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At the Buddha Center, our ordained monastics provide excellent guidance to those with serious intent in preparation to becoming a Buddhist.
Kadampa Meditation Center Phoenix is a 501 c 3 organization which offers meditation and Kadampa Buddhism classes for everyone. Donation are essential.  KMC Phoenix is 100% run from class fees, donations and volunteers.
Your contribution no matter how small can help towards the running of our facilities, activities and services. By remembering us in your Will or Trust, you can be assured that we will be able to continue to provide the resources that are so critical to our community for years to come. Help us raise money by signing up your Safeway Grocery card with eScrip – Then, whenever you shop with your card, Clear Light Center gets a rebate with no more effort on your part. There are no receipts to collect, no vouchers or certificates  to buy, no hassles for you – and every purchase counts! ONLINE RESOURCESPlease visit Tharpa Publications Online to order books and audio on Buddhism and meditation. Bodhichitta Kadampa Buddhist Center is part of an international spiritual community dedicated to achieving world peace through following the Buddhist path. The classes taught at the Center are suitable for all individuals whatever their level of interest, from those who seek simple relaxation to those who wish to find lasting inner peace and contentment through following the Buddhist path. In this annual retreat we focus on the preliminary practices of accumulating merit, or positive energy, by making mandala offerings and receiving powerful blessings by engaging in the Guru Yoga practice of Je Tsongkhapa.
Meditation Classes For BeginnersDo you want to try meditation but don't know where to start? Kadampa Mediation Center Phoenix (formerly known as Clear Light Buddhist Center) is open and equally available to everyone regardless of gender, race, color, ethnic background, national origin, religion , or sexual orientation. Classes at our Phoenix center take place in a beautiful meditation room and are suitable for all individuals at all levels of interest. KMC Phoenix was founded by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso in 2001 and is a member of the New Kadampa Tradition ~ International Kadampa Buddhist Union (KMC-IKBU), a global network of over one thousand Centers and groups around the world. You are welcome to visit the Center, spend time in our inspiring meditation room, browse in the CLBC Bookstore, or speak with other practitioners from our community. The Heart of our CommunityWe are a volunteer run organization…please consider donating your time.
Experiencing day after day of this stormy cycle in a busy, high stress job is exactly what brought me (finally) to a meditation class.

Something must have gone right in that meditation class, because nearly 10 years later I’m still at it. What I found was that this peace of mind I was desperately seeking was much closer and easier to access than I originally thought…already inside my self !
One of my first ‘aha!’ moments happened when I learned the analogy of comparing feelings to clouds, and the mind itself to the clear sky. It was easy to get the hang of this meditation, and I found that it was so relaxing! With just a little practice, I started to feel more and more like these bad feelings were just a little bad weather passing through, and not some concrete definition of my experience. I can do this in sitting mediation, or in the middle of my daily life, almost like a little internal game.
The moment I identify a bad feeling as something separate from myself, I start to become free from it.
Or think about participating in our annual “Clear Sky Mind” mountain meditation retreat at Unicoi State Park, Dec 3-5.
These ongoing drop-in classes are designed so that you can join us at any point in the series and not feel left out.
Find an oasis of peace and quiet within your own mind and discover the power of simple meditations that leave you relaxed, refreshed and revitalized! Meditation causes peace of mind, the source of true happiness…but it’s more than just sitting down and trying to stop thinking.
This is how your name and profile photo will appear on Panoramio if you connect this Google+ account. No one who wishes to attend the retreat as a non-resident attendee will be turned away due to lack of funds. To help us to serve you better to get the best out of this retreat for your inner growth please let us know and special needs of you with regard to health, accommodations, and food etc.
The Foundation is about 6 miles from the center of Ojai, after the Besant Hill School, and on the left.
As a self-described “confused youth”, Bhante Rahula served a three-year stint in the army, then traveled in Europe and Asia. Bhante Rahula describes his transformation from a young hippie and army dropout to a Theravadan Bhikkhu in his autobiography, One Night’s Shelter.
Through your kind donation we can all benefit and provide a public service to promote peace throughout Arizona.
It has arisen from the pure intention and vision of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, Founder of the New Kadampa Tradition – International Kadampa Buddhist Union.

Practicing meditation, training my mind to stay positive and peaceful no matter what’s going on, and I’m also engaged in a study program. Use the cloud analogy above and see your thoughts as clouds — impermanent, with no ability to harm you, arising and dissolving continuously.
I’m still learning, and some days those clouds can still get the better of me, but I’m encouraged to keep improving because the benefits of even a little practice are huge! Hosted by Gen Kelsang Mondrub, American Buddhist Monk, these meditations are perfect for beginners and advanced meditators. Each class will begin with a short meditation, then a practical teaching and end with another meditation. Turn at the Foundation sign (you will see 3 palm trees directly across from the entrance), left at the stop sign, and make a quick right into our driveway and up to the Guest Parking. Ordained as a Novice Buddhist monk in 1975 at Gothama Thapovanaya, Mulleriyawa-New Town, Sri Lanka under the tutelage of Late Venerable Kudawelle Vangeesa who was well-known as an Insight Meditation Master and the founder of Tapovanaya Buddhist Monasteries in Sri Lanka. Eventually, he encountered Tibetan Lamas in Nepal and, after a month-long meditation course, began earnestly seeking a spiritually fulfilling life. In fact, I went so far as to say something that I later regretted, causing further discomfort and disharmony in the workplace…and sometimes I’d bring that negativity home with me too. Then I became more and more capable of gently recognizing them and addressing an ‘outer’ problem at work without being debilitated by the ‘inner problem’ of bad feelings. Individuals interested in the Buddhist religion can observe and join us in the ceremonies associated with the Buddhist Temple.
If we are unable to take care of all needs that you mention we will let you know in advance. Visitors from all backgrounds come to find refuge from the difficulties of busy, modern life and draw inspiration from spiritual friends, and our resident teacher, Western Buddhist Nun, Kelsang Chondzin. It often happened this way, seemingly because someone did or said something I didn’t like.
Eventually you let the ‘clouds’ dissolve completely, and then abide in the peaceful clarity that results, which is like the clear sky. We offer the community instructions in Buddhism, Buddhist meditation, birth blessing, Thai Buddhist wedding, and funeral services.

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