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From the ashes of the epic Crisis on Infinite Earths arises a new DC Universe - a single, united world where the heroes and villains from the once-various earths now reside. The intertwining lives of Daniel Garrett and Ted Kord, and how each came to inherit the mantle of the Blue Beetle, is explored in "Echoes of Future Past!" Script by Len Wein, art by Gil Kane. A look at the secret origin of Green Lantern Guy Gardner, guest-starring Hal Jordan, wherein the reason for Guy's 'damaged' psyche is revealed. Shadow Lass' career before the Legion is revealed in a story by Paul Levitz and Tom Mandrake. While on the planet Okaara, Nightwing recounts his origin to Jericho in "The Secret Origin of Nightwing." Story takes place during the events depicted in New Teen Titans (1984 2nd Series) #15-18. Further investigation leads Cat to a book about ancient Celtic myth and fairy lore, and she soon realizes that there is something truly wicked at work inside the walls of Grimoire. Now the big drama in her life isn’t a battle against diabolical fairies, but a battle of the sexes on the soccer field.
When the aspiring conjurer takes her discoveries too far, it is up to Cat to set things straight. In the third instalment of Grim Hill when, during the season of romance, an easterly fairy wind blows through town. For months our heroine, Cat Peters, has been wishing to live the normal life of a thirteen-year-old, and finally things seem to be going her way. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so it seems only natural that Cat’s friends, her sister, and even her soccer coaches have all been captivated by romance. Valentine hearts, charming decorations, and high school dances can have a sinister side in this town.
In the fourth instalment of Grim Hill, Cat, Clive, Jasper, and the rest of the crew are back, and everyone is buzzing about Darkmont High’s student exchange to Sweden.For Cat it means hanging out with her friends in a foreign country, traveling without parents, and not having to keep an eye on her clingy kid sister.
In this spellbound town, nestled in the shadow of Grim Hill, wishes have a tendency to turn against you.

When Cat and her friends are taken hostage and find themselves stranded in Headless Valley, it’s clear they will need a miracle to get back home.
Although they find an abandoned cabin for shelter, their supply of food and water is running out fast, their kidnappers are hot on their heels, and a sinister threat lurks in the loft of the cabin.
Cat has to make an impossible choice – risk the group’s chances of survival, or risk her sister, who may be able to summon help using her magical skills. It's the tale of how Billy Batson became Captain Marvel, featuring his first run-in with Doctor Sivana! The Crimson Avenger, script by Roy Thomas and Dann Thomas, pencils by Gene Colan, inks by Mike Gustovich; in 1938, Newspaper publisher Lee Travis attends a Halloween party and foils robbers who dressed as aliens to take advantage of civilian panic during the broadcast of the Orson Welles radio broadcast of the War of the Worlds. The Stranger recounts his encounter with Jesus in "Tarry Till I Come Again." Script by Mike W. Ancient Histories starring Power Girl, script by Paul Kupperberg, art by Mary Wilshire; this is the "Post Crisis" origin, where Power Girl is shown to be descended from Arion of Atlantis. The Secret Origin of the Golden Age Fury, script by Roy Thomas and Dann Thomas, art by Tom Grindberg; at the underground altar of Erebus in Greece, Lyta Trevor encounters the three Furies who tell her about her about her unknown mother, Helena Kosmatos, who was granted powers of vengeance.
The Secret Origin of the Suicide Squad, script by John Ostrander, pencils by Luke McDonnell, inks by Dave Hunt; a look at the history of the Suicide Squad and Task Force X. Can she really bear to return to the dreaded Grim Hill for a final confrontation with the powerful beings that dwell there? She has once again helped her town escape the evil clutches of Fairy, and now she can’t wait to turn her attention from magic to the upcoming dance. Even though Sookie’s magical meddling seems to be in check, Cat has been wishing for a break from the constant worry of living near Grim Hill. But this time, she isn’t wishing for anything in this town; she is wishing to get out of it – that has to be safe, right? The Secret Origin of the Golden Age Hawkman, script by Roy Thomas, pencils by Luke McDonnell, inks by Tony DeZuniga; taken primarily from the story in Flash Comics #1 (1940).

Challengers of the Unknown, script by Mark Evanier, pencils by Chuck Patton, inks by Bob Oksner; the Challengers wait in the Green Room of TV's "Real Incredible People,", killing time retelling their origin to June. Plus: "The Secret Origin of the Whip" by Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas & Mike Gustovich and "The Secret Origin of Johnny Thunder" by Roy Thomas, Mike Clark & Dave Hunt. And just her luck, her mom has shipped her off to broaden her horizons at “Camp Lake-Puke.” Natalie is not a happy camper until she starts to notice some girls that actually seem pretty cool along with some pretty cute boys as well.
Plus: The actions of the Phantom of the Fair and the Crimson Avenger spur the 'creation' of the Golden Age Sandman, whose origin is revealed in this 22-page tale. Thomas also provides the secret behind the Golden Age Flash, with art by George Tuska and Jerry Acerno. Or can Natalie, along with Jenna, Grace, and Alex, reinvent herself, find out who she really is, and find some friends as well?See all products from Camp Confidential.
Only Cat’s fairy friend Lea thinks there might be a sliver of hope that all the harm can be undone. Then, the Stranger tries to protect the architecture of existence itself in "Revelations." Script by Dan Mishkin, art by Ernie Colon & Pablo Marcos. Boring returns to the Man of Steel from his early penciling days to link artistic forces with Ordway.
And last but not least, the ramifications of the Stranger's encounter with Satan are seen in "Footsteps." Script by Alan Moore, art by Joe Orlando. Still, Cat is determined to do whatever it takes, except this time even the gang isn’t prepared for the most harrowing adventure of all. In Secret Origins, the odd-numbered issues retell the origins of DC's Golden Age heroes in chronological order (for example, #3 - Captain Marvel, #5 - Crimson Avenger), and the even-numbered issues retell the secrets behind the modern heroes, such as members of the Teen Titans, The Outsiders, etc.

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