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Jeffrey Ellens, Iowa State University Student Counseling Service, demonstrates the university's newest stress buster for students. JUST IN CASEVisit a mobile-friendly website with essential UCR and Riverside area contact information for emergency and non-emergency situations.
Heart rate and blood volume pulse: A transducer is usually attached to a thumb or finger with a Velcro strip. Ron Newton, assistant vice chancellor, Administration and Finance, tries out the virtual reality training at the Biofeedback Lab in Belk Building during the laba€™s grand opening. The therapies used and studied by East Carolina Universitya€™s Psychophysiology Lab and Biofeedback Clinic may be unconventional, but their benefits have been undeniable to clients they have touched. Carmen Russoniello, director of ECUa€™s Psychophysiology Lab and Biofeedback Clinic, spoke of the humble origins of the program and its first locations in Minges and a small room in Christenbury.
That dream drove the program to its current facility in Belk Building and led to successful research projects that deal with a range of topics, including post-traumatic stress disorder as experienced by children after Hurricane Floyd, stress as a cause of error in physicians, the effect of stress on metabolism in children and the ability of video games to improve mood and concentration. The Wounded Warrior program provides assistance to injured service personnel and their families until they can return to duty, be medically discharged or readjust to civilian life.
Matthew Fish, program coordinator, described the first tenuous meeting of the Wounded Warriors and the graduate student researchers they work with.
The Marines meet twice a week for individual sessions and circuit training to learn how to control symptoms of post-traumatic stress syndrome or regain skills lost to injuries.
Biofeedback, the real-time recording and playback of the human bodya€™s physiological response signals, together with the psychological interpretation of those responses, is a unique intervention that allows the patient to see the connection between mind and body. Steve Duncan, assistant vice chancellor for military programs, takes pride in the ways ECU is helping the military, and hopes to see more programs evolve. The database of natural remedies is cross-referenced to the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database. Determining the system suitable for You The Inergetix-CoRe System level that you need is in part determined by the needs of your practice and how you wish to use Inergetix-CoRe System. The Plasma Generator uses modulated plasma light to deliver frequencies and the information they carry deep into the tissues of the person sitting in front of the unit.
Inergetix-EMDR (a stand-alone program or an addition to any system) This is a software application to facilitate eye movement therapy. Inergetix-CoRe uses a user-selected image that moves across a user-selected background, and user-selected audio is available.
Over 4000 remedies including points, meridians, Chinese herbs and herbal formulae, healing mantras, Toaist exercises, subtle anatomy, the Meridian Clock, and points in combination with flower and gem essences and homeopathic remedies. You can choose all or selected categories totaling approximately 100,000 additional items including groups of emotions, essences (flower, gem, tree), homeopathy, herbs, pathogens, toxins, allergies and sensitivities, body chemistry, dictionary, astrology, supplements by manufacturer, Sulis remedies, business, quotes and inspiration, and more. This semiconductor white noise-generator is turned into a Hologram Generator based on the superior scanning algorithm of our system.
Inform any physical substrate with any of the thousands of resonances included in the Basic software database or any of your own items by placing them on the RITU. On the informational level we 'only' need informational (symbolic) connections; on the energetic level we need physical, electrical connections. The Plasma Generator uses modulated plasma light to deliver energies and the information they carry deep into the tissues of the person sitting in front of the discharge tubes. A special feature of our energy medicine oriented hardware is the fact that you can attach specially designed magneto-therapy applicators. Different than what today mostly is claimed to be a Rife device, Rife himself worked with modulated plasma light to make his successful experiments. Many of you may have become aware of the rubber bracelets that have become so fashionable in recent years. The Inergetix-CoRe System gives the practitioner great flexibility in analysis and balancing for humans, animals, plants and bio-systems. Inergetix-CoRe Version 5, besides being the most reliable and reproducible informational analysis and broadcast of any device on the market, is a complete energetic therapy system that gives energetic frequency balancing using light, sound, electricity, and magnetism. Informational balancing can have profound effects on causes that lie on the informational level, such as the control functions of the body and mental-emotional issues, and can indirectly affect the energetic, biochemical, and structural levels.

Based on verified new principles, the Inergetix-CoRe System accesses the informational realm where it is possible to evaluate and balance conditions that until now had no explanation, such as most mental and emotional disturbances.
By revealing unexpected connections and key issues within minutes, the potential for immediate recovery begins. Group structure of over 100,000 database items to help focus the analysis on selected groups. Ability to focus the evaluation on specific symptoms or filters that are entered by the practitioner. Inergetix-CoRe™ directly addresses the client’s energetic level with the availability of light, sound, electricity, and magnetism as carriers of client- and condition-specific information. Inergetix-CoRe™ is the most reasonably priced system on the market, considering that it integrates informational and energetic applications. Christopher Soldano, a USMC Wounded Warrior who came back from combat in a state he described as a a€?cognitive mess.a€? Through biofeedback, virtual reality training and the use of the online virtual world, Second Life, he has experienced much improvement in his speech and other cognitive skills.
ECUa€™s program helps Marines meet that last goal by teaching them how to appropriately process prior traumatic experiences and rebuild positive relationship skills. It is an integrated and highly customizable informational and energy medicine device that works on both bioinformational and bioenergetic levels. Work bioinformationally and bioenergetically using the Biofeedback Frequency Program up to 22,000 Hz that have been found informationally to be the most personally resonant. This is a gold-plated device that connects to the computer’s audio port and where you can connect the light weight electrodes as well as place a physical substance to imprint informational resonances into. They work in themselves as informational facilitators to increase body awareness and energy flow, which can be instantaneously experienced and measured.
However, should you wish to return it for any reason within 30 days from date of arrival, please call us on001-530-692-9224 to request a return authorization number.
We use 20 tubes filled with noble gases that produce different colored light to supply the carrier wavelength.
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a psychotherapy treatment that was originally designed to alleviate the distress associated with traumatic memories.
Chinese herbs and herbal formulae, emotional and manipulative items, spiritual healing and subtle anatomy for veterinary use in cattle, porcine, equine, and other conditions. The Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) incorporates high resolution and two channels to measure electromagnetic changes in the client.
We use twenty differently colored tubes filled with different noble gases to supply the carrier wavelength with color therapy. Inergetix-CoRe is achieved a world 'first' when it took bioenergetic therapy to a new level by providing frequency balancing based on informational feedback from the client in its client-specific modes.
Adding energetic functionality to the Inergetix-CoRe System allows us to directly address the energetic level using light, sound, electricity and magnetism as carriers of client- and condition-specific information. Visitors toured the lab where graduate students and faculty members lead studies and work with a variety of clients, from Marines wounded in battle to children with behavioral health issues. Tools such as virtual reality training, video games and computer programs help put this in practice. The electrodes can also be used during the analysis to help clients "feel connected"; although significant, this effect is symbolic because in the current version the electrodes do not "read" clients. Along with sound, the Plasma Generator can be used with subjects that are not able to hold the hand electrodes, including animals and plants. After successful treatment with EMDR, affective distress is relieved, negative beliefs are reformulated, and physiological arousal is reduced. This device allows for a very high resolution of generated frequencies; used alone, the RITU produces frequencies up to 22 KHz, with the addition of the AWG the Inergetix-CoRe System produces up to 2 MHz. Along with sound therapy, the Plasma Generator can be used with subjects that are not able to hold the hand electrodes, including animals, plants, and soil. Color therapy says that the symptoms of imbalance are a sign that there is a shortage or improper utilization of color and light in the cells and organs of the human body, due to a range of factors including our lifestyle, our environment, stress, or too much or too little of a particular color frequency in our energy system. On the bioenergetic side, the different levels of the System affect both the analysis and the balancing, as described below.

The frequencies are generated by the computer sound card.reaches and thus the amplitude is limited in its output to a few millivolts, which is not perceptible by most clients. Returns without a return authorization number written clearly on the outside of the package will not be accepted. It was with light that well-known pioneers in frequency therapy had their greatest successes.
During EMDR the client focuses on emotionally disturbing material while simultaneously focusing on an external stimulus. In many experiments, these higher frequencies have been found to be very much more effective because of their higher energy and penetration depth.
It was with light that well-know pioneers in frequency therapy had their greatest successes. Created and directed by Student Counseling Service staff psychologist Todd Pietruszka, the center is free and open to all ISU students. Traditionally, therapist-directed lateral eye movements are the most commonly used external stimulus but a variety of other stimuli including hand-tapping and audio stimulation are often used. The AWG also allows control of amplitude and waveform, which plays an important role in the aim to personalize the signal as much as possible.
The Inergetix-CoRe System can find and output resonant colors as well as resonant frequencies. Iowa State is the first of the three Regents' universities to offer a biofeedback service to address students' emotional needs.Biofeedback uses technologies like video games and guided meditations to teach relaxation techniques, concentration skills and healthy coping responses.
Incredibly for its small size, it also contains the circuitry to allow high resolution 2-Channel electric measurements of the client's response to the energetic frequency therapy. These unconscious psychological occurrences offer insight into corresponding emotional responses.
Biofeedback teaches people to become aware of their physiological responses, while providing techniques -- like deep breathing, visualization or mindfulness -- to consciously reset the body's conditioned responses. For example, when you take your temperature and find you have a fever, you might call the doctor."Quiet space away from the daily grindIowa State's Biofeedback Center is a compact room with three massage recliners, each facing its own wall-mounted computer monitor.
Students start with an orientation session that explains how to check out and use the equipment, and how to navigate the computer programs. The equipment fits into a case about the size of a portable CD player and consists of finger sensors, mouse pad and earphones. Sitting in the recliners, the students wear noise-cancelling headphones and fingertip sensors, which measure skin conductance and heart rate. As students practice the relaxation techniques presented, they can watch real-time graphs of their physiological responses. Once mastered, they can use the techniques whenever needed--before taking a test or giving a class presentation, for example. Sessions can last from 15 minutes to an hour or more,"The training module teaches how to become aware of your body, how to use breathing, how to become mindful of your thoughts," Pietruszka said. Some relaxation tools taught in the computer programs include meditation techniques, mindfulness (a calm awareness of one's physical and emotional state) deep breathing exercises, visualization and guided recitations.
Two of the programs use fantasy-based game environments to present guided activities for meditation and emotional control."Once you learn the processes, you don't need to come to the center to practice them in your life," Pietruszka said. These are things you can do in a public crowd, no one would know you're doing them."In addition to addressing anxiety issues, biofeedback can help students who struggle with concentration, or have difficulty with negative or self-critical thoughts. The ultimate goal is emotional control," Pietruszka said."The process of quieting the mind has a lot of benefit beyond calming anxiety," he said. Appointments are required for the orientation session only; walk ins are welcome for subsequent sessions. To schedule an orientation session, call (515) 294-5056.It is not necessary to be a client of the Student Counseling Service to use The Biofeedback Center.

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