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Whether a big exam is looming ahead or you need to improve your memory to keep abreast of a large body of information, brain training is a unique way to maximise your chances of success.
Brain training involves the use of games or activities targeted at exercising a brain-based capacity which is useful to real-life situations and outcomes. A recent study published in Psychological Science indicates that although brain training may not increase intelligence as a whole, it definitely does augment one’s ability to retain information. Another study, the largest ever on brain training (published in January 2014), revealed that a short course of brain exercises helped older adults retain improvements in reasoning skills and processing speed for 10 years after the culmination of the course. Gains in memory retention, meanwhile, began to drop off after five years, which is still a significant amount of time to display the positive effects of cognitive training. This is good news for students and good news for the population as a whole, since enabling minds to remain sharp even during old age has immensely beneficial consequences for the healthcare system but also for the elderly themselves, who are able to enjoy a significantly better quality of life. To see how much fun and enlightening brain training can be, log onto the site of popular providers, Lumosity, for a free taster of what it’s all about.
The site allows you to ‘test’ their programme out, after asking a series of questions to determine which areas you need help with. The games are fun and challenging they are likewise humbling for those who fancy themselves as quick thinkers.
After this initial ‘test’, you are given a score, which will usually leave much room for improvement.
To sharpen your memory for upcoming exams, there are many strategies you can adopt which will complement your brain training programme. Different activities are used to target key neural circuits responsible for such areas as the memory, attention and speed in processing information.
This company offers a series of online games and apps that target three main areas: speed, memory and attention.
For instance, you may be asked whether your main goals are to improve your memory, pay attention or multi-task. One game might focus on ‘speed’; this game involves showing you a quick series of shapes and asking you to hit the right or left arrow to indicate whether or not the shape you are viewing is the same as the one you have just seen.
Another game, focusing on ‘memory’, presents a series of patterns you have to recall precisely. In order to avail of the personalised programme created for you, you have to pay a minimum of one month’s fee. This is why purchasing  good programme after doing your research into different companies, is wise. It is crucial to take the time to discover what works best for you and to stick to it relentlessly.
This is why investing time in mapping is so important: it highlights how the parts of a subject relate to its whole. Still another part of the test may focus on your ability at paying attention: across the screen, a bird and a number flash quickly.

The games are truly so much fun that just thinking that they are also working on your brain fitness, makes them quite irresistible. Some of the best programmes will set you back around ?4.99 a month, which isn’t too great an investment considering the advantages offered. David Hyerle, there are eight different types of learning maps: the circle, bubble, double bubble, tree, brace, flow, multi-flow and bridge map. The aim is to click the mouse on the exact spot the bird was located and to remember the number that was flashed (on another part of the screen) soon after.
They reveal an undeniable truth: the most effective ways of learning are usually those which are also the most engaging.
Having all the information written in a condensed form on one piece of paper will help you see how each part of the subject relates to the whole, and will enable you to remember details more efficiently. Hold the DS vertically, like a book, and write your answers with the stylus on the touch screen.
There's a combination of arithmetic, reading and memory tests, and the program calculates your score in the form of a ‘brain age’ by assessing the speed and accuracy by which you perform these simple tasks. Because of technology, ironically, many people are no longer exercising their mental skills and, instead, are making their gadgets do things like computations and analyses for them. One way to find out if you are either of the two is by trying the puzzle-filled game called The Moron Test. As the name of the game suggests, it tests your mind through different obstacles and challenges which are seemingly easy yet tricky.
Every time you solve a problem or finish a challenge, you’re closer to being a genius. You need to finish all the obstacles for you to be hailed as a genius.The game has a fun and animated interface, featuring different animated characters adding to the fun factor of the game. The Moron Test lets you exercise your brain through various challenges while being user friendly. Take the test to know whether or not you are a moron.Brain Age Test Free What do you think the age of your brain is? The numbers will eventually disappear and you have to tap the bubbles in the numbers’ descending order. You have up to 3 chances before the app will start to analyze your brain age.Play the game 10 minutes a day and it will help exercise your brain, particularly your short-term memory, making you more alert and most importantly, making your brain younger. The game is very user friendly, perfect for everyone no matter what age or brain age.Brain Age Game We have already mentioned one brain-age determining app and another app of this sort is Brain Age Game. Playing this game lets you determine what your brain age is, but what makes the Brain Age Game unique from The Brain Age Test is that it also measures your memory age and arithmetic abilities.It has different kinds of brain tests that will help you workout your brain reflexes and concentration.
It explains to you more about memory training, allowing you to have an in-depth understanding of how it can improve your brain.The app allows you to track your progress and continuing your last session is also supported.

You need to have imaginative thinking to be good at math and you can get a daily dose of that with Math Genius Brain Trainer.This app provides you math puzzles to solve.
The app puts your brain to the test with infinite levels, and playing it regularly improves your skill in doing quick and accurate calculations.
You can also tweak some of the app’s settings via the Preference button found on the homescreen.
You can also continue your unfinished games anytime you want via the Continue button.Brain Genius Deluxe Brain Genius Deluxe is another app that is filled with brain training exercises, dedicated to help your brain think better. In this app, you have to prove that there is a genius within you by passing all of its 23 brain training games.
You may think that those may not be much, but these games are challenging since they are timed. Playing it also allows the app to analyze your brain skills such as observation, memory, calculation, and reasoning.You can also track your performance when you use this app. And, if ever you need a break from the challenges, you can check out the bonus games included.Interface-wise, the app is very easy to use and each challenge is easy to understand. It includes various games and brain exercises that you can play to improve your memory, speed, flexibility, accuracy, and reaction. You can brag about your high scores to your friends by sharing your results via Facebook.Move the Block If you are looking for a mind-enriching game that you can play with your siblings or your parents, then try Move the Block. The app has 100 exciting levels that you can play, so it will be long before you run out of puzzles to solve. Tracking your scores every time you play is also supported in the app, allowing you to see how much you have improved.
Your scores could also be shared on Facebook so that you can let your friends know that you are exercising your brain.Reversi Free Reversi Free is another game that can give you a mind-boggling exercise.
You have to be very clever and careful in flipping those chips, or else a game that you thought you were going to win will turn into a shocking loss.The app has a very user friendly and intuitive interface. It has 10 levels of difficulty including some hints that can guide you in playing the game. The app tests your arithmetic skills by giving you math questions such as basic subtraction or addition.

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