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When it comes to God’s call to each of us to be a living witness (Isaiah 43:10, 12), whom do you fear? Exercise has many benefits, but most people do not think of the brain as being affected by exercise. We created this Infographic that depicts the effects of exercise on the brain. Although exercising does not guarantee you will not develop a memory related illness research shows that it does have a positive effect on your brain. Time to get up and start more brain activity by exercising!
Some of the simplest little habits you’ve developed may be to blame for a lack lustre sex life. If you caught our first instalment of great easy health tips and are keen for more, look no further!

Want to turn your life around but not too keen on marathons and going full Raw Vegan just yet?
It’s now widely accepted that regular exercise improves brain function, enhancing our ability to remember and creatively problem-solve. However new research from Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences may provide one piece of the puzzle: testosterone.
Exercise benefits the brain by reducing insulin resistance, stimulating the release and survival of new blood vessels in the brain and reducing inflammation. Here’s some more great, simple lifestyle changes that are small enough not to be a pain, yet will have great long-term health impact.

As it turns out there’s  plenty of simple, small lifestyle changes you can make that you’ll barely notice—that is, until you start reaping the rewards of a fitter, healthier you!
Believe it or not, a whopping 70% of your lifespan is determined by lifestyle and environment factors. Morning sex releases an especially large dose of oxytocin into both your bloodstreams, a feel-good chemical science has shown enhances feelings of bonding and relationship.

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