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Una masa gelatinosa de un kilo y medio controla tus pensamientos, tu memoria, tus movimientos y tus emociones.
But in reality, optical illusions are a great way to reveal the powerful mechanisms that allow your brain to perceive 3-D. No te asustes, es tu cerebro, esa supercomputadora increíblemente poderosa y eficiente que te ayuda a dar sentido al mundo.

But supposedly all the items were merely photos placed at certain angles so that they looked real (including the glass with flowers).
However, in one camera angle, we noticed that the glass with flowers was REAL, because you could see it in the background from a side angle and it was definitely a real glass vase with flowers. Juegos Mentales regresa con doce episodios de media hora que exploran el funcionamiento del cerebro por medio de juegos interactivos que puedes hacer en tu casa y experimentos en las calles de una ciudad tan compleja como tu cerebro: Nueva York.

So, did they replace the picture of glass vase with a real vase, or were we actually looking at a real glass vase from the beginning and it was switched out to make it look like it was merely a picture?

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