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Brain Games is a reality TV series that makes its premiere on Canadian television on Tuesday, August 20, 2013. Every week we’re bringing you recommendations for great movies or TV shows streaming on Netflix. On average, the human brain makes up about 2% of overall body mass, or roughly three pounds, but that small percentage of your overall mass is responsible not only for regulating and controlling your body’s functions but also taking in all of the internal and external stimuli to create a picture of reality.
Due to the massive amounts of data it is required to process in real time, you brain takes short cuts based on previous experiences to create the consistent streaming story that is your life and experiences. All things considered, your brain is incredibly impressive; it is a massive achievement in biological computing power unmatched by even our greatest technological efforts.
Using the fourth most advanced computer in the world, The K computer at the Riken research institute in Japan, containing 83,000 processors, researchers were able to mimic one second of one percent of a brains processing power, it took forty minutes. But in some ways your brain is inferior to even antiquated technology because the world and challenges by which it evolved were and are very different from what synthetic computers have been developed to deal with. The first season, only three episodes long, focuses on the weaknesses in your memory, the suppression of details when focusing on a task, and optical illusions, all of which are examples of how your brain constantly rewrites your history in order to maintain a cohesive reality. The world got a pretty big taste of this when a picture of a certain dress was posted to social media and went viral when viewers couldn’t agree on its color. In the image on the left the orange square in the center of the front pane and the brown square in the center of the top pane are actually the exact same color, in the image on the right both sections of the monolith are the same shade of gray. Collectively, our memories do seem to be getting fuzzier: A recent poll found that Gen Y-ers between the ages of 18 and 34 are more likely than the 55-plus set to forget what day it is (15 percent vs.
In this technique the subject memorizes the layout of some building, or the arrangement of shops on a street, or any geographical entity which is composed of a number of discrete loci. In a psychological experiment known as the Baker-baker paradox, subjects were put into two groups and shown a picture of a man. Franklin Roosevelt was known to have a memory that would put most of us to shame — he could remember the name of someone he met just once, months ago, seemingly without difficulty. Perhaps the best (and arguably most difficult) memory hack of all is simply paying attention to the task, conversation or experience at hand.

In short, it’s pretty easy to trick those feeble few pounds of gelatinous mush, and it happens all the time. This discrepancy in subjective experience occurs because vision doesn’t actually happen in your eyes, it happens in your mind.
Your brain is making assumptions about the shadows present in the images and color correcting accordingly.
Constant digital distractions and multitasking can have a negative effect on working memory.
And there’s alsoLumosity, a set of exercises for computer or phone that were created by a team of neuroscientists and improve the memory of 97 percent of users in only 10 hours of playing. One group was told that the man’s last name was Baker, while the other group was told that the man was a baker. A 2012 University of Pittsburgh study found consumption of omega-3s to heighten working memory in healthy young adults.
Distraction makes our memories weaker, and consequently we are more prone to forget things.
The fast paced action will test your intellect with 20 different rapid-fire puzzles designed to be fun and exciting while helping improve your cognitive ability. When you look at an image your brain has to make assumptions about what you’re seeing and plugs in data from previous experience to create a picture.
As adults, there are a number of simple and practical tools to help you remember people’s names and stop forgetting where you parked your car or left your keys. When later shown the image and asked to recall the associated word, those who were told the man’s occupation were much more likely to recall the word. Roosevelt was able to remember the names of everyone on his staff (and everyone he met) by visualizing their names written across their foreheads after being introduced to them. Eating foods high in this healthy fat may also lower your risk of developing Alzheimer’s, according to a 2012 Columbia University study. A recent University of California study found meditation to improve memory capacity and reduce mind-wandering among students studying for the GRE.

Brain-teasing puzzles are designed to exercise four brain function categories: visual, word, mathematical and memory. The majority of people (over 70% by some estimates) perceive the dress as being in shadow, your brain knows that shadows make things appear darker than they actually are and corrects for it, this is why many people see the dress as white and gold.
Below is the exact same image except that using the wonders of MS Paint I have removed the offending stimuli responsible for the cognitive glitch. They also forget to bring their lunch (nine percent) or even to take a shower (six percent) more frequently than seniors. The explanation is simple: Although the two words and photos were exactly the same, when we think of a baker, other images and something of a story come to mind (aprons, kitchen, fresh bread).
This technique is even more effective when the name is imagined being written in your favorite color marker, CNN claims. A smaller percentage see the image as being exposed to a light source, if your brain makes that assumption it color corrects in the opposite direction and you see it as blue and black. The show is hosted by Jason Silva and will feature mind bending experiments conducted by brain experts. While most of us are tired of seeing, hearing, and talking about the dress, it is a perfect example of the subjective nature of your reality and the viral nature of it makes for a statistically significant sample size, which makes it work talking about at least for a little while.
With larger card faces, the numbers and suits are easier to read, images are richer and details are enhanced.Brain Games Solitaire keeps your score You can improve your skills, win more often and play fasterbecause Brain Games Solitaire keeps score as you play and rates your skills. The modified scoring system takes into account the game difficulty, how quickly you play it and other factors. Mathematics ladder, Crazy domino, Secret Crypt,Nine Numbers, Strict Parking,Hierogliphics, Old puzzle.

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