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Scientists are getting close to proving what yogis have held to be true for centuries — yoga and meditation can ward off stress and disease. John Denninger, a psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School, is leading a five-year study on how the ancient practices affect genes and brain activity in the chronically stressed.
While hundreds of studies have been conducted on the mental health benefits of yoga and meditation, they have tended to rely on blunt tools like participant questionnaires, as well as heart rate and blood pressure monitoring. The government-funded study may persuade more doctors to try an alternative route for tackling the source of a myriad of modern ailments. The science is advancing alongside a budding “mindfulness” movement, which includes meditation devotees such as Bill George, board member of Goldman Sachs Group and Exxon Mobil Corp., and comedian Jerry Seinfeld. As a psychiatrist specializing in depression, Denninger said he was attracted to mind-body medicine, pioneered in the late 1960s by Harvard professor Herbert Benson, as a possible way to prevent the onset of depression through stress reduction. Get Michael's new book The Mindful Geek, and learn to meditate without religion or beliefs.
Donate to DYDeconstructing Yourself brings you some of the finest meditation writing on the Internet, all without ads or subscriptions. On Saturday, June 28th please join us for our 2nd Annual fundraising dinner at Kadampa Meditation Center Hollywood.
All money raised at the Evening of Benefit & Bliss will go towards benefiting our Kadampa Meditation Centers in Los Angeles, and in particular, to help us begin the renovations on the second floor of Kadampa Meditation Center Hollywood. Raja Yoga also known as classical yoga and a?tanga yoga is one of the six schools of dharmic Hindu philosophy.
Raja yoga is concerned principally with the cultivation of the viewer’s (??ih) mind using a succession of steps, such as meditation (dhyana, dhyana) and contemplation (samadhi, samadhi). Raja yoga was first described as an eightfold or eight-limbed path in the yoga sutra of patanjali, and is part of the Samkhyatradition. Raja yoga is concerned with the mind and its fluctuations (vortexes, variations) and how to quiet or master the mind’s fluctuations.
Practitioners of Rajayoga meditation tries to establish connection with the supreme source of the purest energy and highest consciousness. The experts concluded that a mental link with God stimulates creative energy, which gives a person will-power and confidence in facing life’s problems. Today's overloaded world of work, the ongoing assaults of emails, texts, family or money problems, we are all becoming more and more disconnected from each other and worse, ourselves. Our minds are rarely at rest and our bodies are paying the price.

If you're like most people in today's culture, you find yourself reacting to life's experiences rather than creating from a place of power. You will learn what neuroscientists have discovered about our natural "default" brain state. You will be taught different meditation techniques in order to find one that resonates with you. In week 1, you'll learn what neuroscientists have identified as our two brain states and how a meditation practice can lead to a more peaceful mind. You'll learn different ways to heal past wounds and traumas through everyday lifestyle practices. Strengthening impulse control, which allows you to better manage stress, pain, depression, and food, drug and alcohol issues. Emerging data indicates that by lowering stress and anxiety, meditation can be a beneficial practice in the workplace, as a calming tool for overwhelmed workers. The December 7th Huffington Post article, “Meditation: The New Corporate Benefit that Pays Huge Dividends” talks about the benefits a Washington, DC consulting firm found from making the Transcendental Meditation technique part of its benefit package. Executive Management Associates CEO, Nancy Slomowitz implemented the new benefit for her employees because she felt rising stress had been exacting a heavy toll on the quality of life in the workplace.
The film is a portrait of Slomowitz and her employees— highly driven Type A personalities who seem to be unlikely candidates for meditation. Huffington Post writer Joel Brokaw reports that the employees twice daily, twenty-minute TM practice soon produced tangible results, both in their professional and personal lives. The American Institute of Stress estimates that each year in the United States, $300 billion (or $7,500 per employee) is spent on stress-related compensation claims, reduced productivity, absenteeism, health insurance costs, direct medical expenses and employee turnover.
The British government’s Health and Safety Commission calculates that in England work-related stress is the biggest occupational cause of working days lost through injury or ill-health. Rick Gault, Executive Management Associates’ executive vice president summed it up by saying, “There’s an alarming growth rate of stress in business today. The Transcendental Meditation technique is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment. His latest work follows a study he and others published earlier this year showing how so-called mind-body techniques can switch on and off some genes linked to stress and immune function.
Only recently have neuro-imaging and genomics technology used in Denninger’s latest studies allowed scientists to measure physiological changes in greater detail.

Stress-induced conditions can include everything from hypertension and infertility to depression and even the aging process.
While treatment with pharmaceuticals is still essential, he sees yoga and meditation as useful additions to his medical arsenal.
Enjoy a festive evening featuring a talk with Resident Teacher Gen Kelsang Rigpa, delicious vegetarian cuisine by professional chefs, entertainment, fundraising raffle and more. Its object is to further one’s acquaintance with reality (viveka), achieve awakening (moksha) and eventually enlightenment, kaivalya.
Humans have all sorts of addictions and obsessions and these preclude the attainment of tranquil abiding (meditation).
If you finish the end of a normal day and find that stress is a norm and happiness and fun are a distant memory, things need to change.
In addition, Liz will introduce two new meditation techniques to test and see how you like them. In fact, Google has a very popular program called "Search Inside Yourself," which teaches mindfulness techniques to employees which has helped to increase mood and productivity.
The resulting change in her business has been so pronounced that she decided to document it on film. The workplace environment soon grew from toxic to harmonious among many other positive changes. With an average of 29 days lost per case, just this one negative effect of stress in the workplace is estimated to cost Britain almost 4 billion pounds sterling per year. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider regarding any medical condition. Through restraint (yama) such as celibacy, abstaining from intoxicants, and careful attention to one’s actions (niyama) of body, speech and mind, the human being becomes more fit to practice meditation.
Happiness is our birthright and finding a way to manage all of this business with ease - is critical to the future of your mental health and happiness. I think that people increasingly need a tool like TM to keep their business going and growing.

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