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The Lite™ is a portable, highly integrated device for peak performance training of the mind by means of neurofeedback (EEG biofeedback).
The names of the available protocols function as references; the full spectrum of training effects also includes many other psychological functions. The device allows ease of movement: it is small, light weight, and does not require connection to a personal computer (although interoperability with a PC has been provided).
A simple tone or a single sound is often applied as audio feedback, issued in the moment when the signal exceeds the given threshold. The device is equipped with a function of the automatic adjustment of the difficulty level, depending on the current parameters of the EEG signal. The device is equipped with the infrared interface (IrDA standard) for communication with a personal computer. Good electric contact between the measuring electrodes and the skin is the prerequisite to correct recording of EEG signal. In the Lite, the very good parameters of measurement circuit allow elimination of abrasives.
Contact of electrodes, important for EEG measurement quality, may be disturbed by such influences as motion. The Lite is equipped with the automatic supervision of electrode contacts during training sessions. Electric signals recorded on the scalp, apart from the activity of the brain, contain components reflecting other physiological phenomena as well (e.g. The Lite gives only credible feedback signals, thanks to the automatic detection of these kinds of artifacts. In contrast, the Lite is characterized by high immunity to external interferences and it is free from the problems mentioned above. The device enables high EEG sampling frequency (up to 1024 Hz) and wide frequency band (up to 100 Hz). Programmers can use the API of Neurobit Lite device, enabling rapid integration with applications processing EEG data. The device casing permits comfortable application in various conditions: The device may be handheld, fastened on a belt, or kept lying or standing on a flat surface. A number of options, such as configuration of the training and parameters of sound, enable adjustment of the device to one's own preferences. Several measures have been taken for protection against electrical hazard, including: battery power, device isolation from the environment, double insulation of measuring wires and plugs compatible with DIN 42802 standard.
In Belgium the product is sold under the name "Rilatine" and in Brazil and Portugal as "Ritalina". You may need to download the latest version of the Flash Player plugin to access all the features of Making the Modern World.
Biofeedback is a physical method of managing stress based on laboratory procedures developed in the 1940s. The term ‘biofeedback’ was coined in 1969 and refers to the individual using feedback from their own bodies as part of the process.
An individual is attached to a monitor that produces feedback about their physiological activity - such as their blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tension.

Biofeedback is therefore designed to target the symptoms of stress, though it does not tackle the stressor itself which will remain present in the individual’s life.
Compared with a similar group of students who were given no treatment until the study was over - and another group that engaged in pseudomeditation (what they thought was a meditation procedure but was in fact a procedure made up by the researchers), the biofeedback produced significant reductions in muscle tension and headaches. Using a multidisciplinary approach, various aspects of visual perception and sensation are assessed. During the 2010 Winter Olympics, the lights of the CN Tower are taking part in an interactive biometric art installation.
From 3,300km away, a participant in Vancouver has their brainwaves monitored as they watch a live video of the Toronto skyline. The measurement being used to determine a participant’s attentiveness is their ratio of their alpha waves to beta waves.
What I like about the CN Tower installation (in addition to the cross-country nature of the biofeedback loop) was something I read in this Torontoist article. Mind Balance also relied on an electroencephalogram (EEG) metric to create a control mechanism. We used a 45-second acoustic feedback training session to help participants learn this concept assisted by very clear and immediate feedback. We resurrected Mind Balance for the Microsoft Ireland Visual Studio 2005 launch and it was awesome (and somewhat improbable) that we got it to work in an Irish pub setting.
Excitement around Brain-Computer Interfaces for commercial and artistic use seems to resurface every few years.
Later this year, with the imminent launch of Project Natal, the focus now seems to be on visual and acoustic interfaces. Concentration is considered the key for optimal functioning and obtaining peak achievements, whether in sport, business, or artistic and creative activity, to name a few. Their effective use requires considerable technical knowledge and time-consuming exploration of the neurofeedback discipline. Flexible, visual designing of EEG signal processing is possible, including additional training protocols.
Its measurement is subject to robust interferences, such as from the mains power lines or radio signals.
The measuring electrodes' current is significantly lower than limits specified in EN 60601 (IEC 601).
These involved training research participants to gain some voluntary control over bodily functions that are not normally controlled voluntarily, such as blood pressure and heart rate.
However, it does give people a feeling of control and it may be this, rather than biofeedback itself, that results in beneficial effects.
For example, Bradley (1995) cites a study in which college students suffering from tension headaches were given seven 50-minute sessions using biofeedback based on muscle tension.
Making the Modern World is sponsored by the ISB fund of the Treasury and the Cabinet Office. These include perceptual-cognitive training in sports for athletes, training for the elderly, and multisensory integration with stochastic resonance. However, instead of measuring the ratio between alpha and beta waves, we were monitoring the occipital lobes at the back of the head to detect artifacts from the electrical signals produced by the brain’s visual processing.

It worked with varying degrees of success, but thankfully, enough success in over 95% of cases for a participant to successfully go on to generate a single reliable control axis. You can read more about Mind Balance here, and check out the shots of our prototype headgear called Cerebus. My hat’s off to Interaxon for putting together this engaging cross-country installation. BioExplorer also interoperates with biofeedback games, for example InnerTube and Particle Editor.
These artifacts are undesirable in peak performance training and in many devices they are sources of false feedback signals.
These interferences cause serious problems in many neurofeedback systems (even those equipped with filters of mains power signal).
Thanks to this, user is able to get new features and improvements without physical unit delivery to support service. The device fulfills requirements for electromagnetic compatibility standards EN 55022 (CISPR 22) and EN 55024 (CISPR 24).
For example, there may be an auditory signal that changes in pitch depending on changes in heart rate. Other critics suggest that it is the relaxation training and the commitment and motivation required that is effective in reducing the symptoms of stress.
They were also encouraged to practice bringing the muscle tension under control when free of headaches and at the first sign of a headache. But as the participant concentrates, the lights of the CN Tower cycle around with the speed of Christine Nesbitt ’round the speed skating track. It also enables the user to considerably raise immunity to stress and to attenuate the consequences of stress.
Its application does not require specialized knowledge, only familiarization with accessible manual.
In such cases, searching of locations distant from power lines or application of extra metal screening may be necessary.
The intensity of infrared radiation used for wireless communication does not exceed the limit of sight protection specified by IEC 825. The individual is taught to use meditation or muscle relaxation in order to control the pitch of the signal and consequently control their heart rate. The product takes advantage of advanced technology of digital processing of the brain electrical activity (EEG).
With practice an individual should eventually learn to control their bodily processes without the use of the monitor. With several distinctive functions and many features unavailable even in more expensive equipment, this handy device defines new advantage to price relation for home neurofeedback.

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