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You can use a secret santa clip art to design a gift card that you can send to a friend during December holidays.
Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. It’s easy to get caught up in the spending hype during the holidays, but there are only a few people you really want to spoil.
Okay, so, maybe your name wasn't drawn from a hat, and you're not planning on partaking in any holiday gifting games. Secret Santa gifts are fun in theory, but visions of boring bags of candy and novelty-scented lip gloss just give us a huge case of the holiday sads.
For those of you who have never even heard of Secret Santa, it’s basically a fun way to celebrate the holidays with a group of friends or acquiantances without anyone spending a lot of money on gifts.
The way I learned to play was this: Everyone wrote their name on a slip of paper and placed it in a box. From the day we received our names, which in our case was 10 days before the company Christmas party, each participant was left to their own devices. The “How Well I Know You” Santa - This Santa leaves little clue gifts that inform the recipient that they know them well or have a confidential informant.
The “Poet” Santa - This Santa leaves little poems that might or might not provide clues as to who they are.

The “Add It All Up” Santa - This Santa delivers one of something that will eventually become a whole, such as a flower each day and a vase as the final gift at the party.
The “Stalker” Santa - Gifts show up in the places that only the recipient goes, or appear when the recipient leaves and comes back from meeting or something. The “Homemade” Santa - Each day brings a new little home made gift - a cookie in a CD sleeve, hot chocolate mix in a hand painted mug, an ornament for your tree. The “Special Delivery” Santa - This santa engages a different “elf” each day to hand deliver their gift. On the actual day of the party, all Secret Santas deliver their wrapped gift to the Head Elf.
Stay tuned for my next blog in which I’ll give you dozens of ideas for easy and inexpensive gifts that you could use not only for Secret Santa, but for family and friends.
The base of the Gherkin building is where it’s at for exchanging your Secret Santa gifts. Our dedicated Events Team has 15 years' experience in event planning so when it comes to organising parties, big or small, you are in safe hands.
Whether your group of mates exchange clever gifts that make each other laugh or seriously thoughtful gifts that bring a tear to your eye… we know what you need alongside your exchange.
The slightly Alice in Wonderland down the rabbit hole vibe is great for catching up with girlfriends, and the ideal spot to order Christmas cocktails and play Secret Santa.

Our fav is the #Selfie, with Stoli chocolate raspberry vodka, white chocolate and raspberry liqueur. After receiving a strange wine glass from your friend of a friend, you’ll be ready to let loose with a round of drinks and dancing.
The Sterling, decorated for party perfection is the ideal eye catching spot… not to mention the men in suits, which is like a Christmas gift in itself, right ladies? Mainly, a cracking great venue, with outrageously good cocktails, treats to eat and a brilliant atmosphere. Book a table, order a bottle of wine and tuck into what will one of your best post-work evenings. She told me later that she began by comparing the names in the box with an alphabetical list of employees.

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