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There are a few liquid crystal phases which only appear in chiral systems, such as Blue Phases and Twist Grain Boundary Phases. It is now well-known that carbon nanotubes can be incorporated in liquid crystal systems and that they benefit from the induced orientation of the liquid crystal phase, creating a novel hybrid system. Bent-core liquid crystals typically exhibit unusual elastic properties; often the bend elastic constant is found to be very small with respect to the splay constant (the opposite behaviour is found in rod-like materials). The effect of functional nano- and micron sized particles and clusters, such as ferroelectric and ferromagnetic particles of different shape will be studied with respect to phase transition behaviour and physical properties.
The zenithal bistable display is a LCD with a great advantage; power is only required when the information displayed needs to be amended.
Following work from within the group to develop electrically-switchable liquid crystal contact lenses, this project aims to investigate the use of new approaches to develop switchable lenses for vision correction. Helen is investigating the effect of adding Janus particles to liquid crystals and other microfluidic systems, with the potential aim of using the systems in novel display and electro-optic devices.

These occur through a competition between chirality and thermodynamics, and they are generally only observed over very small temperature intervals, because they include defects which cost energy. This project aims to disperse graphene in liquid crystal systems and to explore the resulting order and novel properties of the new materials.
My interest is in understanding the twist elastic constant, which is much harder to measure than splay or bend, but which then allows a full picture of the elastic behaviour of these systems. This project involves understanding particle motion in electrophoretic systems using techniques such as laser tweezing. Different achiral and chiral materials with nematic and fluid smectic phases will be employed.
Because of this reason, ZBD devices are commonly used to display pricing information in supermarkets and shops. Mechanisms of switching the power of the lens other than through electrical means are of particular interest.

We are also interested in understanding details of the optics of the displays, especially with respect to producing colour. This project willA concentrate on improving the design of the ZBD with an aim to reduce operating voltages.. This research targets the problems associated with the ageing eye including presbyopia, a hardening of the human eyea€™s lens and weakening of the ciliary muscles which affects almost 100% of people as they age.

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