn to meditate, I believe we would be looking out at a very different world. I really appreciate the opportunity to try out different ways and learn what’s available. I just want to say what an incredible job you and those like you are doing for the people of the world and the future for our children. Once you have downloaded the MP3 files; you can simply play them from your computer, burn them to a CD, or transfer them to a portable MP3 player like an iPod, Tablet or Smart Phone. I have heard of the Pac Man creative visualization before though, and also heard excellent feedback. Take your attention to your root chakra (perineum).Envisage on red color and concentrate on root chakra for couple of minutes. I appreciate the simple meditation above, but find stopping and reading each step is not as convenient or easy to stay focused as a guided mediation would be.
Tekniken kan du sedan anvanda pa olika satt, regelbundet eller efter behov.Grundkursen bestar av fem moten, en kvall i veckan. Those who do see the spiritual eye should strive to penetrate it by deeper concentration and by devoted prayer to God. The longer you sit, enjoying the state of meditative calm, the faster you will progress spiritually. Similar to how we do bicep curls to develop our arms, meditation tones and strengthens the mind.
Only recently have scientific studies been able to delineate the effects it has on the brain, including stress reduction, improved attention and productivity, better memory and even increased creativity and feelings of compassion. Though there is yet to be a happiness barometer, anecdotal evidence suggests meditation can impact how you approach life, how you react to things, and how you interact with others.
It emphasizes mindfulness and develops an awareness that is carried into every aspect of your daily experience. Set a timer for five minutes (or 10, or 15 — it doesn’t matter) and sit comfortably on the floor or in a chair. Your breath is your anchor to the present moment and will guide you back when your mind wanders off in thought. Count one breath in, one breath out, and continue through 10 breaths, then return to one again. You’ll begin to become hyperaware of the state of your body — the tensions it carries, its energy, its pain — and sensations that your busy life may have kept you from noticing previously.
This form uses phrases of friendliness to evoke genuine feelings of love and compassion toward yourself, your loved ones, strangers and even your enemies.
Zen Habits blogger, Leo Babauta, stresses the importance of forming the habit by beginning with just two minutes a day.

But just like training for a marathon or playing an instrument, the more you do it, the easier it becomes. So, in order to be the change I want to see in the world, I am engaging the only person of power, Me. PayPal protects your money, and financial information, with industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems. I have many more developments coming in the near future to take my wservice of helping others to the next level. The depth of calmness and concentration necessary for this are naturally developed through steady practice of the scientific Self-Realization Fellowship techniques of concentration and meditation [which are taught in the Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons].
Carry into your daily activities the calmness you feel in meditation; that calmness will help you to bring harmony and happiness into every department of your life. In some cases, it can allow you to see things more clearly (including yourself), fill you with a sense of calm, and help you to better deal with the variegated demands of the modern world. Some refer to it as “the art of living” — awakening from autopilot, discovering the true self, being present, and finding the capacity to live more wisely, more lovingly and more fully. Buddhist monk and meditation teacher Jack Kornfield says to “sit with the quiet dignity of a king or queen.” Just remember, keep the body upright, but not uptight. This process helps connect your mind to your breath, especially when thoughts can sometimes break your concentration.
You could watch the flicker of a candle flame, or chant the popular mantra, “om.” Experiment until you find what suits you.
You may get caught up in expectations of what your experience should be, or doubt that you’re “doing it right.” Todd Goldfarb, blogger and social entrepreneur at Worldwide Tipping Point and We the Change, says to throw those ideas out and simply practice observing what arises in each moment. In the same way you’ve focused attention on your breath, you’ll be able to gently move that focus to this tension and release it.
And just think, in as little as two minutes, a happier outlook can be yours for the taking. It also explains how meditation works and why it's doablea€”and even necessarya€”for everyone. Many years ago my late husband was given a guided imagery with Pac Man going in to the spot where the cancer was and eating it until it was all gone. I would love to be included in the guided meditation so that I can listen and follow along. Ledda diskussioner i grupp hjalper dig att hantera utmaningarna i borjan och att bli regelbunden i din meditation. Under kursen blandas teori med gruppdeltagarnas egna erfarenheter av meditation.Pa en del orter kan du lara dig tekniken under tva lordagar eller en helg.
The point is not to prevent your mind from straying, but rather, bring it back to the present when it does. This e-book makes full use of extensive interviews with subjects from various meditation paths, and it guides readers toward finding a style and practice that will work for them. The one I received today was just the absolutely perfect one since I am dealing with particularly distressing issue. I will keep going as I do understand that this is the way forward… I also enjoy receiving your informative emails.
Pa helgretreat och vissa sommarretreater kan du ocksa lara dig Acem Meditation.Foredrag som placerar meditationstekniken i ett vetenskapligt sammanhang erbjuds pa vissa orter.OBS!
The chakra balancing seems like a good way for me to heal the distress I have been feeling. Mejl fran Acem till gmail- eller hotmail-adresser hamnar ofta i spam, sa titta garna dar om du saknar svarsmejl pa din anmalan eller kursinformation. It is my goal in the near future to help others rebuild their lives and handle difficult circmstances by meditating.

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