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Emily returns home when she sees her parents on TV, who tell her that they love her and accept her for who she is. Mona and Hanna's friendship is restored, and to celebrate Hanna's recovery, Mona and Spencer plan a party for her. Meanwhile, "A" tells Aria that Meredith has a secret job at Hooters, and she goes there with Mike, only to discover that "A" was lying. On the night of Hanna's party, Aria tells Jenna what happened the night she was blinded and apologizes for not stopping Alison, but Jenna reveals that she and Alison had planned it together to get rid of Toby. Emily and Maya are reunited, but once Trista Taylor, a girl who Emily had met and flirted with in Iowa, comes to visit, Emily and Maya's relationship is shattered. Melissa confronts Spencer about seeing Ian behind her back, which Spencer denies, and when she leaves, Spencer and Mona discover another note from "A" and suspect that Melissa killed Alison because she was jealous of her relationship with Ian. Spencer is hesitant about turning in Melissa, but Mona comforts her and convinces her otherwise. While Aria, Emily and Hanna go to the police station to tell Darren that Mona is "A", Mona drives Spencer to Floating Man's Quarry, where she explains that she saw what happened on the night of The Jenna Thing, and when Maya moved in, she found Alison's diary, which contained the girls' secrets.
Spencer secretly calls Darren, who overhears her conversation with Mona and learns of their location. Aria, Emily and Hanna arrive on the scene with Darren and police, and find Mona's body and an unconscious Spencer. A while later, the truth about "A" is made public, which helps restore the girls' relationships with their families.
Emily and Maya: After her parents catch her with Maya, Emily is sent off to live with her strict relatives in Iowa.
Aria and Ezra: Ezra is relieved that the school decided not to press charges against him but now he is out of a job.
Emily and Trista: While Emily's in Iowa, she meets a girl who has physical similarities to Alison.

Trista and Noel: Though she's just met Noel at Hanna's party, Trista flirts with him and eventually hooks up with him. Under the dust jacket on the front of the hardcopy book it says "Never understimate a pretty little liar.
Spencer is surprised to discover that she enjoys Mona's company, and even more so when Mona tells her that she has been receiving messages from "A". Darren Wilden and several other cops are there, and Aria is tempted to tell them about "A". Aria asks Jenna about "A", but Jenna becomes scared and quickly leaves, hinting that she knows who "A" is.
Using the information to her advantage, she got a new phone and became "A" to get revenge on the girls for blinding Jenna.
Mona tells Spencer that she originally planned to frame her for Alison's murder, but recently grew to like her, and thus decided to frame Melissa to do Spencer a favor.
Hanna is shaken with the news that Mona is dead, and that her best friend was in fact her worst enemy all along.
Hanna still has Mona's Blackberry, and before turning it in, she deletes all the messages Mona sent her to keep all her secrets safe.
As they leave, the girls are relieved that they can move on with their lives and forget about "A", but Emily catches a glimpse of someone who resembles Alison and is unsure if that will ever happen. Now that the Fields are alive with the sound of love and acceptance, it would be such a shame if something happened to their little lesbian. Emily sees them sneaking into the room where she broke up with Maya moments before, but she's not upset at all. Hanna is thrilled that Mona approves of Spencer, and they consider letting her join their clique.
When Mike realizes that something is troubling his sister, he urges her to tell Darren, and she eventually does.

After Maya catches Emily and Trista dancing very close on the dance floor she storms out in anger.
Mona drives Spencer to the police station, and Aria tells Emily and Hanna the truth about The Jenna Thing.
When she receives several more from the girls, who are worrying about what Mona will do, Mona realizes that they finally figured it out. Spencer accuses Mona of killing Alison, but Mona says that it was Ian who killed her, as Alison had blackmailed him about their relationship.
She then offers Spencer her life in return that she becomes "A" with her, as they could pin the blame on someone else. Spencer wakes up and tells Darren that Ian killed Alison, and Hanna finds Mona's Blackberry which she used to be "A". But Hanna's fate is much worse: She's clinging to life in the hospital because she knew too much. When Hanna says that one in four boys sexually abuse their sister, Emily tells her not to believe everything she hears, which causes Hanna's memory to return, and she is horrified when she remembers who "A" is: Mona.
Emily attempts to kiss Trista at Hanna's recovery celebration but Maya catches and interrupts her.
She's relieved that she and Mona are friends again and she doesn't want him to drag her down. They fight on the cliff's edge, and in the struggle, Spencer accidentally pushes Mona off the cliff to her death.

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