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In today’s world of multi-tasking and sensory overload, stress related problems are on the rise. It might appear that someone with the ability to visualize would have a head start when it comes to meditation. Yoga in general is about consciously controlling the Chitta – a Sanskrit word meaning ‘workings of the mind’.
As wonderful as Yoga Nidra can be, there are many who find no appeal whatsoever in lying on the floor visualizing!
With all the visual stimulation in society today, vision has become a primary sense for many people.
If you’re still thinking that you don’t have time to meditate, then you’ve missed one very important point here! Being out in the woods away from machinery, florescent lights, and chemical odors would be ideal of course.
Maria Bott is a chronic pain relief specialist, and the owner of Blissful Body Life Coaching LLC.
I guarantee that you will be on your way to best of health and best of wellness if you stick with meditation, as often as possible and as long as possible! If you need help with much needed rest, restoration and rejuvenation meditation tapes, you can purchase them from us or elsewhere.
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Meditation can take you into a state where your body is completely relaxed and your mind is alert, yet still and peaceful. Sitting in a straight-backed chair with hands lying loosely in your lap, palms facing upward.
Light a candle or choose a small, beautiful object like a single flower, a shell, or a piece of stone or crystal. A mantra is a word or phrase that is repeated, either audibly or silently, over and over again as a way of concentrating the mind. If you have difficulty meditating, you may like to try one of the many guided meditation audio cassettes available. As a starting point, why not start your day with some long slow deep breaths upon waking?  Breathe deep down into your abdomen so that your belly (rather than your chest) rises and falls as you breathe.

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Not wanting to rely on medication, many people are turning to meditation instead to combat these problems. Even the mainstream medical profession is now recognizing meditation as a solution. The fifth limb teaches that it’s not necessary to immerse yourself in a deprivation tank to meditate!
Your emotions are the results of your thoughts, and your thoughts can be deliberately directed. If you add your own modifications, you will take more ownership of it, find it  more fun and be more motivated to do so. If you do get the CDs or MP3 downloads from us, we give away 50% of our proceeds to charities. Follow these tips and be as cool as a cucumber, as rested as a luxury hotel customer, as benevolent as a road side (Good Samaritan)  traveler.
Benefits associated with regular practice of meditation are clarity of mind, mental alertness, improved creativity, the ability to concentrate for longer periods of time, and improved coordination.
Before you begin the meditation, ensure you are comfortable — wear loose clothing and make sure you are warm. If you are meditating for relaxation, choose a word or phrase that has a positive meaning for you and repeat this as you keep your breathing in a slow, even rhythm. These will lead you through a process that will assist you in focusing on your breath and on relaxing parts of your body. The Experiencing Relaxation cd is brilliant.  I found that even on my most stressful days, this cd helps me melt away into bliss land. You can also use other WordPress widgets such as recent posts, recent comments, a tag cloud or more. Even before the invention of cars and technology, yogi’s recognized that going from one to seven required a process. Someone who enjoys relaxing on the beach to the sights and sounds of the ocean would do well with guided imagery. If you would prefer English, or any other language, just create a positive rhythmic sentence and repeat it over and over. Even if you’re sitting in the parking lot with a brown bag in your lap, eat your sandwich consciously with every bite. The passing of a butterfly, the sound of laughter, a rainbow after a storm, they’re all opportunities to meditate, even if only briefly.

So, enjoy these simple tweaks we have seen in this series and make the “Baba” (yoga guru) meditations to your custom ones and enjoy the deep native  rest and feel the power of nirvana from these modified meditations! There are a variety of positions you can try, but whichever one you use, it is important that your spine remains straight. Settle into your chosen position and begin to breathe deeply and evenly, focusing your attention on the object. You may also like to make your own guide by reading onto a tape while you play soothing music in the background.
Learning to concentrate on a single object, even for just a few minutes, can alleviate the stress of multi-tasking. Your thoughts are then sent on a guided journey, deliberately creating positive emotional responses. Some people find it most convenient to meditate in the morning when they are alert, while others find that meditation can encourage sound sleep. Don’t judge them as right or wrong, silly or distracting, just allow them to come and go without becoming emotionally involved or allowing them to develop. As thoughts enter your mind, observe them objectively and without judgment, and bring your focus back to the object.
Begin with instructions to focus on your breath followed by instructions to relax all parts of your body, starting at your toes and working your way up to your scalp. Ceasing judgement of the past and worry for the future is being, ‘fully present and quietening the mind.’ This is meditation.
Her book: ‘Blissful Body – Painless Path’, shares with you her successful methods for breaking chronic pain chains. There are many different ways to meditate, so experiment to find which one is most suitable for you.

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