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I recently signed up for Lumosity, a brain training program that claims to improve your brain function.
Lumosity offers a free mobile app with five games to start and then an option to upgrade to a paid membership which allows you the opportunity to have a more tailored user experience and play more games. I started Lumosity while I was traveling in Peru and became instantly hooked on the fun games and exercises. I’m going to track my progress over the next 60 days with the paid version of Lumosity to see if I notice any major improvements in my memorization and problem solving abilities.
Do you like to guess not only the answer to the Final Jeopardy question -- but the question itself, based on the category provided?
NatGeo reruns the pairs of episodes after primetime, so set the DVR for the late-night airings and get your nerd on the next day. Manage your email preferences and tell us which topics interest you so that we can prioritize the information you receive.

Lumosity is based on the idea of neuroplasticity, the idea that the brain can change and improve over time.
I’m a pretty competitive person so one of the key incentives for me was watching my progress each day. If you like inside-baseball stuff like catching continuity errors, Brain Games sets up a lot of the demos in terms of camera tricks and how TV and film fool the eye.
The games provide users with an opportunity to challenge their brain with specific exercises. It’s funny how simple math exercises and memorizing squares on a checkerboard can give you a bit of a rush. Casual searches on google say that most of these games aren’t really a reliable way to improve your brain because they are too specific to a certain activity that may not be transferable to every day life.
If you have any way for me to measure progress in the out of lumosity world, I will take that as well.

Quiz is then graded and ready to print with number correct, incorrect, date, and time it took to complete. I’ve noticed personally that my ability to focus has improved slightly on every day tasks. It's like interactive NOVA for Mensa-test geeks, narrated by Neil Patrick Harris (according to IMDb; I didn't clock his voice during the premiere). It seems as though NatGeo is rebooting the show from a three-part documentary special that aired back in '11 with a different host; this iteration is hosted by Jason Silva, and various sleight-of-hand artists and neuro-psych peeps assist the demonstrations.

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