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Well if you happen to have been published with a traditional publisher you likely have an agent. But boy, wouldn't I love it if one day one of my books took off and shot to the top of the rankings! I will gladly send you an ebook ARC (advanced reader copy) free in exchange for an honest review. Read my interview with acclaimed author Rhiannon Douglas regarding my novel, Lifeboat here. Did you know that some of the best sellers of all time were rejected by traditional publishing houses? But the traditional publishing world has grown even smaller and publishing houses are backing fewer unknown authors these days. But you have a compulsion to write and you have a need to share your work - your blood, sweat and tears - the innermost workings of your mind -  with the world.

And if you like it - tell all your friends, your family and your social media contacts, okay? Shepherd, except for Book Blurbs, Author Bios and other content prepared and copyrighted by third parties.
They have a marketing team that will advertise your book in appropriate forums, they will contact critiques at various publications for reviews, they will help you set up personal appearances and book signings.
Many times they are waiting for a self-published book to take off and become a best seller thanks to all the author's hard work and marketing, and then they swoop in and offer a publishing contract.
Sure, money and fame would be nice, but you'd settle for selling enough books to at least pay for the production costs of the one you are working on next and you wouldn't mind making a little profit too.
I know I have a solid story, and the reviews prove it, but getting it out there and noticed is the hardest thing. I feel like quitting at times but then I read a post like this and I am hopeful, energized, and inspired.

Why don't you contact me and we can work out how you can share a little bit of your book and yourself with my readers - maybe you can write a guest post or share an excerpt. You beg those who like your book to tell their friends, their family, their social media contacts and to leave reviews and you hope word of mouth gets you a few more readers. And thanks, because YOU just made the time and effort I put into writing this post worthwhile.

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