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Winner of the Hillingdon Secondary Book of the Year 2015 and the Sheffield Children's Book Award 2015.
For example, I want my sister, Ninja Grace, to go to university at the North Pole and only come back once a year. I want my dog to stop eating the planets from my solar system mobile and throwing them up on the carpet.
There were some really lovely moments in this book, like when Dan and his mum's boyfriend went out and flew a paper lantern, on which Dan had written his feelings about certain events that occurred in the story. I literally just finished this book last week, I had to keep from crying, i read it in one night. This book was very sad for me to read because this book entailed a lot of abuse, the parents were at a unhealthy standpoint with this child. For example: I want my sister, Ninja Grace, to go to university at the North Pole and only come back once a year for twenty-four hours.
I'm trying my hardest not to include spoilers so I suppose you'll just have to read the book for yourself! Williamson has brought warmth and familiarity to characters in such a way that only extremely skilled authors can. I laughed and cried, often at the same time.Lara Mieduniecki, Manager, Blackwells EdinburghA beautifully written and heartfelt novel that made me laugh and cry in equal measure. I loved his family too, especially his sixteen-year-old sister 'Ninja Grace' (so called because her words are like venom.) Williamson has done a brilliant job at creating typical family dynamics and I really enjoyed reading about their day-to-day lives! I am so glad to have discovered such a wonderful writer and I cannot wait for the next book from Lara Williamson. I initially read a proof of this and have been championing it in store ever since it’s publication.
I do recommend for anyone to read this book to get a understanding of what has happened and to think about when they have children to show compassion and love towards their child and not abuse them.
Something I have always wanted Pelzer to do was write a sequel from the dad's point of view.
From a ‘very strong longlist’ independent booksellers have voted A Boy Called Hope a place on this year’s shortlist. There is something about his vulnerability and child-like ideas that make A Boy Called Hope such a sparkling debut. It’s perfect for fans of Wonder and even for older readers who like Erin Lange and John Green. And in none of the books, David never says anything about his mother having a mental issue. The shortlist of ten adult titles and twelve titles in the children’s categories will now be judged by two separate judging panels comprising authors, booksellers and well-known book lovers. Also this book made me think about all the times a saw a child who stunk, or was wearing destroyed cloths. The winners will be announced on 28 June 2014, the first day of Independent Booksellers Week.Reader ReviewsDo you agree or disagree with the reviews below? A book written for both children and adults, it's a book of the rare kind that focuses on somebody different but normal. You feel everything Dan goes through and with him you realise what really makes a family.Primary TimesEnglish teachers will love this book as it demonstrates all the techniques that they have been teaching for years and that generally fall on deaf ears.

Not that it was easy living without a dad, but I’d managed to keep my feelings squashed inside, until today.
Still, he dreams about one day being reunited with his father, who had left the family years ago.
He is torn between being logical and being optimistic.Maja Andermann Alvarez, 23rd April 2015A boy called hopeThis was an amazing and touching book. A thoroughly good read and could Dan be an Adrian Mole successor?Teach EnglishA story that will bring you to laughter, move you to tears and one that you won’t be able to put down long after you have finished reading it.
Dad appears on my TV screen, right under my nose, right in my living room, where he hasn’t been for years. When I read the blurb I felt really sorry for Dan because he wanted a proper dad.Rishi, 17th February 2015so many different emotionsThis book showed so many different emotions with love, hate and sadness. The book was not how I had expected it to be as although sometimes I thought I knew what was going to happen I was proven wrong.
I would recommend this to everyone between the age of 10-adult because this book show how one boy's dreams effect his life in amazing ways. I hope you found this helpful.harriet, 10th December 2014Warm characters, beautifully written and with a sprinkling of humourDan Hope is a hopeful eleven-year-old boy whose life is full of highs and lows, twists and turns. Still at that wonderful age where he thinks he can make everything right again with a couple of emails and a guitar, he tries desperately to get his Dad back and to make everyone happy again.
A breathtaking new voice for the Middle Grade contemporary market!Serendipity ReviewsUpon finishing this book I was speechless. But there’s something wrong about making your dad invisible without asking his permission. It will make you cry, it will make you laugh, and it will make you smile.It Was Lovely Reading You blogA brave story, and told very skilfully. I don’t mind admitting my shock soon changes into something else, a sort of stunned delight at seeing Dad back at 10 Paradise Parade where he belongs.
Okay, so there is the small matter of him being a TV presenter and there being a glass screen between us that wasn’t there before. After reading this book, you might want to go and tell everyone closest to you how much you appreciate them.The Mile Long BookshelfLara Williamson’s writing is witty and natural, and she seems to tune in beautifully to this eleven year old boy’s mind and heart, giving clarity to both his emotions and those of the family and friends around him. He’s funny at points, clever at others, and always carries this inspiring amount of hope with him wherever he goes. Dan put a smile on my face with every page and I’m sure every reader will fall in love with his personality. No fairy cakes, the rainbow-coloured hundreds and thousands bleeding into vanilla frosting, and no writing his name out in sparklers.
Ninja Grace is out of her tiny mind if she doesn’t realize how brilliant this could be for us.
I am so glad to have discovered such a wonderful writer and I cannot wait for Lara's next book. The boys will ask me to be the captain of the football team and the girls will write Mrs Dan Hope in their notebooks. The day started like any other but ended up with me sitting at the top of the stairs with Grace.
Cottage pie always made me angry too because the mince was full of rubbery bits that bounced off my teeth.

There was this doof-doof sound and a noise like someone whistling through a blade of grass.
Grace looked at me and said she didn’t really think this was about cottages or gristle.
But Grace said I couldn’t leave, as it was getting exciting because Dad was talking about going on a whole new adventure while Mum was shouting about playing around. Only then Dad was shouting about being on his own and I wasn’t sure that it sounded like the sort of laugh-a-minute holiday I wanted. Mum was crying and the drone of it went up and down as if she was single-handedly flying a light aircraft. I vowed I’d never eat a cottage pie, speak a foreign language, study histrionics or walk like a baboon. According to Grace, who had sussed out the whole thing, Dad had run off with the woman who worked there.
At Our Lady of the Portal School they do not recognize this amazing ability I have, which is a shame. Then again, I hide it well because that way I can continue thinking my bright ideas while my teacher, Mrs Parfitt, is boring everyone with maths.
On this very day, the day after seeing Dad on the telly, and while Mrs Parfitt is attempting to get into the Guinness World Records for the largest amount of waffling one human being can do on the subject of BODMAS, I am finalizing a cunning plan.
I might add that Jo still has freakishly long hair, despite me tugging on it when we were five.
She says she won’t ever cut it because there is a lot of superpower in hair, just ask Samson.
When he arrived, the teacher asked him where he came from and he laughed and said the Emerald Isle. She called Christopher up to the front of the classroom and asked him to point out the Emerald Isle. That was the beginning of our friendship though, and a few days later, when Jo was telling me about her plastic glow-in-the-dark statue of Our Lady of Knock, Christopher came over and said he enjoyed playing guitar. And I told her to shut up because the name Boo was far more astonishing than the name Saint Christina the Astonishing.
When she turns towards the TV screen she makes a vacuum of her mouth, sucking all the air out of the room.
I told Mum he’s on the telly and she says we should keep it to ourselves and get on with our own lives. Dad’s house will be massive, like Buckingham Palace x 3, with hundreds of windows and a Union Jack stuttering in the wind. I watered it and cared for it and suddenly, without me realizing, it has turned into a huge leafy tree.

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