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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. I believe that one of the biggest obstacles to people meditating are all of the misconceptions about what is supposed to happen when you meditate. So today I thought I might offer some insight into all of the things that meditation is not. On top of all these misconceptions, I think many folks think that their day will be better because they gave time to the cushion. So with all of this said, and apparently showing you how many things that meditation is not, one might wonder why even bother to meditate.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. It seems there are always more important things to do than sitting down with your eyes closed doing nothing. And any effort to stop your mind from thinking, or discontinuing thoughts, is only an exercise in futility. Increasing our skillfulness and acceptance of our minds and this life that we are experiencing. But we are not being kind or loving to them or ourselves if we do not take some time to exercise our patience and develop our skills in mindfulness and understanding. Well nothing could be more further from the truth.Meditation will give you the inspiration and answers you need for all your tasks, projects and hard questions.

And these, my friends, are simply delusional mental formations happening in the quiet space we occupy. This is the benefit of meditation, and one that cultivates a heart of compassion toward yourself and your own BUddha nature. But it will also make you twice as efficient and effective rather than being just productive. Challenges, difficulties, sickness, sadness, disagreements, financial woes, will all come and go just the same as they would without meditation.
And it is with this development, that the whole World benefits from your loving-kindness and acceptance. A time for the swirling and muddy waters of your mind to settle and allow a tiny bit of clarity. And if you are sitting and feeling discomfort, then just adjust your posture or position to be comfortable. After a while I drift off again (when you just start out, that could be in just a few seconds) I gently let it pass me by without worrying about it and go back to my breathing. I will practice kindness and compassion towards my loved ones, family, friends and strangers.
I will not judge or have prejudice.I choose to think in possibilities rather than in limitations.
I focus and concentrate on the object or the breathing for a period of time and whenever my mind drifts off I go back to my focus and let the distracting meaningless thought pass me by.
It will come when there is room and silence in your head.Once those ideas pop up one after the other I open my eyes for a brief moment.

I make notes of all the ideas, solutions and answers with a pencil on a little piece of paper and then I quickly close my eyes again and go back to my meditation, back to my breathing, emptying my mind and making room for peace and quiet.Only if you are able to empty your mind, making room in your mind then there will be room for new ideas and inspiration. You can try to cheat and think of ideas consciously, but the real inspiration, the brilliant ideas and solutions to life come out of nothing.
Slowly move your attention up to your left knee, you left hip and go down to the toes of your right foot. Again slowly shift your attention upwards, to your stomach, your back, your breast, your neck and finally your head. There are only few people who might be willing to learn about playing a guitar and tuning it to make a good blend of music. If you are much interested in learning to tune a guitar, the best thing to do is look for a reliable site or sources that will help you learn about the step by step process.
For more about online guitar tuner Jeff saysAugust 22, 2013 at 12:46 am Thanks all around for the wonderful idea to meditate before playing.
I have looked at your posts a handful of times but wanted to get in touch this time around.
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