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Backgammon Brain Games for Seniors Backgammon Set.jpg This picture was found on Lostpedia The Lost Encyclopedia website. Crosswords: Doing crossword puzzles wona€™t just help expand your vocabulary, ita€™ll also help keep you mentally sharp. Left-Handed Brushing: This one may seem strange, but trying to do routine activities with your non-dominant hand is a great brain game for older adults. Since doing a crossword requires sustained focus and interest for a certain period of time, it can also help cool off anger and magnify patience. Since the brain controls motor skills and issues specific muscle commands, seniors can become better coordinated and form new neural connections by using their non-dominant hands more often. But if youa€™d rather sit back with a mug of tea and a book than with a table of other people, try to ease in to a social scene with board games or a conversation icebreaker.

And experts say that seniors who do crosswords regularly (at least a few times per week) have a much lower risk of getting dementia than seniors who dona€™t do crosswords. Try using those hands to brush teeth, brush hair, write a note, cook, or pencil in answers for one of the brain-training exercises above! So sharpen that pencil, get out your dictionary, and put on your thinking cap!Sudoku: This number puzzle from Japan became a craze across the world several years ago, and older adults should all be glad for that. As any senior who does these brain-training exercises regularly can tell you, Sudoku requires strict mathematical and logical thinking. Along with number brain games like Sudoku, card games can help seniors keep their memories sharp. No matter how old you are, your brain can form new neural pathways and connections through mental stimulation.

Since real-life situations arena€™t usually like Sudokus, the puzzles can expand an elderly adulta€™s critical-thinking skills and present an alternate problem-solving focus. They can also help expand creativity, as therea€™s often a choice of more than one play on the same turn, and thinking about different possibilities opens up the opportunity for creative solutions.
Some research even suggests that brain training exercises and a strong social network can help seniors live longer! Train your brain to stay in tip-top shape by trying a few of these fun, challenging games and exercises.

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