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Is your new years resolution to have a calmer mindset, take time out for yourself or become more centred?
If you've resolved to start the year with a fresh frame of mind - meditation is a perfect way to kick off a calmer 2014.
The meditation retreat will enable you to learn meditation tools to put meditation into practice in every day. WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city.
Experience a relaxing retreat with guided meditation and yoga, explore spiritual principles and feel the joy of community, while surrounded in the beauty and peace of our rural retreat center west of Portland, Oregon.
While most of our programs are perfect for those with no prior experience, this one is especially designed to introduce newcomers to meditation, yoga, and spiritual community.
Our teachers have devoted their lives to life-transforming meditation and yogic principles and will guide you from their own love of the practice and of people. Your weekend also includes delicious vegetarian meals, the beautiful, natural surroundings of Laurelwood valley, a boutique with unique gift items and personal support and attention to insure your weekend is enriching and rejuvenating. David has been on a spiritual path since several awakening experiences in his teenage years.
Miriam joined Ananda Center at Laurelwood and the Cities of Light program in the spring of 2013 after many years with Ananda, serving as Swami Kriyananda’s nurse. For over 20 years, Charles has helped people find inner peace through mindfulness meditation. These days, mindfulness meditation for beginners is a subject that gives rise to a great deal of confusion. The main reason for the confusion is that there are so many different forms of meditation, and each one has different techniques. When I finally did learn how to meditate, I realized that meditation for beginners didn’t have to be so complicated. What I recommend to people just learning how to meditate is that they pick one form of meditation, and commit to learning it well and practice it diligently.
Meditation environment – Start by finding a quiet time and place where you won’t be disturbed for a few minutes.
Sitting position – Sit in a comfortable chair without armrests; back straight, and feet flat on the floor. Mindfulness – After a few minutes of concentration meditation, switch to mindfulness meditation.
The other two things I recommend for beginners are the goal statement exercise and writing meditation.
Better health – Since meditation improves your immune system, you’ll be more resilient to diseases.
Better cognitive abilities – Both your memory and ability to think will improve significantly. Greater creativity – Even if you’re not a creative person, you’ll be surprised at how talented you can be.

Greater sense of purpose – With greater clarity and development of your talents, you will find out how you can make a difference in the world.
Greater emotional stability – Your feelings won’t be hurt so easily, and people will no longer be able to push your buttons.
One more suggestion that I would make is that you get involve in a mindfulness meditation group.
If you need help getting started, I recommend the new book Mindfulness Meditation Made Simple: Your Guide to Finding True Inner Peace.
I hope that these suggestions have taken away some of the mystery behind meditation for beginners, and that they lead to richer and more fulfilling lives for you and your loved ones.
Located in an historic building in downtown New Bedford, MA, Serlingpa Meditation Center offers a variety of classes, retreats, and Pujas (chanted prayers), which are open to everyone in the community.
Serlingpa Meditation Center is dedicated to achieving world peace through following the Kadampa Buddhist Path. This Center has arisen from the pure intention and vision of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, Founder of the New Kadampa Tradition - International Kadampa Buddhist Union (NKT a€“ IKBU), and is dedicated with the wish that everyone be happy and free from suffering. For Tanya, meditation has become a huge part of her life and she'd love to show you how the power of meditation can help you to de-stress, cope with difficult situations, relax and much more. First Timers’ Weekend is the perfect time to experience a little of everything Ananda offers for a discounted price. You’ll be amazed at the variety of things you can learn and experience in just one weekend. Morning and afternoon yoga and meditation are offered daily in addition to sessions of instruction and discussion. This price includes all weekend activities, three nutritious vegetarian meals per day – Friday dinner through Sunday lunch – and accommodations in a shared guest room.
Personally trained by Swami Kriyananda through daily contact across fourteen years, Miriam brings a depth of understanding and a richness of joy to Ananda Center at Laurelwood. With the rising popularity of meditation, it’s surprising to find that basic instruction is often overlooked. In this article, I’m going to take some of the mystery out of meditation for beginners, so you’ll learn much more quickly than I did, and start making immediate progress. This makes meditation for beginners even more confusing because many people don’t realize that each form of meditation has a slightly different purpose. The purpose is to give you a basic understanding of the techniques of this form of meditation, so you can see immediate progress. Keep your hands either cupped one inside the other just below the navel, or simply rest them on your thighs.
You’ll learn to play a musical instrument, write a book, or any other talent you’ve always wanted to develop. The group will provide you with the support and spiritual nourishment you need to grow, and help you stay motivated and committed to your practice.
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Buddha taught that meditation is the main cause of inner peace, and inner peace is the real cause of happiness.
With a compassionate intention, Buddha taught meditation techniques that everybody can practicea€”no matter who you are or who youa€™ve beena€”so that everyone can experience a happy and meaningful lifea€”no matter where you are or who youa€™re with!
After studying religion in college, he went to live at the Kadampa World Peace Temple in Glen Spey, New York. Whether you simply want to learn how to calm your mind and discover your own inner peace, or are looking to begin an in-depth Buddhist study program, Serlingpa offers many practical options for people of all backgrounds.
Kadampa teachings offer us special advice, so that we can learn to become happy and lead meaningful lives that have the power to greatly benefit others.
In addition we also hold retreats, day workshops, and special events, all of which are open to everyone regardless of background or experience.
At almost every meditation group and retreat that I’ve attended, it was simply assumed the I knew how to meditate. However, this time instead of counting each one, simply observe the entire breathing process mindfully. If there are no groups near you, starting one is extremely easy with our group starter kit.
So, learning to meditate is the best way to overcome stress and to keep a positive, relaxed attitude throughout lifea€™s ups and downs. Afterwards, he went to Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centerin the UK, training to teach Buddhism full-time.
It is a path of compassion and wisdom, with a great emphasis on integrating what we learn into our daily lives. Enjoy a tour of Ananda Laurelwood, sing and play along with a joyful community kirtan, get to know residents and the uplifting music and stories of Ananda. He also began to study meditation: learning t’ai chi and yoga and living in a Zen Buddhist monastery.
Over the past 15 years, she has served on three continents, US, Italy, and India, teaching meditation and helping establish spiritual communities. The kit provides you with a sample format, a preamble to help you stay focused, and some literature about the practice. From there he came to live in Providence where he now teaches in addition to New Bedford, Boston and Portland, ME. You do not need to be Buddhist to benefit from Buddhaa€™s teachings: this is ancient wisdom that remains strikingly relevant in our modern, busy lives.
While working and raising a family, he continued to study and practice different techniques and traditions of meditation. When a distraction arises, simply ignore it and immediately bring your attention back to your breath.

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