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There are a variety of meditations you can play with, and just a little practice can go a long way… but always keep in mind the principle you are developing. In this style of meditation, you are typically holding one or more forms of sensory input in your awareness… doing your best to avoid adding anything, taking away anything, or resisting anything. Just going through the above list will begin to change to way you look at experience…. If you keep up this pace of implementation, you are going to see more and more incredible results in your life! How meditate: 10 step beginner’ guide, Meditation helps you to grow your own intuitive faculty.

How meditate: guide beginners, Learning how to meditate is easy when you know what to do. Meditation helps me a lot during trying times when my mind is just so frazzled and stressed trying to cope with challenges that life throws my way.
I’ve taken several meditation courses on different themes given online by Deepak Chopra and Oprah and find that they give me new insights each time.
I’ve also been in touch with other people who have sent me their meditation courses to ask for inputs. A quick check of his website just to get a feel of what he was writing about and I sent off my tips without really knowing what the final outcome would look like.

I’m so humbled and grateful for all these people I come in contact with even if they do not know me at all.
What I thought would be a simple article from random yogis and yoginis turned out to be more than I expected.
Karl not only included my tips in his post but he also created a beautiful infographic that could be readily shared (I am posting it at the bottom).

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