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It's no secret that the constant connectivity made possible by technology can leave us feeling disconnected from ourselves. As paradoxical as it sounds, certain forms of technology, including podcasts, can help us tune into ourselves while remaining "plugged in." And in the world of podcasts, mindfulness is now a legitimate subgenre.
Here are 15 free podcasts that encourage you to think deeply, live in the moment and get to know your true self. In her podcast On Being, Krista Tippett explores life's most meaningful questions through interviews with a variety of scientists, theologians, artists and teachers. Described as an "empathy shot in the arm," Strangers is a weekly podcast that shares the true stories of people we meet, how we connect with them, what it's like to lose them, and the power of kindness.
From the adored video speaker series TED Talks comes TED Radio Hour, a podcast that inspires us to think and create in new ways.
With a balanced blend of humor and seriousness, Benjamen Walker's Theory of Everything podcast challenges you to really think about what's going on in the world and the role you ultimately play in it. Tech entrepreneur Dave Asprey is the man behind Bulletproof Radio, a podcast all about streamlining your life and becoming the best version of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.
From the makers of popular podcast How Stuff Works comes Stuff To Blow Your Mind, a conversational show about the sciences designed for those who don't necessarily have expertise in those areas but are curious to learn more. The Mindset Zone is all about leaving fixed views of the world behind and cultivating what host Ana Melikian, PhD calls a "growth mindset" in their place.
Here Be Monsters is a narrative podcast sharing the real-life stories of artists, scientists, philosopher and journalists with a unique, cerebral twist. For those who need a little extra motivation, self-help podcast The Daily Boost delivers just what it promises. For the deep thinkers without a philosophy degree, there's The Partially Examined Life, a philosophy podcast that explores a new question or concept each week and encourages amateurs to jump right in.
Meditation can be one of the best ways to cultivate a sense of mindfulness, and Meditation Oasis is a great place to begin if you want to give it a try in podcast form.
From UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center comes The Greater Good Podcast, an audio show all about the science of a meaningful life. A Quiet Mind is designed for those looking for an inner sense of happiness, peace and wholeness. Whether you have thirty minutes, two hours, or five hours to kill, we've included plenty of options.
NextDraft is hands down my favorite newsletter, which you can either get in your inbox every day or check on your own time via their free app. If this sounds interesting to you, download it now in preparation for your trip so you have plenty to catch up on. The great thing about reading articles while you travel is that you finally have time to read the whole thing (instead of just skimming the first few paragraphs), and then actually reflect on what you've just read. Ever wanted to learn a new language, or just brush up on those French skills from high school?
This is my colleague Ginny Soskey's favorite podcast of all time -- and it happens to be one of the best in the business. Getting news from podcasts can be a lot more efficient than getting them from articles -- especially if you're prone to getting sucked into the black hole of "recommended reading" sections.
If you like keeping up with current events but get bored with the normal format, NPR's weekly podcast could be a perfect match. Each episode lasts anywhere from 90 minutes to 2+ hours, so if you download a few before you leave, you'll get through your flights with some top-notch entertainment. One of the underlying principles of inbound marketing is that you can bring some sense of order to chaos using a methodical, data-driven approach.

If you're at all captivated by science, the universe, and the unknown, then you're gonna love this option. Here's a super interesting movie on sales and marketing positioning -- from the days when it wasn't so noble.
Here's a documentary that'll have you holding your breath -- even though you know how it ends.
The documentary incorporates Petit's personal footage with modern film and interviews -- and it's absolutely mesmerizing.
It's about a man named Robert Durst, son of a New York real estate mogul and suspect of three notorious murder cases over three decades. It won two 2015 Emmy Awards, including best documentary or nonfiction series, and earned a 94% critic review and 98% audience review on Rotten Tomatoes. This book by Austin Kleon is an interesting, quick read on how to come up with creative ideas.
Here's another great book for marketers, written by Jonah Berger, the Wharton professor and best-selling author my colleague Carly Stec interviewed for her blog post on the secret formula for ideas that take off. And there's no better time than now to re-establish that inward connection by using the powers of technology for good. Posted every Thursday, these hour-long segments are bound to teach you something new about your existence as an individual in this world. In listening to host Lea Thau, you just might begin to question the person you really are as well -- no matter how disquieting that might be. Based off of the show's best speakers and hosted by Guy Raz, the podcast gives listeners an hour each week to think about the progress of the past and fresh ways to address problems and ideas in the future. His narrative journey works through the topics of art, culture, media and technology, connecting all the dots in between along the way. Each week he brings you the knowledge of doctors, biochemists, nutritionists and meditation experts to help you find this "bulletproof" state within yourself. Her weekly podcast challenges listeners to stretch their minds, explore the realm of possibilities in their behavior, and consider who they are as individuals. Through each episode, which is substantially different than the next, narrator Jeff Entman exposes listeners to how life is full of opportunities and why we shouldn't place limitations on ourselves.
Host Scott Smith sets out with each show to help you find what makes you happy, reduce your overall stress, find new inspiration and develop skills that help you balance your life. Balancing insight with levity, the narrators pick a short text and chat about it in a way that everyone can follow as well as enjoy. Paul Brandeis Raushenbush, All Together is a podcast that explores the roles religious ideas and spiritual beliefs play in shaping our personal lives, our communities and our world. Co-hosts Mary and Richard Maddux help listeners relax, be more present and find their flow within life through guided meditations with or without music, as well as instructions for practicing meditation solo. Hosted by Michael Bergeisen, the half-hour podcasts share interviews with top researchers and thinkers discussing the roots of compassion, happiness and morality. Host Robert Jackson shares lessons that are relaxing to listen to and carry wisdom for the ages for anyone hoping to improve the quality of their own life.
Latin for "all the invisible things," Invisibilia addresses the invisible forces in life that affect human behavior through narrative storytelling and scientific research. You'll receive my monthly newsletter and previews of my new releases weeks before they are released to the public. Pocket is a place for you to save all those articles you stumble on when you don't have time to read them. While you're traveling, you can open Pocket -- no internet connection needed -- and finally spend time reading through, digesting, and pondering all the cool stuff you've saved.

And while speaking isn't required, be warned that you may want to repeat words out loud to practice your pronunciation. It's hosted by Anna Sale and covers the big questions and hard voices that are often left out of polite conversation.
BBC's Global News podcast is especially great because it curates some of the best stories they've covered from a global perspective.
It's a quiz-style news show that catches you up on current events in a fun and totally unique format, where you'll have to test your knowledge against guest stars and figure out what's real news and what they totally made up. In this podcast, host Pete Holmes interviews comedians (for the most part) and covers comedy, relationships, and God.
In the documentary, scientists recreate conditions from the big bang theory to investigate the origin of matter and unravel the mysteries of the universe.
The producers did an amazing job presenting it in such a way that anyone can understand and enjoy.
It's about a big tobacco lobbyist struggling to balance his duties defending tobacco with those of being a good role model for his young son.
It's based on the premise that that no idea is original -- and it walks you through ways to collect ideas, remix existing ones, and get in touch with your inner creative. In Berger's book, he talks about why some ideas catch on -- and others don't -- by highlighting his research on social influence and word-of-mouth. Each half-hour session tackles a current issue in the religious world that will leave you with quite a few new things to think about after listening in. American Grand Master Ronnie Nyogetsu Seldin and Argentinian sound healer Jorge Alfano are featured.
With these albums, all same notes, but a different brainwave frequency, and that makes a significant difference, for many people.
If you're looking for entertaining, relevant stories, it's a great place to spend some time.
The best part about this podcast is that it's unstructured, so it's just like listening in on a great conversation.
Starring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill, it's based on a true story of the general manager of the Oakland Athletics baseball team who was faced with a tight budget and had to reinvent his team by outsmarting the richer baseball teams.
It's about a Madison Avenue advertising firm in the 1960s -- and alpha male Don Draper's struggles to stay on top of the heap in a high-pressure world.
Moreover, it's nice counterargument to similar books which decry that the internet is making us lazy, dumb, and isolated. The Freakonomics podcast will challenge your perspective on some common (and some not-so-common) issues, from gossip to violence to exercise -- and all from an economic perspective. Holmes is very open and does a good job of creating an environment where guests want to open up.
The movie is about a team of New York City real estate salesmen who are told that everyone except the top two reps will be fired by the end of the week. For marketers like us, it's a fascinating look at how things in marketing used to be, which gives us context to help drive changes in our own companies.

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