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Fox News host Brian Kilmeade began a journey over a decade ago to discover the truth behind the spies of U.S. That journey has come to fruition with the release of Kilmeade’s latest book, George Washington’s Secret Six: The Spy Ring That Saved the American Revolution, and Kilmeade called into Glenn Beck’s radio program Tuesday to discuss it. The spies, whose identities were only uncovered within the last hundred years, used tools and tactics like invisible ink, encryption, and dead drops to communicate. Among other things, Kilmeade added, the spies helped prevent the British from capturing Westpoint and provided crucial intelligence that Washington used in a ruse to trick the British, enabling French reinforcements to arrive.
Glenn Beck and Brian Kilmeade discuss ‘George Washington’s Secret Six: The Spy Ring That Saved the American Revolution’ on Nov. Kilmeade said that he hopes to shine some light on the heroism of the spies, giving them the credit they didn’t get in their own lives.
The Fox News host also thanked Glenn Beck for helping make history a part of everyday news. Beck also commended Kilmeade for his work, saying when Kilmeade first told him the story five years ago, he couldn’t believe he had never heard it.
The full episode of The Glenn Beck Program, along with many other live streaming shows and thousands of hours of on-demand content, is available on just about any digital device.
Not strictly a stable from the comics, but they were the chief antagonists in DC's classically kitschy late 70s animated series, Challenge of the Super Friends. The groupa€™s premise stemmedA from the Justice League Unlimited animated series, by then-JLA writer Dwayne McDuffie (who also wrote for the television show).
Sure, ita€™s a hackneyed approach, and the remaining ILU membership was nothing to get too excited about (wherea€™s Brainiac, Reverse Flash or Sinestro?), but why nitpick when you have three of the greatest villains of all time collaborating against the Justice League?
Led by disgraced former Green Lantern (and Jordana€™s arch rival), Sinestro, the Sinestro Corps. The Secret Sixa€™s modern incarnation are a testament to what compelling storytelling and characterization can do for a group of rogues.
With the added punch of Batman A-lister Bane, Secret Six was praised for its moral ambiguity and dark humor. Demonstrating fandoma€™s inability to quit these lunatics, the Secret Six was updated for the New 52 late last year, again with Simone on scripts. What happens when you take the combined might, speed and cerebral instincts of the famed Justice League and color it with copious amounts of evil?
Originally introduced during the Silver Age, the Crime Syndicate received a dramatic makeover in the early 2000s courtesy of Grant Morrison and his JLA: Earth 2 graphic novel. The stable was recently featured during DCa€™s crossover event Forever Evil, defeating the Justice League and demanding Eartha€™s surviving supervillains to join them or face severe consequences. But ita€™s ultimately the ordinariness of the Rogues that makes them so easy to embrace for readers.
Even if you ignore all A the rich characterization and relatability, the Rogues are still a colorful crew of crooks with fun and zany powers. President George Washington — brave men and women without whom, he believes, the American Revolution would not have succeeded.

Kilmeade said that some of those techniques are still used by the Central Intelligence Agency to this day.
He even provides their grave sites, mentioning one in particular that he said is falling into a state of disrepair. With Supermana€™s archrival Lex Luthor in charge, the Legion of Doom featured an illustrious array of A-list supervillains who plotted against the Justice League every week (only to be foiled 30 minutes later). With Luthor in charge, and Joker and Cheetah prominently featured, the Injustice Leaguea€™s comic book version initially presents itself as a semi-legit business enterprise. Originally launched as a one-off tie-in to Infinite Crisis, the group a€“ which mainly consisted of obscure, B-list villains like Catman, Cheshire and Deadshot a€“ developed a cult following under the pen of Gail Simone. Morrison transformed the Crime Syndicate from a cheesy Silver Age act into a dark and sinister stable with plenty of ambition for world dominations. You know youa€™re dealing with some truly diabolical bad guys if they unashamedly expect to get DCa€™s esteemed roguea€™s gallery to fall in line. The Rogues represent a blue collar breed of villain that would rather steal bags of money from a Central City bank than steal the Anti-Life Equation and rule the Multiverse.
Over the years, a number of comic creators a€“ primarily Geoff Johns, a writer and co-creator of CWa€™s The Flash a€“ have used the groupa€™s working class backgrounds and origins to great effect, crafting compelling, character-rich stories that paint these so-called bad guys as tragic and sympathetic figures (especially Cold). They can manipulate weather (Weather Wizard) or using mirrors to create effects like invisibility and holograms (Mirror Master).
A After discussing Marvela€™s greatest evil factions, we thought wea€™d use a€?Rogue Timea€? as an appropriate excuse to discuss DC Comicsa€™ nefarious super villains factions. The evil assembly holds a lasting influential to many other groups on this list, and even found their way into print in 2006a€™s Justice miniseries. But it was only a matter of time before the groupa€™s true motives were revealed a€“ global domination, a€?natch.
The group firmly establishes itself as a force of nature during the epic a€?Sinestro Corps. Shortly thereafter, the group was tasked to star in their own ongoing series (also penned by Simone).
Fortunately, Simonea€™s scripts paint them with enough shades of gray to make them supportable anti-heroes in the vein of Walter White or Tony Soprano.
Even the stablea€™s (usual) leader Captain Cold once admitted that the Rogues could have been one of the more dominant forces in the DC Universe if they werena€™t so focused on small-time petty stuff as part of their long-running cat and mouse game with the Flash.
The villain-of-the-week format of The Flash has only created additional exposure for the stable, further exposing what makes them so much fun to root against.
So zip up your parkas and don your yellow power rings as we revisit the baddies who have united against the likes of the Justice League, the Green Lantern Corps and the Flash. And the team gets bonus points for its gratuitous use of the word a€?doom.a€? Where did the Legion of Doom plot against the Justice League? Wara€? by killing a number of lanterns and infecting Kyle Rayner with parasitic entity of fear, Parallax. The group proves to be the biggest threat to the GLC and the Guardians since Jordan famously went cuckoo for cocoa puffs and became the first Parallax in the 90s.

But what otherDC team-up movies can we, for the sake of this article, pretend were considered and abandoned along the way? With Arrow a big success at The CW and Jeff Lemire having taken over the floundering Green Arrow title at DC, it's a good time to be a fan of Green Arrow. That made it feel like an even bigger flop than it really was, because not only did the studio not make a sequel to a big, expensive movie in this age of sequels and remakes, but they failed to do so after promising one to the fans.
The concept would work best with Ted Kord, Booster's longtime comic foil.The pair of them are, again, a bit of an odd couple as far as powers go. After years of being a punchline in the Giffen-DeMatteis series and afterwards, many writers treat Booster as though he's basically just a guy in a suit, but that suit is like Iron Man's costume, if it were designed in 2450 and wasn't so clunky.
It gives him super-strength, energy projection, a force field and more--effectively making him one of the more powerful heroes who would have appeared on the big screen and absolutely the most powerful with no name recognition (Thor currently holds the title for powers-to-awareness ratio, but there were some people in the mainstream who remembered him when the movie came out). He's your tech guy, who can also kick ass in a fight if you're not there or badly outnumbered. Then again, maybe the better strategy would be to reclaim the great dynamic they have in the comics from the pop culture scrapheap rather than rolling over and let previous failures define them.Batman's son and Jim Gordon's daughter. Given the bond built up between Batman and Gordon in the Christopher Nolan films--a version of the mythology that will stick with people for years--there's some powerful symbolism to be had there--and tying into the "older, wiser" Batman of the Batman vs.
Superman movie, we could make an early-'20s version of Nightwing fly, since presumably the Caped Crusader would have had time to raise the boy off-camera.The problem?
Well, if you're going to make a Bat-family movie, at least until the DC Cinematic Universe is more established, it's going to have Bruce in it--aA  lot. They're peers in a true sense, in that they both have long and complicated histories with the superhero community that it's sometimes easier to just shut themselves out to, they've both got almost no awareness in the mainstream consciousness which means that there would be nothing in the way of serious accusations of tokenism for bringing in a female superhero with a gay male partner, and they've both got kind of mid-level powers that are cool to watch in action but that would still lend themselves nicely to being challenged by a threat that wouldn't necessarily bring Superman running.Secret SixOkay, so this is kind of cheating.
But there are so many great permutations in Gail Simone's take on Secret Six that we couldn't pick just one pair that we'd like to see onscreen together. Bane and Ragdoll could be priceless; Bane and Deadshot could be dark and brilliant; the uneasy chemistry of Scandal and Catman? Compelling and discomforting in just the right way (those two could be a David Lynch film).There's something very translatable, relatable and cinematic about this comic, and any two of the characters could make for a fun story but you need all six to really bring it out.
That's why people loved them so much here, and why before and after, nobody's ever really managed to make most of them as great.Why wouldn't it work? Well, it would probably be too dark, too violent or too off-putting to make a straight hero movie out of, and antiheroes aren't really DC's thing. Making a Superman who's a little more morally gray, after all, more or less negates the possibility of really capitalizing on some of the most effective parts of "anti-hero" storytelling.It would also be a group of characters of whom only one--Bane--is relaly known outside of comics (okay, maybe Deadshot because of Arrow).

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