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The Effects of Biofeedback and Verbal Feedback on the Training and Maintenance of Diaphragmatic Breathing. We appologize if elements on this site render slowly or you occasionally run into problems with the display of pages.
If possible, consider upgrading to a newer, more secure version of IE or a different browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome, or Opera. The UNT Digital Library operated by the UNT Libraries provides resources to the UNT Community and users around the world. No human can go through his or her lifespan without experiencing stress.  For Bryan Health’s Connie Rose, stress is a full-time job.
Biofeedback therapist Connie Rose sets up a machine using computer software designed to measure body functions indicative of patients' stress levels. Biofeedback therapy is a stress-measuring method where a patient is hooked up to a machine that measures the body’s vital signs. Rose said the therapy part of biofeedback testing is to see which vital signs – heart rate, finger sweat, temperature, blood pressure, etc.
When a person is stressed, body functions change depending on the severity of the stressor. Focusing on the body eases stress within the mind, Rose said.
By learning to calm down, patients gain a sense of perspective about their problems, helping them cope more effectively, Rose said. Rose recommended deep breathing, five seconds in and five out, as one mechanism of instant relaxation. Using electrodes on the fingertips, this biofeedback machine measures body functions including sweat, temperature and heart rate.
Bad stress is called chronic stress, where the stress is prolonged and caused by something negative and persistent.

Acute stress, Rose said, is a short-term stress a person might feel because of an impending task. There’s also stress caused by not having enough stress, called hypostress, which results when a person is bored. For those experiencing hypostress, Rose said a coping mechanism would be volunteering or getting a job.
No matter what type of stress someone experiences, the body’s functions will fluctuate with it. Rose said using biofeedback therapy makes people aware that physiology plays a role in mental health. With an impressive list of titles, (Licensed Psychologist, BCIA certified in Biofeedback, AAPM certified in Pain Management, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner), Dr. When training is involved, physiologic information (like heart rate, muscle tension, respiration, electrodermal activity, skin temperature, brainwave activity) is fed back, i.e. Well, what I would be doing is a little alcohol swab on whichever side and then I would tape an electrode that sticks in here, tape it on but I don’t poke you with any needles there. Here is her first Alternate Nostril Breathing (ANB) demo, done very rapidly, resulting in very low ETCO2 and Sympathetic Nervous System dominance (the red peak in heart frequencies. So the suggestion based on this would be that you would probably benefit from the coaching around how to restore your breathing. SOE:  So can you tell with the breathing exercise I did, is that a good thing for me to do or not? Anyway, biofeedback measures any physiological process that we can find a way to measure.
The HeartMath Institute has done a lot of excellent research about how the heart works and how it relates to emotions, as well as health. Whenever I tried, even in the comfort of my own apartment, I felt like I wasn’t getting enough air.

Rose says knowing which vital signs are abnormal helps patients concentrate on controlling their physiology, which works to mentally relax them. Before she received a master’s degree in stress physiology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Rose was a chemist. That’s because both the stress response and the relaxation response occur under the autonomic nervous system.
It’s a little difficult to learn because most Americans don’t take deep breaths, but you can take breaths anywhere,” she said. Good stress is called eustress where the anxiety is caused by something positive, like the birth of a baby, a promotion or a move. Chronic stress causes health problems including ulcers, muscle tension, racing thoughts and increased blood pressure. She said acute stress could have a negative impact on a person’s health depending on the severity of the short-term stressor. And there’s the opposite, hyperstress, when a person has too much to do beyond levels of regular stress. And, most importantly, are you able to apply it during anxiety-inducing situations or can you only do it successfully when you’re calm to begin with?
About Summer Beretsky Summer Beretsky enjoys writing about her experiences with anxiety, panic, and Paxil.
She had her first panic attack as an undergrad at Lycoming College and plenty more while she worked toward her M.A. Summer blogs over at Panic About Anxiety and also contributes to the World of Psychology blog here on PsychCentral.

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