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Today's map comes from Alex Davies and Mike Nudelman of Business Insider and shows the best-selling car or truck in each state in 2013. 30% of Canada's 10 most popular trucks in November reported declining sales, year-over-year.
On the other hand, the difference in F-Series volume between last November and November 2011 was twice as large as the Titan's total November 2011 volume. Mens cologne should be versatile enough to be worn at work and at any occasions whether it be a date or a birthday party. There are a lot of great men’s cologne in the market that it could be tedious to choose from the various selections. Helping Authors Get More Profits, Prestige and Perks by Becoming an Amazon Best Selling Author! JOIN DOZENS OF AUTHORS (FICTION & NON-FICTION) WHO HAVE JOINED MY PROGRAM AND ARE NOW BEST SELLING AUTHORS! Nancy is a talented writer and has traveled around the world!  She started doing research online and came upon my Amazon Best Selling Author program and after our talk, Nancy decided she was ready to be a Best Selling Author and to create a passive income stream. As I mentioned in my audio at the top of this page…you are INVISIBLE TO AMAZON until you get on their BEST SELLERS LIST!  Once you do…then Amazon is happy to start promoting your book! Click here if you would like to read how I left my 17-year legal career after meeting Billy Ray Cyrus to follow my dreams and create my dream life! I started out 10 years ago making zero dollars online and grew my business from a part-time hobby for many years to a full time income since 2011 making $10,000 to $20,000+ per month online consistently!
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Another unforgettable aspect of this extraordinary narrative is the splendid characterization. Instead, April 2015 auto sales grew by less than 5%, and the industry’s volume improved by around 64,000 units.
There are hundreds of factors to consider, from Bob realizing that new patio furniture was more important than a new Ram EcoDiesel, to the decreased demand for certain aging models. But April’s car sales declines were sourced from all manner of automakers, from best sellers and worst sellers alike. From the leading Toyota Camry’s 10% drop to the 14th-ranked Kia Optima’s 6% decrease, passenger car declines were pervasive in April, a period during which all of America’s 20 top-selling SUVs and crossovers posted notable year-over-year improvements. The third-ranked Honda Civic posted its first YOY increase since June of last year, a modest but meaningful 3% gain.
Chrysler 200 sales more than quadrupled to 18,850 units – April 2014 represents a period of transition for the 200 nameplate. The Nissan Sentra joined the compact car improvements highlighted by the Corolla, Civic, and Elantra. Finally, the Ford Mustang’s 81.5% increase, a continuation of a topic we discussed last month, meant Ford’s lone two-door accounted for nearly one out of every five Blue Oval car sales last month. In a Reddit discussion about this map, someone brought up the fact that the Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group is based in Tulsa, and perhaps their purchases skewed the Oklahoma data.
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True, minivans are tumbling, but that’s not so much a reflection on the category as it is a symptom of FCA’s retooling of their Windsor plant.

Nine of America’s 15 best-selling cars (Camry, Accord, Fusion, Altima, Cruze, Focus, Sonata, Malibu, Optima) reported year-over-year sales declines in April 2015, including three of the top five and six of the top ten. The Camry’s closest challenger in April was not a fellow midsize car but rather a fellow Toyota.
Use the dropdown at the top right of this page or at GCBC's Sales Stats home to find sales figures for any other vehicle currently on sale in North America.
The F-Series fell 14 units short of retaining its crown as Canada's best-selling vehicle overall, a title the Ford lost (temporarily, we can assume) to the Honda Civic. That 222% gain was made possible not by a sudden increase in the Titan's desirability quotient but because Nissan only sold 102 Titans in November 2010.
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But the coolest thing about the life Jen has created is that she gets to live her dream by helping other people from all over the world build their dreams and become more than they believe they can be! With 30 years experience, Glenn has a huge passion for teaching people how to be safe and he also loves building self esteem in children by visiting schools to talk about and demonstrate anti abduction and personal growth strategies as well as running his own martial arts and self defense schools. She goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable in understanding the process and how to use the best-seller credential to further your initial goals.
After reading only a couple of chapters I decided what a good decision I made at the book vendor’s. He and Harry become friends from the moment they start talking; Hermione Granger, the infamous know it all, proud but kind at heart. Sales of the second-ranked Corolla jumped 10%, a gain of nearly 3000 units compared with April 2014. Not only do you get the credential, you get her experience to help you scale your business WITH that credential as well. The coaching calls and the step-by-step process that Michelle has developed to get your book to the bestsellers list cannot be beat in my opinion. I saw this book lying there and contemplated for 2 minutes whether I will like this witchy voodoo fantasy?
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