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Imagery is a form of meditation, and meditation is a great tool for healing, restoring and enlightening our bodies.
When I received the book “The Art of Mandala Meditation,” by Michal Beaucaire (F+W media), it was the striking images that begged for my attention. Mandalas, meaning “circles” in Sanskrit, are sacred symbols that are used for meditation, prayer, healing and art therapy for both adults and children.
After interviewing Beaucaire via email, I realized just how much more beneficial meditation can be when guided imagery, such as these mandalas, is incorporated. Usually, meditation is captured as something we should do when we retire and have lots of time on our hands. The main meditation — the one readers select to practice from the book when healing — should be used at least once a day.
Q: Before I read a single passage, I flipped through the book just admiring the beautiful circle artwork and bright colors. For example, all inner strength meditations are in yellow or have yellow in them, like the weight loss meditation, or passing an exam, confidence and self-esteem meditation and so on. Q: You reference in the book that by looking at the mandalas and even by just drawing or coloring your own (there are a few line drawn Mandalas in the back for coloring), it can be like art therapy. I suggest coloring in the blank mandalas located at book’s end directly after practicing a meditation. Q: The “Meditations for the Body” chapter — such as for migraines, fatigue, a cold or even for a deep sleep — is intriguing, in that it can be used as such a healing tool. The mandala of constipation is different because it’s actually the center of a sunflower Paul painted, enlarged by the computer. But there’s a difference between teaching kids about the history and basic principles of religions and doctrines and scaring, shaping, and manipulating them based on such belief systems.
Nevertheless, dabbling into the tenets of Buddhism, more a philosophy than a religion, at a young age can be very beneficial. Taking note of Buddhism can learn children think for themselves, teach them about empathy and compassion.
In his book The Empathic Civilization bestselling author Jeremy Rifkin points out that global empathy is essential in being able to cope with the great challenges of our time.
Just by amusing yourself and your offspring with the often both entertaining and meaningful Buddhist stories you may give them an edge in becoming generous, compassionate, virtuous, responsible, and self-reflecting beings.
These books may provide them with tools for learning what is really important in life and equip them with some basic skills needed to find happiness. If you want some assistance in choosing the right book for your little one, this list contains the most popular, highest rated, best selling books. Buddha at Bedtime also offers an introduction to basic meditation and relaxation techniques, and demonstrates how to discuss the stories with the kids. Furthermore there’s an overview of The Four Noble Truths, The Eightfold Path, and The Five Precepts.
Buddha at Bedtime: Tales of Love and Wisdom for You to Read with Your Child to Enchant, Enlighten and Inspire by Dharmachari Nagaraja. Based on the short story by Russian author Leo Tolstoy, The Three Questions is such a book that’s highly valued by both kids and parents as well. Jon J Muth’s The Three Questions teaches kids about compassion and living in the moment. Focused on kids aged 5 to 9 but readers from all ages might be able to satisfy their basic spiritual needs with it too. This book deserves to be in the top 10 because it is one of the few children’s books on Buddhism that explain and teach age-appropriate meditation techniques. Themes of this book are; non-judgment, acceptance, friendship, forgiveness, connections, and community. This is another example of a book written for kids that is capable of teaching adults some valuable life lessons too.
Great book on mindful breathing and a wonderful childrens book written by Sister Thuc Nghiem (Susan Swan), a grandmother, former teacher, and a nun in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh.
Another example of a book that does a great job at offering kids an introduction to Buddhism. It teaches both kids and parents about the value of acknowledging and resolving complex emotions such as anger.
The author of this book is Thich Nhat Hanh , one of the most renowned Buddhist authors, Zen master, and Buddhist teacher. The Jataka Tales are a group of folk stories that originated in India, each of which relays an ethical teaching. The tale of Parrot and the Fig Tree introduces seasons, the interdependency of all beings, and the value of loyalty.

A parrot refuses to abandon his good friend, a fig tree, even during winter when the tree has no figs, and eventually even when it is destroyed by a storm.
Buffalo persists in being kind and patient with the mischievous Monkey, despite all his annoying tricks.
Core topic of this book is how to show patience, instead of anger, and how this behavior can yield goodwill and harmony. Buddhism, offering its insightful look into human nature and motivations and all life around us is a great way for your offspring to inspire them to read and think deeper, search further, and explore their own as well as feelings of other living beings on our planet. Over the years as a teacher of grades K-4, I have read all these books to my classes and they have become the children’s favorites as well as mine. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
About the AuthorJohanna Basford is an illustrator and ink evangelist who creates intricate and hand-drawn illustrations rooted in the flora and fauna that surrounds her home in rural Scotland. Adult colouring books are increasing with popularity, and while we could all do with some stress relief, not all of us can afford to buy them. So, we have gathered our favourite Mandalas and abstract colouring pages for you to print and colour at a fraction of the cost! All you need to do is right click on an image and save it onto your computer, print, and you are ready for your colouring meditation! Paid advertising on The Open Mind may not represent the views and opinions of this website and its contributors.
All the pictures and information shown on this blog are the property of their respective owners. We enjoy photographs of friends for laughs or look at images of others in an unfortunate predicament to remind us that our own lives might not be that bad after all. The various hand-drawn, brightly illustrated mandalas, by artist Paul Heussenstamm, were comforting, energizing and relaxing without me having to do much more than scan the pages. Mandalas have been shown in clinical studies to boost the immune system, reduce stress and pain, lower blood pressure, promote sleep and ease depression.
For example, in curing diabetes we have to teach our body to re-activate the pancreas (which is responsible for releasing the right amount of insulin to the body). How do we choose the right meditations, and how often do we practice the meditations?=A: Readers can familiarize themselves with the book by selecting meditations they feel may improve areas in their life, or are interested in getting to know. The book has a very calming and peaceful feeling about it, without even getting into the meditation. Yellow is the color of the Solar Plexus Chakra, and the essence of “I” is connected to this chakra. Given its user-friendly approach, I hope readers will feel inspired and encouraged enough to at least try meditating once.
It brings out the artist within because coloring mandalas is not like drawing a portrait — one does not need any unique qualifications — it’s possible for everyone. How do you suggest someone use this chapter to heal themselves, but also know when it might be something to see the doctor about? Would this be the one that everyone should do on a daily basis to keep in tune with themselves, the universe and our surroundings?A: The zodiac meditations are for practicing once a year on readers’ birthdays. Beaucaire recommends meditating first and then coloring in your Mandala for the utmost creativity. Isn’t stuffing any religion or belief system down children’s throats a form of mental abuse?
Admitted, a whole new approach in learning is currently being unfolded but much needs to be changed still. Thousands of years of the priniciple that humans are innately evil, of penance, of shame and guilt induction, of duty and obligations are hard to shake off.
This may seem like a stretch but then maybe you do not realize our culture is completely permeated with violence (a striking example is our language).
Just think about the majority of movies and children’s cartoons in which the hero kills or beats someone up. If you are able to feel what’s going on inside and outside, you are better capable of empathy.
A drastic change in human consciousness, the capacity and collective will to come together will be needed for our survival as a species.
The beautiful colorful illustrations, and vivid metaphors will also teach kids about relaxation, happiness, breathing, and even meditation. Many aren’t exclusively educative for kids, in fact they contain wonderful lessons for grown-ups as well. This story concerns a king who wants to find the answers to what he considers the three most important questions in life.

The beautiful water-colored illustrations and the charming narrating style make this one of the best Buddhist books for kids.
Peaceful Piggy Meditation is a great book on itself but is also very useful as a tool to help restless, hyperactive kids find some inner peace. In this particular book, Muth has done a great job in making Zen ideas and practices accessible to kids. This way they learn about Buddhism and how breathing the right way can help them experience calmness and joyfulness.
They are based on the experiences, and lessons that Buddha learned through his past lives as different animals. Animals and magical beings, representing Buddha’s former lives, play an essential role in these tales.
For his loyalty to the tree, the parrot is rewarded by the god Shakra, with the rebirth of the tree. One of my favorites in The Three Questions, which I read at the beginning of class and imprint these questions into the minds of the children as we do activities and read other books–it becomes the theme of every lesson. This interactive activity book takes you on a ramble through a secret garden created in beautifully detailed pen-and-ink illustrations – all waiting to be brought to life through colouring, but each also sheltering all kinds of tiny creatures just waiting to be found.
This site is intended for educational and commentary purposes only, both of which are strictly protected by Free Speech. Practitioners can then choose three meditations from their list to cure more urgent obstacles. It is simply teaching the brain to do other things, unnatural thinking, by giving simple, new orders to our masterpiece called (the) body, and by doing that we connect to the essence of healing within us. There is no right or wrong in meditating, and the reader can’t, no matter what, use this book the wrong way.
I recently published a coloring mandala book entitled “My Mandala” and combined it with guided imagery.
Could you even use this in advance  of a special event, interview, etc?A: The whole idea is that meditating will be a part of your daily routine, that it will be a part of you, that you will be able to practice it while cooking, taking a walk, and so on. These meditations are designed to help practitioners get better acquainted with themselves, as they are the essence of their inner change. After all, they will have a hard time to be able to think freely ever after such indoctrination. Reading this book at bedtime might help create an oasis of calmness and relaxation in a kid’s (and their parents) life.
We don’t practice any religion in our house, but I do have a little book of Buddhist quotes that my 9-year-old son found and cherishes. For me, Buddhism offers an antidote for the consumerist, ego-centered religion we’ve been fed from a young age. This is a workshop book — readers should keep it close to their bed or in their leaving rooms, with the goal to review it once a month to see if priorities need to be rearranged. Do the colors and symbols for each one hold a special meaning unique to the meditation?A: Once the artist Paul Heussenstamm agreed to share his artwork in my book, I chose from his website (which presents more than 2,000 different mandalas) the right mandala with the right colors and shapes for each meditation. In fact, all ways are correct — even if the practitioner chooses to only gaze at the mandalas without meditating. A true inner change can last a year, but readers can see small changes along the way if they practice all of the other meditations contained within “The Art of Mandala” meditation. He told that one of his goals for the summer is to read a book about Buddhism and learn to meditate. Appealing to all ages, the intricately-realized world of the Secret Garden is both beautiful and inspirational. The information on this website is not intended to replace your relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. These pictures have been collected from different public sources including different websites, blogs considering to be in public domain.
The colors of each mandala bear the  right energetic frequency of the meditation, like in color healing and chakra colors. We practice our zodiac mandala meditation once a year, in order to charge our intentions with the power of our birthday (which is a very unique day), and hope for a different and better year to come. All trademarks and registered trademarks mentioned here are the property of their respective owners and are not used here for commercial purposes. If any one has any objection to displaying of any picture and news, it may be brought to our notice by sending message through 'contact us' page & the same will be removed immediately, after verification of the claim.

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