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A Pictorial Drama of the Creation of Heaven and Earth Based upon Awe Inspiring Photo Images from the Hubble and Spitzer Space Telescopes; In this awe inspiring collection of images from modern day space telescopes, Author Paul Hutchins uncovers a Grand Drama on a universal scale that has been playing out since the invention of the telescope. After the death of his father, and with his mother working full time to support the family, the Author lacked direction and guidance in his life.
He poses the question; is this Grand Drama merely in response to an ancient invitation recorded in the Book of Isaiah?
As we peer through this Doorway to the heavens and look upon these heavenly cosmic bodies, we find ourselves awed by their grandeur. He one day found himself in a high speed car chase being shot at by the local sheriff as he and his friend ducked their heads and swerved their car back and forth so as not to get hit by the flying bullets. Who created all the stars?” Through the use of his imagination, and the invention of the telescope man has discovered a once Secret Doorway to a World beyond imagination.

At the age of 19 after considering suicide, he had a life changing experience that turned him around and saved his life. He has now, in this age of cutting edge technology developed flying Space Telescopes in his quest to know, how did we get here? This experience keep him from going to prison with his brother, who was later shot in the head and killed, and his friend who was featured on America’s most wanted for murder and later captured.
Could it be that we are now peering into the mind of a Supreme Architect with an imagination far beyond that of mere mortals. It is his goal now through writing, to help others who may have lost direction and hopefully provide some guidance in their lives; to pause for a moment, and take a look around at what they are doing with their life, and ask.
How could my life be different, what good could I be doing, and what difference could I make, if I just used my gift of creative imagination?

The author originally set out to write about the imagination of man and how it is the force that shapes the world around us.
Upon asking himself, what is the greatest example of imagination he could think of; his first thought was the design of the universe. He had remembered seeing a couple of photos from the Hubble Space Telescope, and then did a Google search and came across the Hubble website.

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