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Continuity mistake: At the start of term feast, after Harry is sorted into Gryffindor, he sits down on the right side of the table next to Ron.
To submit a screenshot, just click the edit icon under the relevant entry, then choose 'add a screenshot'. All images remain the copyright of their original owners - these low resolution images are simply individual frames used to demonstrate the entry. At Christmas time there are hidden Mickey’s on the Chocolate Carousel and Gingerbread House.
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Marilyn Monroe married Joe DiMaggio in 1954 and today her wedding dress is still considered one of the most elegant of all times. The wedding dress that is considered the most elegant of all times is that of Grace Kelly. At her wedding with Prince Charles (Prince of Wales), Diana Frances wore one of the most emblematic wedding dresses of all times. A Hidden Mickey is a representation of Mickey Mouse that has been inserted subtly into the design of a ride, attraction, or other location in a Disney theme park, Disney properties, movie or other Disney product.
Here are some that we found on the Gingerbread House and carousel on our last Christmas time trip. Kennedy in September 1953, she wore one of the most talked about wedding dresses of all times.
Marilyn Monroe’s wedding dress was not a typical white bridal gown, but it was certainly elegant and completely appropriate for the ceremony and for Marilyn Monroe’s unique personality.
Her princess wedding dress was made by Helen Rose, who had won an Oscar for best wardrobe at the studio where Grace Kelly worked.
However, this century is still too short to maintain such an affirmation, seeing as surely more famous brides will try to outshine it. They were a little hard to find on the 1940’s Fantasia but I was able to find at least one. Today, brides around the world are still inspired by these creations for their own weddings. Made with Battenberg lace, the dress was created by Ann Lowe in New York and is currently on display at the Kennedy Library in Boston.
Grace Kelly’s wedding dress was made out of silk taffeta and tulle and was adorned with roses made of Valenciennes lace.
Experience the magic for less, know what is worth the extra money, and where you can cut corners. The bride’s veil was covered in lace applications of doves and thousands of seeds, all of which were represented with pearls. It was so well hidden that the developer Rocksteady had to finally show mercy and drop everyone a hint.

Ready to break out your detective skills?A Mysterious Youtube AccountRecently, a strange Youtube channel was created named 'JG Jour,' meaning 'Julian Gregory Day' ('jour' being French for 'day'), i.e. It is believed that the account was in fact created by the developers themselves, after a video titled 'Arkham City secret?' was posted with the following description: There's something unwritten from Calendar Man - the world has yet to know.
Elliot is a socially awkward antihero whose every interaction with those around him - the colleagues who've learned to keep their distance, the therapist who seems to have made no progress with him, even the one girl in his life whom he actually kind of likes - seems to pain him.
Malek is an expert at contorting his face, the muscles in his cheeks contracting in a way that makes him at once difficult to watch and highly watchable. The video showed Batman approaching Calendar Man's cell, who often talks about various topics when confronted on specific days of the year - like Thanksgiving, or Christmas Day. Rarely seen without the black hoodie that announces his perpetual withdrawal from the world, Elliot has some serious issues.He works for Allsafe, a cybersecurity firm who currently represent E-Corp, a massive multi-national which, Elliot tells us via voiceover, is referred to almost exclusively as Evil Corp.
This time, however, the mysterious player triggered some dialogue that had never before been heard.
The notion of a large conglomerate being greedy capitalists is neither new nor fresh, but there's a sense of tongue in cheek to the way E-Corp are presented - their Chief Technology Officer, Tyrell Wellick, is a handsome 30-something with Scandinavian blonde hair and blue eyes - which sells the concept.
But the video cut off before any details could be revealed!So What Triggered This Brand New Secret?!There was no way to know what day the player in the video visited Calendar Man on, making it seemingly impossible to see what he would have divulged. We believe that Elliot and his colleague despise these people, even though they effectively pay his wages.Mr. Robot, a self-styled Robin Hood figure played with great bite by Christian Slater, who wants to bring down E-Corp by wiping out every record of the world's debt, effectively redistributing the vast wealth collected by the company to the ordinary people they've profited from. Well, one shrewd Youtube user took inspiration from Batman's famed detective talents and started testing out various dates of importance relating to the games themselves and the developers who made them.
Luckily, they made a breakthrough!December 13, 2004 I'm sure this date doesn't particularly mean anything to you - it didn't for me either. Is this really a selfless act of sabotage, or is something bigger going on?The element of paranoiaAlthough there are a bunch of themes (some existential, all bleak) looming over Mr. Robot - Elliot is overwhelmingly lonely, to the point that he hacks the emails of his therapist and even his one and only friend Angela purely for the sake of knowing everything about everybody - it's a sense of paranoia that lingers over every scene. The game studio was actually founded in December 2004 by Sefton Hill and Jamie Walker, and - judging from this reveal - most likely on this day specifically.
Elliot can't trust anybody, and the people who trust him wouldn't if they knew anything of the damage he inflicts with a keyboard in his own time.For Elliot, life is constant tortureIn one especially memorable scene from episode 2, Elliot, high on morphine (he crushes it down and snorts it like cocaine, liberally) and fearful he may have just walked into a trap laid by E-Corp, goes to extreme lengths to destroy his computer.
If you change your PC's calendar to December 13, 2004 and visit the villain again, the secret will be revealed. It's a rare moment of humour in a very dark series, but it also highlights just how screwed up this guy is. Robot is another series focused on a world-weary protagonist, BBC America's excellent cloning saga Orphan Black.
Not that the two share that much DNA - Orphan Black is much, much funnier - but both are smart, fast-paced thrill rides which drag the viewer head-first into a world populated by the kinds of people you probably wouldn't ever want to meet, but whom could feasibly exist in the real world, in the shadows.In Mr.

Robot, shady things happen in the shadowsThe difference is that Elliot would happily remain in the shadows. Starting with seasons and moving through the weeks, I became stronger, my work more…elaborate. He has nothing to live for, whereas Orphan Black's Sarah, damaged but optimistic, has everything to live for. Robot plays its cards right going into season 2, if it gives Elliot a ray of hope, it could become one of the most talked about shows on television - and if not, it'll remain a secret gem, hidden in the shadows of bigger but less interesting series.
All very cryptic, but there are definitely some hidden messages found within this speech - ones which I believe may point towards the possible resurrection of the Joker himself!So What Does It All Mean?If we break the speech down, it starts to make sense as a meta-commentary about the developers themselves. Whatever happens, I'm on board for the ride, and you should be too.Season 1 hits Amazon Prime in the US next year, and is already available in the UK and Germany.
The game was very positively reviewed by critics, but there were areas for improvement; a criticism that the developers are acknowledging here. Starting with seasons and moving through the weeks, I became stronger, my work more…elaborate.Rocksteady improved on its first game dramatically with Arkham City, as it introduced more 'elaborate' gameplay mechanics and was generally regarded as an improvement from Asylum. I was there at your beginning and I will be there at your end.The final line is very interesting and can be interpreted in two ways. Firstly, Rocksteady is saying that they were there for the start of the series (with Arkham Asylum) and will be there at the end (with Arkham Knight, due for release next year). This is significant as they remained absent for Batman's last game, with Arkham Origins developed by WB Games Montreal.
Spoilers ahead!The Joker Returns?!Arkham City ended with the demise of the Joker himself, bringing an end to the epic conflict between Batman and his most infamous nemesis.
This newly uncovered hidden message may hint at the grinning villain's return!"I was there at your beginning and I will be there at your end" - Rocksteady wasn't the only one present at the series' start.
Joker was there too, in the first game's opening cutscene, no less.Could we see the Joker's return in Rocksteady's epic conclusion to the trilogy? I think so, especially considering DC's track record when it comes to bringing back characters from the dead. We'll have to wait until Arkham Knight's release in 2015 to find out for sure!Are there even more game-changing secrets still to be found? What to read next >SUPERHEROESMarvel's Ultimate Alliance 3 confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One!

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