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When Travis returns from Afghanistan on leave, without his best friend, he finds it hard to adjust to his old life. After trudging my way through many, many Russian winters with my last book, it was refreshing to be back in Florida with this contemporary story.
Twitter: youvegottareadNot a big romance girl, but I like that it takes places in our neck of the woods, and that it addresses that transition issue that most soldiers have.

His brother stole his girlfriend and his car, his old friends are still drinking at the same old house, and his dad still resents the promising football career Travis abandoned. If you purchase something through an affiliate link, you get your stuff and I get a little money to keep this thing going. When I learned that Trish Doller’s books take place around here, I knew I had to give them a try.

Third, the main conflicts are due to the fact that Travis is returning from Afghanistan where he has experienced so much more than the family and friends he left behind.

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