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Over 10 years of designing data acquisition and sensor systems, and advanced signal processing. Biofeedback encompasses many scientifically based, self-therapeutic techniques that have proved successful when used by people suffering from a variety of illnesses and disorders.
A simple definition of biofeedback is that it is information—or feedback—about an individual's biological functions. Biofeedback initially emerged as result of a theoretical controversy rather than as a practical solution to clinical problems. Today, there has been a shift in the way people take care of themselves, and many are taking a more active role in self-regulating their health, by maintaining regular exercise regimens, avoiding caffeine, alcohol and nicotine, eating healthy foods and accepting responsibility for their own physical and spiritual well-being.
Feedback EMG is the process of monitoring displaying to the trainee the ongoing contraction and relaxation patterns generated by their skeletal muscles. It has long been recognized that chronic muscle tension, a state in which an individual is continually stiff, or braced, can be an indication of an ongoing stress response.
By learning to voluntarily control affected muscles, trainees can achieve significant clinical improvement. As a result, the trainee may become more understanding of and less defensive towards other therapeutic procedures and recommendations.
Feedback encephalography is the process of monitoring and displaying to an individual the ongoing EEG activity generated in by their brain. The electroencephalographic potentials emitted by the human brain provide one of the few objective measurements of activity of the human central nervous system. In feedback electroencephalography, EEG activity is detected by surface electrode sensors attached to the scalp - then amplified, analyzed, and translated into visual and auditory feedback displays. Follow the link below to an article by the Mayo Clinic regarding how Biofeedback can help you to use your mind to manage certain medical conditions.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Past participants have reported that Stens' training was a key factor in passing their accrediting exams.
The basic idea of biofeedback training is to provide individuals with increased information about what is going on inside their bodies and their brains.

Neil Miller challenged the assumption that the autonomic nervous system could not be operatively conditioned. Biofeedback therapies enhance these efforts at greater self-regulation, wellness and growth. Its objective is to heighten proprioceptive awareness of the mechanisms of muscle posture and to develop voluntary control over dysfunctional, semi-voluntary or involuntary muscle activity.
Myographic feedback can play a major role in improving the trainee's awareness of both the objective physiological indications of inappropriate stress response and the mechanisms involved in their generation and maintenance.
This improvement results from a variety of factors: First, when acute or chronic muscle tension directly contributes to the trainee's distress, relaxation of the affected muscles can relieve the discomfort.
Another major application of feedback electromyography is in the neuromuscular retraining of partially to seriously dysfunctional muscles. Its most common clinical application is to redress a chronic mental posture constituting a component of a psychosomatic or psychological disorder.
While the sources and mechanics are not fully understood, EEG potentials originate in the firing mechanisms of neurons and travel along the surface of the cerebral cortex as well as through deeper layers of the brain. By receiving immediate and continuous information reflecting EEG frequency and amplitude fluctuations, the trainee can learn to recognize and associate specific patterns of EEG activity with discernible mental and physiological states. By watching an instrument give continuous measurements of a bodily function, a person can experiment with different thoughts, feelings, and sensations and get immediate feedback on the physical effects.Recent advances in technology have produced extremely reliable instruments that measure and respond to very slight changes in the body and are capable of feeding back via lights, sounds, and meters, changes in temperature as small as one-tenth to one-hundredth of a degree, or changes just one or two beats per minute in heart rate, or very small blood pressure changes and minute changes in muscle tension. The field that deals most directly with information processing and feedback is called Cybernetics.
The rise in popularity of schools of meditation and "consciousness expanding" also played a part.
The achievement of muscoskeletal control skills has direct clinical applications in both physical medicine (neuromuscular reeducation) and in the redress of psychological, psychosomatic, and stress-related disorders. Second, the feedback of observable and objective indications of the trainee's condition can facilitate the trainee's acceptance and understanding of the problem.
As a muscle rehabilitation tool, feedback myography can easily be integrated into current physical therapy procedures, and can make a substantial contribution toward patient recovery. Many individuals suffering from stress-related disorders exhibit excessive mental arousal and rumination associated with high-frequency (beta) EEG activity.

There are four basic types of EEG patterns, classified according to their frequency (number of Hertz or cycles-per-second). With time, this can generate desired EEG activity and its mental and physiological connection. With practice under the care and guidance of a trained professional, and with the data provided by the sensitive equipment, the trainee can learn to alter their heart rate, or modulate their respiration, or increase skin temperature in parts of their body, and ultimately learn to control their physiological reactions in the treatment of their disorders.
A basic principle of cybernetics is that one cannot control a variable unless information, or feedback, about the variable is made available.
Yoga and Zen masters have claimed for centuries to be able to alter their physiological states significantly through meditation. Third, the achievement of deep muscle relaxation can contribute to the trainee's overall relaxation and have significant clinical impact on stress-related disorders. Characteristically, these individuals do not experience periodic mental relaxation associated with synchronized alpha EEG activity.
Fourth, direct control of previously involuntary muscle activity serves to improve the trainee's sense of self-control, self-responsibility, and self-image.
By learning to enhance the generation of EEG alpha activity, such individuals may cultivate a more normal mental posture and thus modify a portion of maladaptive psychosiological mechanisms, which tend to perpetuate or exacerbate their condition. In adults, each of these frequency bands represents a specific mental arousal level, and is associated with a set of generalized behavioral correlates. In applied biofeedback, trainees receive clear and direct feedback about their states and this information helps them learn to control such functions, leading to a healthier lifestyle.
It should be emphasized, however, that individuals might differ somewhat in terms of their subjunctive experiences of these EEG states. The rapid rise of health care costs in the United States has prompted a need for cost-effective, non-pharmacological treatments and has ushered in an era of "preventative medicine" and holistic, nontraditional care.

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