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Heck, you could even get a matching cast iron sink (I’ll take pink, please) complete with hudee ring. Designing a kitchen that fits you like a fine leather glove ergonomic design, to give it the technical term is not the same as universal design, a term used by many to describe a barrier-free room that’s accessible to a person in a wheelchair. Kitchens designed for people in wheelchairs often have the dishwasher raised off the floor: a good idea for everyone because it eliminates bending and lifting.
Out of necessity, people in wheelchairs use counter backsplash areas for primary storage, and limit what they keep in overhead cabinets to things that fit on the lowest shelf. Take advantage of this natural tendency and build backsplash storage into at least one counter.
My 13yr old daughter (her name is Erina Nor) adores & is very inspired to be like you, a chef in Paris. Your first book is well splattered and used in my kitchen so I can’t wait to add to it with your new book.
Pre-ordered your book last week, I can’t wait to make it for my french husband who misses home so much now that we live in Australia. When I took the foil off after 30 mins it obviously was nowhere near cooking, so I gave it another half hour.
I had been so pleased to have finally butchered my own whole chicken, only to be severely let down by the vegetables.

The cover image shown above illustrates how happy the inhabitants of the house are with their Sears kitchen — and why wouldn’t they be? I’m not sure where they stashed the fridge in this kitchen, but the rounded knick knack shelving around the windows and at the end of the cabinets makes me cease to care. Can you just imagine having your morning coffee and cereal at the breakfast bar, while gazing out the strategically placed window as the morning light filters in?
The argyle-esque wallpaper on the soffit coordinates so well with the window treatments and the upholstery on the stool. There is a lot of color in this space, but it all works together so well — which just goes to show you how versatile white kitchen cabinets can be. An 8-inch-deep appliance garage behind louver doors, or small shelf storage behind sliders still leaves 15 inches of usable countertop. The chicken (Waitrose fresh) was just about cooked, but the carrots, potatoes and onions were still inedibly raw.
The optimistic color combinations and fun designs will have you wishing that one of these kitchens could magically appear in your own home.
This would be such a great kitchen for entertaining — with the open plan and the cook top in the middle of the room, it would be so easy to simultaneously cook and socialize with party guests. The interior designers and graphic designers sure were able to have a lot of fun in 1950s kitchens — so many of the kitchens in this catalog give us a primer on how to combine real pattern and real color beautifully.

I for one, would have never thought to put a deep blue floor in my kitchen — but in this case it really does make the room. Another option is to plan one 36-inch-deep counter to provide a full 12 inches of backsplash storage without sacrificing any countertop work surface.
Available for pre-order now on Amazon, or via your local independent bookshop too – pop into your favourite local shop to pre-order a copy! As a fellow British cook abroad (California) I love seeing you combine the cooking cultures of the two countries to make something fresh.
The oven I have used for over 2 years and it has been reliable and predictable, so I’m sure the problem is with the recipe. Unfortunately it looks like a mistake has been made with this particular publication (if you were using the version published in the DM? The counter top and flooring are a great pair — and I like how they matched the refrigerator to the cabinets and the stove and oven with the tile backsplash. The dark, monochromatic patterned linoleum floor and the cracked ice laminate counter top edged with metalA really set off the light rosy pink.

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