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He, Kappa, and the Cheetahmen are the only bosses who aren't accessible directly from the teleporter room.
He, King Dedede, and Kappa are the only bosses who appear in their own respective virtual worlds.
He, Sonic, the Cheetahmen, and Mega Man are the only bosses who will attack the player immediately after they appear on-screen.
If the player moves underneath Kracko while he is firing Waddle Doos, he will poop on the player, killing them.

After that, it'll continuously move left and right and make a few dozen stars fall from all over the top of the screen at random patterns. After this, he will move to the far left side of the screen, go down to the same elevation level as the player, and move to the far right side, which can be dodged by double jumping. For his final attack, he will go back to the top center of the screen and spawn two lines of stars, one on each of his sides, that reach all the way to the edges of the screen, gradually increasing in speed. As he starts moving to the right, the player has very little time to take out some of his health as he turns transparent.

The stars are spaced out enough for the player to fit through, so they can dodge the stars by either jumping through the spaces, or if they can find a good enough spot, they can just stand there, but even so, they will have to move as the two star lines aren't equally ranged. He will move to the top right side of the screen and fire a bunch of Waddle Doos at the player.

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