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Odiyana Centre provides meditation classes in Wrexham, teaching basic meditation and the practice of Kadampa Buddhism. The Buddhist ideology was founded by Siddhartha Gautama in India in around the 5th or 6th century BC.
There are many different Buddhist sects and movements, branching from three main groups of Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana, although Mahayana and Vajrayana were once considered as part of the same group. The Theravada school is considered the most orthodox school of the Buddhist faith and different sub-schools grew in South Asian countries, including Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.
There are similarities between each branch of Buddhism regarding the basic fundamental ideas.
Within Zen Buddhism, there are further different sub-branches, each one following slightly different practices. In Zen, one must live in the present moment, and release any past attachments as well as letting go of any ideas about the future.
To enable self-study and understanding, a key element in Zen is the practice of sitting zazen. Reach Deep Meditation Quickly & Easily Learn about meditation's incredible array of benefits, and how EquiSync® allows easy access via powerful brainwave technology. Balance Left & Right Brain Hemispheres Meditation effectively balances your brain hemispheres.
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Naturally Boost Good Brain Chemicals With incredible health benefits, meditation boosts chemicals like Melatonin, Serotonin, DHEA, GABA, & more. Strengthen These 10 Key Brain Regions Harness the power of meditation to make your brain smarter, happier, & healthier.
EquiSync: Frequently Asked Questions Learn more about the highly powerful brainwave system through users' most frequently asked questions. Verified EquiSync® User Testimonials Just a few of the many testimonials that our happy customers send to us every day. Order The Full EquiSync® System Now Access highly pleasurable, super beneficial states of meditation quickly, safely, & easily using incredible brainwave technology.
The Benefits Of Bridging All Mind Layers Meditation unleashes the incredible potential of our untapped mind layers.
The purpose of these classes is to help people to gain personal experience of inner peace, to overcome their daily problems, and to find real happiness in their hearts.
As beliefs spread from India, different cultures and countries interpreted ideas differently, sometimes weaving them in with existing belief systems, to create different interpretations and practices. Within the Mahayana school, subsets include Tibetan Buddhism, the Pure Land sect, Zen, Ch’an, and Nichiren. It is less austere and strict than other form of Buddhism, and took influences from Taoism as well as Buddhist beliefs. The student should be guided and lead by the teacher, whilst also learning intuitively from within.

Zazen is a form of meditation, through which practitioners try to escape rational thoughts and the logic of society to find the deeper truths of life. The Vajrayana school is often associated with the practice of tantra, arising from the tantric teachings.
There are aspects though that can be incorporated into everyday life to help achieve greater balance in life. Knowledge is found from within, as inside are the true links to the greater forces of which all people are a part of.
People will feel more centered, calmer and more content, with stronger feelings of oneness with the world. They provide an ideal introduction to meditation and Buddhism, teaching effective and practical methods for overcoming problems and increasing happiness in daily life. Sub-schools include Mikkyo and Niyingma, and Vajrayana is prevalent within countries near the Himalaya Mountains, including Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and Mongolia.
Zen emphasizes following the path in search of enlightenment as opposed to purely study of the texts.

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