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The Saraswati mantra for intelligence, which we share on this page, is the best mantra for ensuring success in studies and in learning. The Saraswati Mantra for Intelligence has been shown by research to greatly increase test results in schools.
While trying harder may help in many day-to-day tasks, when it comes to meditation, the harder we try, the more tense our minds become. Advanced practices that allow your inner wisdom to guide you in meditation, and help you let go all resistance. The course will take you from basic practices of being present to some of the advanced techniques that Peter has been teaching his students in recent years. But lying down is not encouraged, You're likely to feel dozy, and if you're tired, you may find yourself drifting off to sleep. The basic practice is similar to mindfulness in that the attention is brought to your immediate experience in the present moment, but with an emphasis on complete effortlessness is similar to that advocated in TM (Transcendental Meditation), but the practice in these lessons does not involve mantras or visualization.
The first lesson teaches a basic technique of becoming more aware of the present moment, that complete beginners will find easy to practice. Each lesson consists of a short introduction of between 5 and 10 minutes, followed by a guided meditation of about 20 minutes. As many philosophers and sages over the centuries have proposed, all the guidance you will ever need is already within you. If you are sincerely longing to find out more about who you are and what is keeping you stuck time and again, you will find great treasures in listening to Peter.
Peter Russell is an author and public speaker, who is recognized as one of the leading thinkers on consciousness and contemporary spirituality.
Peter believes that the critical challenge today is to free human thinking from the limited beliefs and attitudes that lie behind so many of our problemsa€”personal, social, and global. His approach emphasizes complete effortlessness in meditationa€”a letting go of any expectation or control. And now, you want to find a simple approach to meditation that works. An easy and reliable technique.
Because, there are times when you just have to slow down and step outside your spiraling mind. What if you could instantly cut through the drama and chaos in your mind with one simple technique? The Problem Free Meditation System is a new approach to meditation that puts the path to inner peace in your own hands.
Practical and easy to learn, this technique empowers you with tools to gently center your mind, relax, and stay focused. With the Problem Free Meditation System you cultivate the inner calm to manage these flashpoints with cool and quiet composure.
From the start, The Problem Free Meditation System addresses one of the biggest reasons people give up in meditation.
In fact, this approach to meditation is so effective that if you give it a fair shot, and it doesn’t deliver, we will give you a full refund.
You will receive guidance in the art and science of meditation from master practitioner Jeff Carreira. Jeff’s direct and precise instruction consistently brings experienced practitioners and novices alike to profound meditative realizations. Each lesson guides you more deeply into an approach to meditation that is deceptively simple and powerful. As you begin to master the practice of having no problem, you will discover a miraculous world that exists on the other side of your problem-making mind. During this course, through periods of guided meditation and focused instruction, your awareness will expand beyond any sense of separation and limitation. Lesson one introduces you to the idea that the mind is a problem-making machine. Jeff walks you step-by-step through the Problem Free approach to meditation and guides you to a still calm center in yourself that is beyond the problems of your mind. In this lesson, you will discover some of the unconscious assumptions we hold about around meditation.
In this final lesson, as you master The Problem Free Meditation System, you will begin to recognize that your human experience is perfect just as it is. Traditional Buddhist meditation focuses on two core mental disciplines that the Buddha taught. In traditional Buddhism, Samatha meditation technique empowers the mind to concentrate (which in Pali is “Samadhi”) which leads the mind to being absorbed by the object of concentration (which is called Dhyana), which in turn leads to insight (“Vipassana”) and finally what Buddhsits call “Liberating Wisdom” (Panna). Samatha: Buddha taught that morality and mental calmness are the first steps on the path to enlightenment. I imagine every single person on Earth can immediately grasp the truth of what the Buddha taught.

The Buddha taught that there were five stages of Jhana, with the meditator moving up through the stages of Jhana. In the ancient times there were some practitioners who used Samatha meditation techinque as a means to gain supernormal powers like clairaudience. Through continual practice we learn to accept and to perceive the reality of physical, mental and spiritual pain.
Naturally, not all of the 40 objects of meditation are objects you would like to meditate on. Essentially Samatha meditation technique involves focusing on a positive object that elicits a positive respose.
Focus on an object with a clear positive trait and you will a) develop your concentration, and b) mentally absorb the positive quality of that object. Once you’ve chosen your object to meditate on, sit comfortably and with good posture, give yourself a few minutes to relax, then begin to focus your mind on the object.
You don’t need a masters degree in philosophy or spirituality to know that Yoda’s philosophy comes from Zen Buddhism (as does much of the Jedi code).
A great many spiritualities refer to the “force.” The Universal Life Force is seen in numerous spiritualities and in alternative medicine. It doesn’t matter whether you view energy in the spiritual, religious, scientific or Jedi way.
This is one of the harder Yoda quotes to understand, at least for those who have not attended meditation school or done a degree in philosophy or a similar subject. To explain how the things we learn limit us, let me explain my mode of thinking just before writing this article.
This strain-relieving part of the program will also help you reduce stress outside of meditation. Meditation is about becoming more aware a€¦ So choose a position that helps you remain awake and alert. Subsequent lessons build on this, introducing more advanced skills developed by Peter in recent years, which encourage complete effortlessness and letting go.
To get maximum value from the course you are encouraged to practice the meditation each day.
His books include The Awakening Earth, Waking Up in Time, and From Science to God, and his video The Global Brain won international acclaim. His mission is to distill the essential wisdom on human consciousness found in the worlda€™s various spiritual traditions, and to disseminate their teachings on self-liberation in contemporary and compelling ways.
One you can practice instantly—anytime and anywhere—to reach that still, calm, center of your self.
Jeff has guided countless people throughout the world into the profound depths of meditative practice for over 15 years.
And you start to taste and experience the shocking freedom that comes through ignoring the problems in your mind.
You will also experience the truth that there really is no problem and that this moment always contains everything you need to be happy. If you aspire to go further from the start, try our 2nd level course bundle, which also includes everything from level 1. Samatha is Pali for “calm”, and can also be expressed through the Tibetan term Shyine, which means “peace” and “purification”. We need to practice Samatha meditation techniques in order to develop calmness, because calmness leads to focus which leads to insight and wisdom. And that lack of focus led to me wasting hours and hours of time and getting noting done fast. Eventually, the focus becomes so strong than when you concentrate on an object you feel as though you are one with it; you are not aware of the difference between the meditation object and yourself because your mind is so keenly focused. At the highest state of Jhana, when the mind is completely fixed on external reality, the practitioner is said to be freed from desire, lust, hatred and other mental impurities. They believed that when the mind is so absolutely attuned to an object it is able to receive messages from that object. Many of these you will most definitely not want to actually meditate on (you’ll see what I mean!).
In the time of the Buddha it was common for corpses to be disposed of in carnel-grounds, which meant it was relatively easy to find a corpse and meditate upon it. Some of my personal favourite objects to meditate on are: stars, the sky, candles, water, my cats, my breath, my body, positive mental qualities (like love and kindness) and nature. But I will strongly recommend that among your meditations you include meditations on your body, your breath, physical movement, a calming sound, and positive mental images.
Let’s take a look at the famous Yoda speech in The Empire Strikes Back, referring to the Jedi Master’s quotes to see how meditation plays a pivotal role in the Jedi order.

Yoda doesn’t really explain what he means by this quote in the films, so, what’s it all about?
Therefore, by reciting the Saraswati mantra for intelligence, the individual develops their knowledge, speech and intelligence at the same time.
Once you stop all effort and striving, youa€™ll find the mind settles down naturally into a state of quiet. If you're comfortable sitting cross-legged on the floor, or in some other meditation position, that's fine too. He has been teaching these skills to experienced meditators, who have been delighted with the impact they have had on their practice. Always starting at where you are in the present moment, which may be the only possible access point to these inner realms of wisdom and freedom.
To this end he has been refining his practice of meditation and teaching it to others for more than forty years. If you put together those three terms, calm, peace and purification, you get the gist of what Samatha meditation is all about.
I know that I myself, in my younger years, was about as calm as a Great White in a bloodbath. Through dedicated meditation practice I gradually ironed out the creases in my mind and gradually became calmer (developing Samatha). For instance, when focussing absolutely on another person the meditator would hear their thoughts.
This list is simply for educational purposes to show how to do Samatha meditation technique as was originally taught all those years ago. The body and the breath are particularly important as they anchor your mind and enhance your mind body connection. Then we’ll look at how to learn meditation online so we, like Jedi Master Yoda, can use meditation to become stronger individuals. If we are to be strong people, we must recognise energy and utilise the power of energy in our lives.
After all, without learning we would not be able to perform tasks or complete jobs successfully.
This gives you the opportunity to become familiar with each technique and to practice it before moving on to more advanced skills.
That calmness led me to concentration (Dhyana) which led to insight (Vipassana) which finally led to wisdom (Panna).
When you focus your mind on this one object you build your concentration levels, like a muscle becoming stronger. At the highest level of Jhana the mediator is left two choices: use their power for their own good or for the good of others. Today we are more likely to say that meditation allows us to overcome negative thinking, depression, anxiety, stress, and all other mental pain, as well as helping to alleviate the symptoms of wounds and illnesses.
Demanding yourself to focus on one object for an hour is like demanding your legs to run a marathon the first time you put your running shoes on. Only by using their power for the good of others can the meditator truly defeat Dukkha, suffering, from their mind. But don’t start by demanding yourself to focus for such a long period of time that you strain your brain. And in this guide to Jedi meditation techniques, Sith meditation techniques, and Yoda’s philosophy, you will awaken the force within you.
The first key to Yoda’s advice, then, is recognising this central energy of life and using it to our advantage.
I was head-banging rock lover with a pension for cigarettes and alcohol—funny how time changes you. That is the basis of Yoda’s philosophy and the basis of Jedi meditation techniques (and Sith meditation techniques too).
If only I had known how to do Samatha meditation back then, things would have been different. I’ve personally made the mistake of trying to focus too hard too soon before and I know from first hand experience that you’re only setting yourself up for  migraine. But perhaps what is most magical about Star Wars is the fact that Jedi mediation techniques and Sith meditation techniques merge real world spirituality with popular culture.

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