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While breathing is a simple and automatic physical act we take for granted every moment of our lives, consciously breathing in a particular way for five to ten minutes can greatly reduce your stress, clear your head, and bring more energy to your body.
Do this for a few minutes and notice how you are calming down, becoming more relaxed and centred. This entry was posted in Happiness, Shamanism, Stress & Anxiety Relief, Uncategorized and tagged anxiety and stress relief, breathing techniques for stress, dealing with anxiety and stress, stress relief.
Have you ever been disappointed with a test score because you knew you could have done better but were just so nervous you didn’t do your best? When we are anxious or nervous our breathing changes from deep diaphragmatic breaths to shallow chest breathing.  This kind of breathing restricts oxygen flow to the cells of the body and may cause drowsiness, irritability and even headaches.
Focusing on your breath also brings your mind back to what is happening now, instead of worrying about what might happen in the future.
So next time you find yourself in a tense situation, try some relaxation breathing techniques to help limit the negative effects of stress so you can perform your best. Many people prefer a relaxation download because it has music that drowns out distractions and helps your brain move from the beta brainwave activity to the alpha and other lower levels of brainwaves where optimal relaxation and restorative rest can occur in a short period of time.

If you are interested, these exercises can be downloaded on a phone, ipod, ipad, mp3 player or your computer.
After a few minutes of attentive breathing, begin to change your breathing pattern by allowing your breath to go down as deep as possible into the lowest reaches of your lungs. To help you maintain your focus on this deep, slow breathing, use this counting method: Start counting backward from twenty (or whatever number you choose). If you notice your mind start to wander (it very likely will), gently bring your thoughts back to the relaxing rhythm of your breathing and your counting. Newsletter Sign UpFor tips, ideas, and tools to help you with your stress and wellness, from Dr. Please use newer version of your browser or visit Internet Explorer 6 countdown page for more information. Fear of future events tightens muscles and restricts blood flow to areas that need it now, like the brain. It also has directions to help you focus on your breathing which keeps your mind in the here and now rather than wandering off thinking about future events.

Michael Olpin is a cutting-edge stress management expert who has helped thousands of people throughout the world reduce their stress. Read Mike’s inspiring approach to lifelong happiness and inner peace, “The Stress Solution.” Feel free to send Mike a message here. If you notice yourself thinking of other things, gently bring our thoughts back to your breathing.
Notice your hands, if they are resting on your stomach, moving out as you inhale and moving back in as you exhale.

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